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7 reasons to switch to soft gel

Extensions with Soft gel tips they are much better than acrylic or gel. To realize this you have to try them and for this reason we give you 7 compelling reasons:

  1. These are the extensions quick Yes easy to apply and remove.
  2. They are glued to the nail only with a permanent enamel base.
  3. Their appearance is closest to the natural nail: they are thin and very resistant.
  4. Unlike other systems, Soft Gel is acid-free, odor-free and deposit-free. Ultimately, more durable and less harmful to health!
  5. They are removed like a permanent varnish: by wrapping the nail in pure acetone.
  6. These are the favorites of RosalieAriana Grande, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga, etc.
  7. At the moment they have one 20% discount in our store 😄

What is SoftGel?

Neither acrylic nor gel, the latest in nail art is the soft gel. An alternative nail extension technique to conventional techniques. It is distinguished by the fact that it is acid-free, odorless and deposit-free.

are some tips for press on nails made of nail gel instead of plastic. Those of the Nailistas brand come with pre-filed and the gel they use is primeso the tip is very fine and resistant. You may know it from other premium brands like Aprés Gel-X or Gelike Soft Gel. They are exactly the same.

These tips are fixed to the nails with a special permanent base, Base & Top 6 in 1, instead of the nail glue with which the tips were glued before. press on nails. The base is cured in a UV lamp and provides extraordinary adhesion.

How to apply Soft Gel extensions?

The soft gel It is such a delicate material that it looks like a natural nail. Nailistas Soft Gel Tips are pre-filed, meaning you won’t have to worry about filing them at the base that will be in contact with the nail. They also have this thinner part to minimize the difference with the natural nail.

Before applying Soft Gel, we must measure the spikesIt is very important that they fit perfectly. Squeeze a little to make it stick to the nail and see the actual size. If none fit, choose the larger size and file until it fits snugly.

These tips have an almond shape but there are also ballerinas or coffins. 552 Tip Units are available in 11 different sizes.


  1. Properly prepare the nail. (push back the cuticles, remove any remaining cuticle on the nail with the stainless steel pusher and perform a superficial filing with a pad)
  2. We apply Nailistas acid-free primer (desiccant) and if you need it, also Ultrabond primer.
  3. We apply the Foundation & Top 6 in 1 of Nailistas and pre-cure in a lamp for approximately 30 seconds. Then we put a little Base & Top 6 in 1 at the base of the tip. We stick on the nail seeing that there is a small change in texture, we see that the base moves and that there are no spaces or bubbles between the nail and the tip.
  4. Without releasing the pressure, we bring the nail closer to the light to pre-harden it. About 30 seconds. Then we will harden all the nails again for a minute to fix the tips well.
  5. Then if you want another way, you can deposit the tip. I give it a more rounded shape at the tip.
  6. Finally, apply the enamel that you like the most and a top coat. I use Nailistas Tokyo enamel, it’s a slightly translucent porcelain tone that goes well with everything.

How to Remove Soft Gel Tips

To remove tips from soft gel you need a file, nail polish remover, cotton wool and aluminum foil. You can help yourself with a stainless steel cuticle pusher.

  1. First cut the ends with a cutter or nail clippers.
  2. You can file with a lathe or with a file the surface if you wish so that the remove penetrate better.
  3. Once filed, wrap the nails with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover and aluminum foil for about 10 minutes.
  4. You will see that it comes off very easily with the pusher and that the natural nails do not suffer.

How long do soft gel extensions last?

The duration of a manicure with Nailistas Soft Gel, if applied correctly, is about 3-4 weeks without lifting or peeling.

Over time you can see growth at the base of the nail, as with any other technique. ANDl soft gel does not fill. Every visit to the salon leaves with first class nails.

When you notice the growth is very obvious, you can go to your Trust Center to remove them.

Why is Soft Gel a celebrity favourite?

Fans of this system love the natural look and feel of these extensions, which is why famous nail artists have chosen it. They’ve been using it on their most famous clients since 2016

There are not a few celebrities who have praised this system (Rosalia, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and many more)

In addition to its naturalness and lightness, you will be able to change your nails much more easily, without wasting time applying and removing it.

Let’s remember that acrylic nails take an average of 3 hours to complete from scratch and about an hour to remove properly.

Now imagine that you had to do this every 5 days during photo shoots, concerts, etc. Now, the famous wear super bold designs and change them much more frequently. With Soft Gel if you can!

Author: Teresa Cobo

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