Tragic Details About Paris Jackson

In 2020, Paris Jackson hit the road with her band Soundflowers. The duo — which included her then-boyfriend Gabriel Glenn — embarked on a European tour, but Jackson reportedly skipped out on a show after she came down with a “mystery illness,” according to Radar Online. The publication suggested she was “heading for a meltdown” and that the star canceled her appearance because of prescription pills. “Paris has panic attacks and she takes pills to help calm the effects of the attacks,” claimed a source, “She takes them every day and when she doesn’t she has nightmares, gets nervous and sweats. She mixes them sometimes, which is very unhealthy!”

This is, of course, sensational. According to a report in Scientific American, one in six Americans takes a psychiatric drug. Flatly put: it’s not abnormal, but Jackson already revealed she’s dealing with her mental health issues without medication. “I used to be on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers and it just kind of clouded my third eye… You can’t numb the bad without numbing the good,” she said in an episode of Unfiltered (via Entertainment Tonight).

 According to Radar Online, Glenn “scaled back the wild times” in order to “help get her back on track.” The pair eventually broke up later in the year, in August 2020, with TMZ reporting the split “was amicable.”

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