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what is the trend soft gel

Soft gel nails are a new method of extension tips (press on nails) which is revolutionizing the world of nails. Right now it’s the favorite system of celebrities in Los Angeles, for its speed, comfort and natural look.

What are Soft Gel nails?

It’s about advice made with gel that completely covers the nail. They stick with a on a permanent basis special and hardened with LED lamp.

This system used is known as press on nails. Only with the soft gel tips, it has been sophisticated and improved. Previously they were glued with nail glue, and now it is done with a special base.

The spikes are made with genuine gel of nails instead of traditional plastic, much less flexible and thicker.

The nails are lengthened in a short time and this new material makes the nail more Naturalwhich allows for a smoother finish realistic. Nails are lighter and more flexible with less tendency to break.

medium almond soft gel tipsAlmond-shaped soft gel tip for nail artists

Benefits of soft gel

  • The speed of work, the nails are lengthened in a few minutes.
  • Versatility of sizes and targos. It can be archived and adapted.
  • Lightweight and flexible nail extensions, more realistic.
  • Pleasant to wear as it hardly increases the thickness of the nail.
  • Properly applied soft gel tips have a long lifespan.
  • They come off easily.

Disadvantages of soft gel

  • If the extension is very long, there is more possibility that it will break, because although they are strong, they are thin.
  • Its use is professional. It requires some technique like most nail products.
  • Improper placement or removal can damage the natural nail.

frequently asked Questions

We responded to several frequently asked Questions about Soft Gel, if you want to ask questions we will answer you below this post.

What do I need for soft gel nails?

To make an extension with soft gel nails, you will need a pre-curing LED nail lamp, a base-glue such as Nailistas Base & Top Uv Twin Coat and soft gel tips with pre-filed. If your soft gel tips are not pre-filed, you will need to do this by hand with a file or polishing block.

How long do soft gel nails last?

the nails of soft gel They last approximately 2 to 4 weeks, always depending on the growth of your natural nails and good placement.

How does soft gel work?

  1. We measure the tips, they must be the right size for our nail. If the tip is delivered without pre-filing, you must file the base which will be in contact with the nail.
  2. We prepare the natural nails properly by pushing back the cuticles and removing debris that may be stuck to the nail.
  3. We polish off the shiny top coat, no need to file much, just remove the shine.
  4. We give a layer of Primer and let it evaporate.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Base & Top Uv Twin Coat 6 in 1 by Nailistas on the nail
  6. We place the tip gently and cure for 30 seconds to set the extension.

How is the soft gel removed?

  1. We cut the tip of the Soft Gel tip with a short tip.
  2. We file the surface of the Soft Gel tip with a drill or a file of 100
  3. A cellulose disc is wetted in pure acetone
  4. We wrap the nail and the disk with foil for 10-15 minutes
  5. Finally, remove the excess with a stainless steel cuticle pusher.

Soft gel course

If you are interested in this system, although it is simple, we recommend that you take a specific course. Applying this system requires technique and practice. Do you have a free course like this? Soft Gel and Nail Art Course by Yowi Nails which is pretty good to start with.

But the most complete (and affordable) course in which you can solve all your doubts and obtain certifications is the soft gel extensions course what are you doing Penny Nail. Undoubtedly the best investment you can make, since this is a 3 hour live class.

Where to buy soft gel eartips

Always look at the number of tips a box brings to calculate if it is worth its price. It is also important that the tips are numbered. You can buy Soft Gel tips in the Nailista store. Her tips are gel premium and they come with pre-filed.

To fit them well, they must be thinner near the root of the nail. If they are not pre-filed, you will need to file them yourself to ensure that adhesionsince their duration depends on the quality of the tips.

Remember that a guy the more versatile it will be since you can file it and adapt it to the size and shape you want.

Other Soft Gel Brands

In addition to nailersother brands that work with premium soft gel are Gelike and After Freeze Xboth brands are American while Nailistas is a Spanish brand.

premium soft gel tips

Differences between acrylic, polygel, gel and soft gel

Acrylic, gel and polygel are building systems. Acrylic is a powder and is activated by the monomer, on contact it hardens. The acrylic is removed with pure acetone.

Gel and polygel have jelly texture and cured in a UV/LED lamp, removed by filing. All three can be built on molds or on spikes.

the soft gel it’s a different extension system. Before, the usual thing was to glue the tip with glue and build on it with acrylic, gel or polygel. Full coverage spikes didn’t have enough grip/flex. With the soft gel system, progress has been made in this area and a very similar duration has been achieved.

In terms of finish, the three old systems gave an artificial appearance, since they required a minimum thickness in order not to break.

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