The Homes From Horror Movies That Are Now Haunted

Legend has it that the sprawling Victorian mansion in San Jose, California is haunted by the ghosts of every person killed by a Winchester rifle. Sarah Winchester, the house’s owner and heir to the Winchester rifle fortune, built the house and added room after room to make more space for the spirits. The result is a labyrinthine structure with halls that lead nowhere, dead-end staircases, sloping floors, and a maze of chambers. According to ABC News, the house features a whopping 10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, and 40 staircases.

Ghost sightings are a common occurrence in and around the property. For example, a ghost named Clyde is a frequent houseguest in the mansion. He often makes appearances in the basement area of the house, wheelbarrow in tow, or patching up one of the building’s fireplaces. On the mansion tour, visitors often feel a tug on their skirts and pants or hear the sound of fading footsteps. In 2018, the house made its big screen debut in the supernatural horror movie “Winchester.”

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