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A young New Zealand architect has created an innovative and revolutionary invention that can help remote communities in developing countries solve your drinking water problems.

According to a shocking statistic published by UNICEF and the World Health Organizationone in three people in the world does not have access to drinking water.

Even though many countries that need this vital liquid are surrounded by seas, the Desalination remains an expensive process both in terms of energy and installation.

This inspired the New Zealand architect, Henri Glogau to find an affordable way to provide them with clean water, applying his knowledge to come up with a simple solution and create a purifying lamp lit by LED bulbs.

How it works

Called Solar Desalination Skylight o “Solar desalination skylight”, the device is integrated into the roof of a house and consists of a tank with transparent walls which during the day they will receive sea water towards the skylight bowl-shaped.

Solar desalination skylight. Credit: Henry Glogau.

Seawater is pumped to the light through a small tube. The water then flows through channels where evaporation separates the salt. The bulbs are powered by a solar panel charged during the day, as well as by salt batteries created by the evaporation of seawater.

Then it will flow through biomimetic channels inspired by leaf veins. Treated and desalinated water is readily available through a small tap located on the lamp.

A functional and visually pleasing device

Henry made such a complex creation simple, easy to install and pleasing to the eye. The results of her invention are obvious since she can purify up to 440 ml of water per day.

It is also possible to light houses using solar energy. The reflection of the sunlight transforms this tank into a lamp to illuminate a room. THE LED strips They don’t need anything more as they can be recharged with energy through a small solar panel optimized for salt water, providing lighting for the house at night.

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He Solar Skylight Desalination, has already been implemented and tested in the city of Antofagasta, Chile, in collaboration with an NGO. So far, she has been able to bring low-cost solutions to as many people as possible, helping communities living in poverty.

Henry installs one of his devices. Credit: Henry Glogau.

This is undoubtedly a wonderful idea, which can have a great impact on disadvantaged communities around the world, which still do not have adequate access to drinking water.

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