feel, assume and repair (2023)


Hello chicks!!! On the night of September 14 to 15, the Moon and the Sun meet at the 21st degree of Virgo. Just ahead, in the opposite sign, Neptune is looking at them. And to this we add that this New Moon night, Mercury is still retrograde, but only a few hours after the new Moon it will enter directly, in opposition to Saturn in Pisces. I leave you here 9 keys to think about during this New Moon.

🌑🌿With this New Moon, we begin the eclipse season, which will last until November 13th. Take advantage of this to lighten your daily life so that you can devote time to what is most important if you need it.

Where does Virgo 21º fall for you? There we are developing something that will take shape on February 24. What could you learn or put into practice to reap the rewards of the process in six months? 🌾🚜🔧📓🎸Is there a skill or technique you want to perfect?

The grand trine that the New Moon forms with Pluto and Uranus encourages you to revolutionize your working conditions, to update your projects, to rethink your objectives… or to review your conception of success, accomplishment and performance . 🌱 We will now have more sense of smell to detect options!

Take advantage of it to:
🔨Apply what you have learned
💬Set something postponed
🔎Analyze to improve
🧹✨Cleaning and conditioning
🍏Habits and routines
🌳Everyday spaces
🐜Working atmosphere
💻Skills and techniques
📃Agenda and priority management
⏰Patience and Hourly

Also pay attention to what’s happening in your Pisces zone, as it will be very active. These are days of imagination and inspiration, which ignite magical thinking and intuition, bringing dreamlike or symbolic messages. 👁️ Do you feel saturated? Do you need retreat and contemplation?

Other Pisces themes that will come to the surface are memory and unfinished business, issues of migration and strangers and, above all, coping strategies. 🐙 Beware of addictions and dependencies, mechanisms linked to guilt, frustration, negligence… or even the extreme desire to control.

With Virgo and Pisces so present, relationships could become polarized, splitting roles in which one party is restrained, decisive, and demanding, and the other is characterized as dysfunctional, incapable, or “needy.” Avoid labels!

🌊 🔎 If we feel emotionally stuck or stuck, let’s understand the practical conditions under which this feeling occurs, and the relationship we have with the ecosystem we share. What influence does the environment we find ourselves in, our role in it, and the way we manage attention and time there?

Do you feel the need to help? Sometimes it is in our power to solve problems. Others, no. Is it up to us to intervene, or should we refrain from “saving” the situation? Are we facing a situation that we can handle alone, or is it beyond our personal capabilities and requires other supports, time, spaces, strategies…?


In Youtube and below you have more information about this new moon.

Happy New Moon!

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