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Nikola Tesla, born in 1856 and died in 1943, He was a mechanical engineer, electrician, inventor and physicist. He became very famous because, a few decades ago, he applied his knowledge to the design of AC power supplies. He also evoked certain mysteries which still remain an enigma today.

A great discovery is made

Inventor Nikola Tesla may have made one of the most important discoveries in history. During the 1880s he worked hard to make a transmitter that could detect approaching storms. While performing tests to perfect the device, received a very strange signal which disturbed him.

Although he attempted to discover the source of the transmission, he was unsuccessful. However, for Tesla it was more than clear that the origin of this mysterious signal was that it did not come from Earth. He came to the conclusion that he came from a part of the universe he had no access to.

How real can Tesla’s claims be?

The famous biographer Tim R. Swartz It was he who was in charge of writing the story of Nikola, under the title: “The Lost Papers and Alternate Tesla Secrets”. In this work, he mentions the artifact created by the inventor.

Tim pointed out that the sender was hypersensitive, so that if a signal came from a great distance, it could be detected immediately. Subsequently, the inventor began to work very carefully on certain projects that would allow him to communicate with other planets, thanks to a high-powered radio.

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Existence of life on other worlds

During the 1800s, among scientists and many people in general, there was a popular belief that extraterrestrials could reside on other planets. In fact, some stories mention that Experts thought there was life on Mars.

This is one of the reasons why Tesla finally concluded that the signal emitted by the radio came from the red planet. But was he close to the truth?

What was the US military trying to hide?

The inventor used to take notes on the discoveries, the construction plans he had made and some personal files. However, all these notes were confiscated one day by the US Army and were never returned.

Why? Did they want to hide something? Maybe Tesla had discovered there was life on other planets and they thought it best to keep it hidden. However, some notes were kept by the “men in black”. Some time later, the biographer Swartz found these deeds at an auction held in 1976.

The statements of the most influential inventor in the world

In 1901, Collier’s Weekly had the honor of interviewing Nikola, during the conversation with the inventor spoke for the first time about his belief in extraterrestrial life. Afterwards, recounted his experience with possible communication he had with the aliens.

The inventor said that while he was making some improvements to the storm forecasting machines he had made, he was terrified in a positive way. What did he mean by that? I was sure that behind the panel there was something supernatural and unknown.

During the interview, he also mentioned that at night he was already a bit calmer, thinking about what he heard during the show. So he got the idea that maybe these mysterious emissions were controlled by an intelligent beingBut who can it be? It was the unknown that worried him the most.

What could the inventor have heard during the broadcast?

Nikola Tesla said that the waves were produced again and again with perfect precision and periodically. For such reason It seemed impossible to him that it was a product of nature.he was completely sure to perceive an alien conversation.

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At this moment I didn’t understand what they were talking about, because it was a dialogue between intelligent beings from another planet using a language he did not understand. For him, all these electrical signals had an unknown purpose.

Unfortunately, the inventor I never managed to decipher the message that he had received. But his irrefutable belief was that beings from other planets were at some point interested in Earth and wanted to communicate by sending “hello”.

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