September: is it what it seems?


Hi guys!!! I am already slowly resuming the usual rhythm, very happy to tell you things again. ๐Ÿ’œ Here is the post on the astrological movements of September, a month that stands out for three things:
1. Many planets will change dynamics, with Venus and Mercury going direct, and Jupiter retrograde…all in conversation. Take the first half of the month with philosophy! There we will again eliminate the important questions that occupied us in July and August.
2.The beginning of the eclipse season: the two lunations of September are very special! They suggest we are starting something new that claims its own space. Maybe we have to give up keeping something usual to manage these novelties?
3. Something from August continues to vibrate, like the string of a guitar that sustains the sound. What suspense! And it is that… no planet changes sign… except the Sun! We welcome the equinox, the season of Libra and the new season, engulfed in the winds of change. ***There is a lot of potential for movement this month, although for some September will simply be like the calm before the storm unleashed in October. But whether things stall or start moving frantically, keep an eye on the data this month, as news, messages and encounters will be like doors opening.
A big hug and have a good month!!! I left you a more detailed explanation in Youtubeand you also have it below.


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