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10 trends of some 2021

don’t miss it 10 nail trends which will mark 2021. There is no doubt that the hands will be one of the great protagonists of the year and we want you to be aware of what the colors and designs that they will take

10 essential nail trends for 2021

A manicure is a perfect way to add personality add to your style. A dusty pink or classic red will always go well, but why not try something a little bolder for your next manicure? From subtle and elegant details to fantastic designs, there is something for everyone with the nail trends from this season 2021because life is too short for boring nails

1. Earth Tone Nail Polish

If there is a range that will take the 2021 is that of the earth tones, earthy nudes, Chocolates and coffee colors. The colour Chestnut is one of the least popular in the palette, as we know. But this year, many beautiful shades have come into fashion that will make you see this range with different eyes, in addition to being incredibly flattering and understated. bet on a permanent manicure in earth tones for this summer.

earth tone nail polish trendNail polish Paris from Nailistas.com and One step Nailistas 124

2. Short nails

are taxed short natural nails About the long ones, although there are still celebrities who opt for fancy long nails, we all know they do it because they can afford it and because they don’t have to wash the dishes 😉 Take care of your nails with a good routine and hydrate enough to maintain this trend. Then we can apply the natural tone that we like the most or even just a bit of shine. The result? Comfortable and stylish nails.

Japanese manicure step by step with the P Shine set

3. Japanese manicure

If last year the big trend was the Russian manicure, this year the novelty is the japanese manicure. Indeed, the Japanese manicure is for people with fragile and brittle nails who need a shock treatment to recompose them and make them shine again. It is a totally natural manicure that respects your nails.

japanese manicure where to buy

more than a manicure is a treatment which consists of rubbing a special paste on the natural nail. It stimulates blood circulation, strengthens and promotes healthy nail growth. Contains natural ingredients (such as vitamin A + E), keratin, beeswax and Japanese sea silica.

Where to buy the Japanese manicure set?

You can find here that of the Japanese brand P.Shine. Undoubtedly one of the best and most complete sets, made in Japan.

Rainbow Pastel Nail Trend 2021Instagram: @charsgelnails_ and @__thebeautylab__

4. Pastel Rainbow

As simple as that? Well yes, choose 5 pastel colors or a soft range and alternate the nails of your hand with each. The result is very striking. It is one of the most repeated trends because it is not a decoration in itself, however it is much more original than wearing all the nails in the same tone. You can wear it with both short and long nails.

5. French manicure and color blocking

The French manicure Centuries ago it was out of fashion, but this year there are many variations you can play with. You can round your nails or file them to a point and go over the French lines using colors from black to fluorine.

nail trend 2021 color block

Another option for more bold is to use another color instead of the classic nude porcelain at the base. Choose two complementary colors or from the same range. We can even forget the French classic and dare to do the color block vertically, horizontally at the base…

6. Yellow, pantone of the year

Pantone never fails and this year named two shades as pantone of the year 2021 and both are gorgeous, perfect for any manicure. If you are daring, you can opt for him yellow 13-0647 Illuminating and if you are more conservative, 17-5104 Ultimate Grey. And why not use both and make one french color block?

Instagram: @chelseaqueen and @pineapplegelnailss

7. Nude + Neon Nail Trends

the Neon never goes out of style, especially in summer, but this year we have a simpler and perhaps a little more discreet variant. It’s about combining a nude tone with nail art details in neon tones. One of my favorites this year are the nails with smilies.

10 nail trends 2021Instagram: @nails_and_soul, @heymichellelee and @viktorieemnails

8. Organic shapes on your nails (waves, ripples)

This is one of the trends we see the most in instagram and ICT Tac, and it is that for lovers of nail designs it has endless possibilities. Its interpretation is open, both in colors and shapes. Some nails are very intricate even adding designs that include the animal footprint. You can find many networking tutorials since this is a trend sweeping this 2021.

minimalist nail trends 2021Instagram: @theluxebeautystudio, @xameliax and @hollidaygels

9. Minimal nails

The trend minimalist nail has hit hard in recent years and this 2021 has only consolidated. This was not only seen in the gatewaysnumerous celebrities They flaunt their minimalist decorations on the networks. This trend is perfect for those of you who love nail art, but because of your job, you can’t get too much attention with the nails. extra long Where overly decorated.

Tammy Taylor’s Gucci nails for Billie Eilish and Rosalía’s crystal nails

10. Fancy nails

While some celebrities opt for more natural and minimalist manicures, others like Rosalie, Billie EilishKylie Jenner, Rihanna or Blanca Suárez opt for the acrylic extensions and the fingernails fancy. Many of these decorations created by authentic nail art artists such as Tammy Taylor or Juan Alvear of NailsbyJuan. Works of art that not all of us can wear on a daily basis, but that we like to admire.

And what nail colors will be worn according to the seasons?

Every season is different, we want to show you which colors are trending in summer and winter. We encourage you to choose one of these permanent enamel colors for your nails. enamels nailers they are vegan, cruelty-free and 12 free.

What nail color is used in the summer of 2021?

  • the red coral: we know that red is a classic, but the coral variant is anything but boring.
  • peppermint green: a color full of strength and cheerfulness that never goes out of style, it’s a MUST.
  • pastel blue: This year the pastel blue is coming in force, dare to wear it on the beach.
  • Tendency pink: to choose the right pink, simply look for the one that attracts your attention the most, it can be fuchsia or a more fluorescent pink, this color will never fail you.

Nail colors fall winter 2021

  • naked cafe: As we mentioned before, this is one of the shades that will be worn the most in 2021. Very close to a nude but with the toasted touch of café au lait.
  • Burgundy: you surely have a red tone for your nails in your “closet background”, but have you tried burgundy? It’s super flattering, elegant and enigmatic.
  • Chocolate: Go for something different, a reddish brown tone like hot chocolate with churros.
  • PlumAppearance: no garnets this year, what is really fashionable is the plum tone, with a hint of violet.

What trend are you favorite? Are there any that you particularly hate? Tell us everything comments.

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