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Christmas nails 2021

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At Nailistas we bet on the christmas nail designs 2021 singles. Today we bring you a video tutorial so you can show off your best nails at Christmas dinner. Christmas. Press play!

We love these dates! It’s time for the christmas sweatersThe reindeer hatsThe ornaments… and when real nail artists can show our creations, no one looks at us weirdly 🤨

It’s finally arrived… but it won’t last very long, so start thinking about what your favorite decoration will be on those special days.

Christmas nails 2021 step by step

For these Christmas nail designs we used a fine brush for nail art and the following colors permanent enamels:

These are great colors Christmasincredibly flattering. They offer endless combinations for Christmas Nail Art creations.

They are ideal for making nail decorations because they are very covering. If you prefer, you can use a more professional product, such as our gel paint. A gel specially designed for making nail decorations.

christmas tree nails

The Christmas tree is a classic nail decoration. You can keep it simple like we did in the video or add some glitter to your design, for example.

  1. Draw a rectangular base with Iceland permanent nail polish.
  2. Draw a triangle with the Manila gray enamel and fill it.
  3. Draw some waves with the white nail polish.
  4. Apply no-wipe topcoat and cure.

garnet red cruelty free vegan permanent nail polishNew York red, our favorite color for the base of any Christmas decoration

Christmas ball nails

Another of my favorite Christmas decorations are Christmas balls. To give it a more realistic touch, I have the trick of giving it a little shine with a white point.

  1. With the thick-tipped dotting tool or the handle of a brush, make two gray balls near the tip of the nail.
  2. With the fine point dotting tool, draw a chain of dots with white enamel.
  3. Use the fine brush to draw the arcs of the balls with the white Icelandic nail polish.
  4. Apply Top Coat Do Not Wipe

Christmas Candy Nails

Simpler and more beautiful could not be. If you don’t like designs very much and prefer something more understated, this is your decoration.

  1. On the New York red enamel base Make two thick gray lines drawn diagonally.
  2. With the thin brush, draw two thin white lines in between.
  3. Draw the white lines at the base and slant carefully and precisely
  4. We apply the No Wipe top coat.

Other nail designs you might be interested in

Try this holly leaf nail design. Minimalist, elegant and very Christmas.

If you want more ideas, you have many more tutorials on our Youtube channel.

christmas nails

What did you think? Please leave your impressions in the comments.

Author: Teresa Cobo

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