Actors Who Said No To A Role Because Of A Grudge

When one looks back at “Batman Forever,” it’s almost impossible to believe the production actually happened, considering all the beef on set. Tommy Lee Jones hated working with Jim Carrey, a fact that was no secret (via The Hollywood Reporter). Meanwhile, director Joel Schumacher and Val Kilmer weren’t exactly sending each other bat-shaped fruit baskets either.

As Schumacher told Entertainment Weekly, he’d “heard horror stories about Val,” but decided to hire him anyway. This sort of decision had worked out for him in the past, after all. But Kilmer was different: The two men “had a physical pushing match,” Schumacher said. “He was being irrational and ballistic with the first AD, the cameraman, the costume people. He was badly behaved, he was rude and inappropriate. I was forced to tell him that this would not be tolerated for one more second. Then we had two weeks where he did not speak to me, but it was bliss.”

In Kilmer’s memoir, “Val Kilmer: I’m Your Huckleberry” (via Den of Geek), the actor reveals he struggled to act because of the confining and heavy Batsuit. This, he claims, led to the tension between him and Schumacher. As a result, he decided not to return for “Batman and Robin.” Schumacher, though, sees things differently. As he told EW, “He sort of quit, we sort of fired him. It probably depends on who’s telling the story.” Regardless, one truth emerges: George Clooney became the one bearing the burden of the Batsuit.

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