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Hi, I’m Teresa Cobo, founder of Nailistas, and I want you to join me as I tell you my story.


I had finished my studies in Fine Arts in the midst of an economic crisis and while I was looking for a job for “my thing” (an almost impossible challenge) I decided to start a blog to teach people how to do simple nails but stylish designs and reviews nail polish and other beauty products.

Nailistas was born in 2012 as a nail blog, at that time nails had a big boom and with a lot of daily effort, the blog grew until it won the 20 minute diary award.

Many brands then contacted me to show me their products and even Country editions He suggested that I write a nail art book. I do not believe it !


Absolutely all the money I earned at that time was invested in my big dream: to create an online store. I wanted to make my own enamel collection and sell the products I liked the most. Imagine the dizziness it gives to undertake!

The store was super small, with few references and I made my own glazes by hand at home. I compared the base, pigments and glitter and bottled and labeled them.

As you can imagine, it was a tough few years growing up where I had to tighten my belt. I also jumped and opened my youtube channeltoday with over 300,000 subscribers.


Over the years I have moved on to permanent enamels, a great change that I’m glad I made. My nails appreciate it because they are thin and flexible and classic nail polishes hardly last. Then I found a great supplier and was finally able to fulfill my dream: my own nail polish collection.


To this day, I still uphold the spirit and values ​​that led me to create Nailistas in the first place: teaching people how to use the products and creating elegant, simple nail designs that anyone can do at home. home.

In my store you will find products of the highest quality, vegans, cruelty freenontoxic (12 free). I only bring products that I also use and that meet my requirements.

More 5000 Customers have passed through my store over the years and many of them continue to buy today. I hope you are one of them too!


Thank you for reading this part of my story so far, we will be happy to answer your comments, questions or suggestions. Do not hesitate and write to us.

Author: Teresa Cobo

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