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As a team of researchers explored the depths of the Pacific Ocean, they discovered a rare, rounded, golden-colored object, which they found puzzling.

On August 30, a team of scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explored a Underwater volcano 402 km off the coast of Alaska. 3 km below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, they discovered a strange orb-shaped object dug into the side of the underwater structure.

THE oceanographers came across this enigmatic object, when they used remote-controlled equipment during a reconnaissance mission. To discover the composition of the object, the scientists used a robotic arm that extracted a sample of DNA, which was taken for later analysis in the laboratory.

In addition to the orb’s shocking appearance, scientists noticed that there was a hole in it, even speculating that something was trying to get in or out of the sphere.

“I just hope that when we touch it, something doesn’t decide to come out,” commented one of the scientists as the team turned on the robotic arm. “It’s like the start of a horror movie,” said one of the scientists (since the discovery was made during a live broadcast from the NOOA mission).

Aunque afortunadamente no salió nada del curioso objecto cuando se tomó la muestra, se obtuvieron pistas sobre su composition, ya que cuando el brazo robótico tomba las muestras, los investigators noted that el orb was delicado bastante, as a species of tejido, “similar to a the silk”.

Robotic arm taking DNA sample from object. Credit: NOAA Ocean Exploration.

Diving is part of the expedition Alaska Seascape 5, focused on NOAA ROV and mapping operations. It began on August 24 in Kodiak (Alaska) and will end on September 16 in Seward (Alaska).

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Their goal is to better understand the region by exploring waters deeper than 200 meters (656 feet) for mapping operations and 250 meters for ROV operations. It also plans to reach US waters, the high seas and Canadian waters off Alaska.

What could this strange golden orb be?

The strange golden object found. Credit: NOAA Ocean Exploration

Although scientists have considered possibilities such as it being an old eggshell or the remains of a dead sea sponge; Despite speculation, the exact nature or true origin of this intriguing object remains a mystery.

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