Things You Didn’t Know About The HGTV Star

With a TV production schedule that never stops, Christina Anstead says she’s often riddled with guilt. “I went back to work at five weeks and that was pretty hard on me,” she said in an interview. “My daughter got pretty jealous of the time I was spending with Brayden, so I try to do my girlie stuff with my daughter when I can.”

She added, “Since I just want to be with my kids as much as possible, I try to incorporate my workouts with my kids. I love to push the double to Starbucks and relax there with the kids for a bit.”

You can’t work in TV without dealing with Internet trolls who also have something to say about your parenting. It seems like Anstead might have the formula for dealing with it: shame them.

After posting an absolutely adorable photo of big sister Taylor feeding baby brother Brayden on the couple’s Instagram account, a fellow Instagrammer accused her of being a being a “deadbeat” because she had an emergency C-section and bottle fed her baby. She let everyone know she’s not hearing any of that, writing, “That is the most disgusting comment I have ever read. It was an emergency C-section. I’m sure you are perfect.”

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