The Real Reason These Flip Or Flop Stars Divorced

Rumor has it that Tarek and Christina weren’t getting along for a while leading up to their separation. One source told InTouch that the marriage was a “facade” and alleged,  “There were secrets, lies, allegations of cheating, spying on each other, and screaming matches. It was the ultimate house of horrors.” A neighbor concurred, claiming: “They would literally fight in that house and then sit down at their computers and post everything nice for the world to see. They were living a double life. They weren’t only working on a reality show — they were putting on a show.”

In the Jan. 16, 2017 print issue of InTouch, a source said, “They really tried to keep up appearances, but in the end, their lies did them in. Behind closed doors, they really were a mess. No one ever got to see the real Tarek and Christina until now.” That tab also reported that they allegedly fought over their own home renovations for two years. “They’d decided on a Spanish-style home and had begun the work,” a source said. “Then Christina didn’t like it and wanted something more modern and blingy, so they ripped out what they’d already done and started again.”

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