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Avi Loeb, an astronomer at Harvard University and in his new role as an “alien hunter,” believes divine aliens could be building “baby universes” in the lab.

Discussing his work and theories in a chat with Fox News, Loeb showed his fondness for imaginative and deeply speculative theories about extraterrestrial life.

Loeb told the outlet:

“You can imagine that the superhuman civilization that understands how to unify quantum mechanics and gravity might actually be able to create a baby universe in the laboratory, a quality we attribute to God in religious texts.”

An extraterrestrial civilization creating universes in the laboratory?

Loeb explained to Fox News that a civilization that is millions of years more advanced than ours may have developed an understanding of “how to unify quantum mechanics and gravity.”

According to him, this could recreate the cosmic conditions that gave rise to its existence.

The idea of ​​creating life in a lab may seem far-fetched to most, but scientists have created single-celled organisms before, and Loeb said it’s “a quality we attribute to God in religious texts.”

Avi Loeb theorized that beings possess such advanced intelligence that they could create "baby world" in a laboratory, including oursAvi Loeb has speculated that these beings possess such advanced intelligence that they could create “baby universes” in any laboratory, including our own. Image: Halfway

Many astronomers, however, are “fed up” with Loeb’s claims that they “contaminate good science”, they say.

Loeb has been in the news for years, starting with his theory that the interstellar visitor Oumuamua in 2017 was an alien craft, which most scientists either laughed at or criticized.

In June, he dived into the Pacific Ocean off Papua New Guinea to retrieve fragments of the IM1 meteorite which disintegrated in January 2014 and which he believed to be the remains of a spacecraft extraterrestrial.

But Steve Desch, an astrophysicist at Arizona State University, told The New York Times:

“It pollutes good science, mixes the good science we do with this ridiculous sensationalism and sucks all the oxygen out of the room.”

However, the critics aren’t stopping Loeb from searching for answers, which he promises will be revealed in September.

Loeb talks about super-intelligent civilizations

In the meantime, he shares his theories, including this one on super-intelligent civilizations.

Loeb told Fox News:

“A highly advanced scientific civilization is a good approximation of God.

Imagine a cave dweller visiting New York and seeing all the technological gadgets in terms of lights that appear like a miracle to the cave dweller.

Loeb has long touted that baby universes could be created in the lab, which is only possible with quantum gravity technologies, a combination of two pillars of modern physics: quantum mechanics and gravity.

Avi LoebAvi Loeb. Image: abc.es

Loeb wrote:

“But a more advanced civilization could have accomplished this feat and mastered the technology needed to create baby universes.”

During the interview with Fox News, Loeb said it was “arrogant of us to think that we are alone”, considering that there are “tens of billions of planets in the galaxy of the Path alone. Milky Way and hundreds of billions of similar galaxies”. the Milky Way in the observable volume of the universe.

“Maybe noticing a neighbor will be a wake-up call that will bring us closer together,” Loeb said, speaking of humanity as a whole.

“There may be many more neighbors who are doing much better than us, and we can learn from them.”

“So hopefully this will lead humanity to a better place in the long run,” Loeb said.

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