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natural acrylic nails in madrid

What are artificial nails?

artificial nails are extensions which are placed on the natural nail with different techniques or materials and which allow us to always have the nail in perfect condition.

They are stronger than natural nails and thicker. They hardly break or crack. If you are interested, in this post they teach you all types of nails. Today we are going to focus on talking about acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails are those that are made with a acrylic powder. Acrylic powder (polymer) dries quickly when mixed with a liquid agent (monomer). Therefore, they do not need to be cured in a lamp, unlike the gel nails.

Ways to perform manicure can be by advice or through nail molds. The tips are plastic pieces of different shapes that adhere to the nail. They can be cut and filed and are complementary to using acrylic or gel nail products.

sculpted nail molds

the mold (on these lines) fits and sticks just below the nail and has a curved shape. On this mold, we make the shape of the nail. It takes more skill than just using tips because we are directly sculpture the nail on it. Hence the name given to it: sculpted nails. Nails can also be sculpted with gel.

Natural Acrylic Nails in Madrod


protect natural nails against the harmful effects of enamels and other agents.

– Aesthetically they are the most beautiful than natural ones and they can be given any shape and length, not to mention decorative possibilities.

– I am very resistant and they prevent nails from cracking, so they’re great for people with weaker nails or prone to breaking.

– Their maintenance is done every 15-20 days (depending on the growth of your nail) and they are very sustainable.

– Can be rebuilt bitten nails and broken and still perfect.


– Improper handling may cause infectionsthis is why it is important to have references and to ensure that correct hygiene is maintained in the centre.

– Their disassembly requires a good technique to avoid damaging natural nails or cause injury. As always, it is important that this is done by a good professional.

– Some chemical products used in the process have a bad smell and are not beneficial to health. The place where the nails are done should be well ventilated.

– Abuse of its use can stop the to augment of the nail


There is a new product which is a hybrid between gel and acrylic With which you can do nail extensions at home very easily, that’s the Poligel. This material is wrought and has similar strength to acrylic and instead cures in a UV/LED lamp. How to use the polygel?

In the video you see above these lines you have a very simple tutorial for making sculpted nails at home. If you want to buy a polygel kit, below we leave you the most interesting:


  1. You have to weigh everything pros and cons before deciding if we want to start transporting nail extensions.
  2. The first thing is to choose a good nail salon (we can look for reviews on the internet) or ask for recommendations from people close to us who have worn or are wearing acrylic nails.
  3. The choice of a suitable color is important since we will wear them for a minimum of 15 days. Shape and length are also important. If we are not used to wearing long nails, my recommendation is that the first ones should not be too long because we will need a period of adaptation. the nails are harder and thicker and at first it may seem strange to us.
  4. Once we have chosen them, keeping them or changing their color is easier and cheaper. When we go to review them, they will just file the surface of our acrylic nail and fill in the base. This operation is simpler and less expensive than the manufacture of the first mould.
  5. Cheap or poor quality materials are reflected in the condition of the natural nail and also in the aspect of artificial nail. As I always say “cheap is expensive”.
  6. Your beautician should always have disinfected equipment. If you have any doubts, ask him how he sterilizes them. Make sure he wears a latex mask and gloves.
  7. Never let your esthetician cut your cuticles, as they cover the nail to protect it. They have to be pushed back.
  8. First make sure you are not allergic to any component.


Never remove acrylic nails yourself, it is a very serious mistake that you can pay dearly, with injuries and deformities that can be irreversible. A good nail technician will do it with professionalism, hygiene and care. In this way, your nails will suffer as little as possible.

In any case, after wearing false nails for a while, it is normal that at first they are softer or more brittle. In this article you have some home nail care that will help strengthen them, don’t miss it.

Experience and opinion on acrylic nails


Wearing acrylic nails is a personal and personal decision that should not be taken lightly. I have been wearing them for quite some time and I must say that I have had very good experience.

Try to have them done in specialized centers with professional qualified and well-ventilated environment. Always analyze any changes, conditions or symptoms in your nails and fingers.

If possible, let your nails “rest” from time to time for a while so that they are oxygenated and strengthened.

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