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why permanent nail polish is opaque

When cleaning permanent nail polish, is there opaque, matte, no shine? This is not a problem with your top coat. Keep in mind that factories and brands test their products before selling them. You may be committing small Error and you didn’t notice. This is something that can happen, to prevent it from happening I will give you the following advice.

1. Always use a cleaner to remove the dispersion layer.

The dispersion layer is the sticky residue that many permanent nail polishes leave behind when they harden. It should only be cleaned at the end, when you apply the glossy top coat.

If your top coat has a dispersion layer, it is best to clean it with cleanser and not with alcohol. You may ask, but isn’t it the same thing?

If he cleaner It is mainly made up of alcohol over 90º, but the vast majority of brands add other components, such as the super shine cleanser, which contains essential oils that add more shine to the manicure.

2. Cure your top coat well

Topcoat curing time should be at least 60 seconds in a 45W lamp. If your lamp does not reach these watts, I recommend that you cure it for at least 2 minutes, if not more.

3. Please clean up the dispersion layer immediately.

Don’t delay in cleaning up the dispersion layer of your top coat. Leaving the lamp, you can apply the cellulose or cotton soaked in cleaner and remove from the nail in one quick motion. It is not necessary to rub a lot, in fact I recommend not to do so, if it is well moistened, a single pass is enough.

3. Use a no-wipe top coat

Top coats without wiping do not have a dispersion layerso you don’t need to clean them with cleaner. Why didn’t we know this before? Learn more about this miraculous product that has many more uses than you might imagine.

With this top coat you save two products (cleanser and cotton), in addition to any issues you have with the shine or application of the product. The nails always come out sparkling from the lamp without doing anything. I think the best option adequate nowadays, as they also offer an extra glossy finish and allow thick coats to be applied. I think the days of sticky top coats are numbered.

Of course, I always recommend curing this type of product for at least a minute, if not two, in a 45W lamp. You can also apply two layers for greater strength and durability in your manicure

TIPS: Prevention is better than cure

Remember, you don’t waste more than a minute to make sure your manicure is fully cured. You can allow up to 3 minutes to complete, especially if your manicure is for a client. Prevention is better than cure.

If this post did not solve your problem, you may need to change your nail polish brand, you may need to use a better quality nail polish. And don’t forget that the No-wipe topcoat does not need to be cleaned with cleaner, saves time and money and ensures 100% shine

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Author: Teresa Cobo

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