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Ancient images engraved in stone, statues and bas-reliefs show us how in Mesopotamia, considered by many to be the cradle of modern civilization, we can see an enigmatic “bag” that has aroused curiosity for centuries, however , so far, its purpose could not be exactly defined.

One of the oldest civilizations known to mankind The Sumerians were the first known society to settle in Mesopotamia, around 4000 BC.

The Sumerians consider themselves the first civilization to develop a writing system, cuneiform; Plus, successfully develop advanced astronomy, math, and architecture. Their social organization was based on city-states, each with its own king and its own system of laws.

On the other hand, this civilization had a mythology full of fascinating stories and divine figures who ruled over every Sumerian city-state.

Among these powerful beings are the Anunnaki, a race of gods who, according to ancient Sumerian legendsdescended from heaven to Earth to establish their dominion over humanity.

The Anunnaki were believed to play a crucial role in creating and maintaining order in the cosmos. They were often depicted as anthropomorphic beings with divine characteristics and said to have the power to influence the destiny of civilizations and peoples.

In some sculptures and bas-reliefs created more than 6,000 years ago in Babylon and Sumer, the Anunnaki wore mysterious objects, one of them is a bracelet very similar to a current “watch”, and on the other hand, the so-called “bag of the gods”an artifact whose function and meaning have baffled experts for centuries.

The Mysterious Bag of the Anunnaki Gods

The bag often carried by the Anunnaki has been described in ancient Sumerian tablets as containing the “decisions” and “destinies” of mankind. They were known as “Kisib Nurusu” in Sumerian, which translates to “bag of light”.

The Anunnaki were said to carry crystals in this bag which they used to influence events on Earth and adjust the fates of individuals based on their own decisions.

Some tales suggest the bag had the ability to bestow wisdom and knowledge on those authorized to do so, others claim it could be used to hold and transport valuables and even supernatural powers. While other interpretations suggest that these bags had the ability to bestow fertility and abundance on land and crops, which attributed to them a vital role in the survival of mankind and the prosperity of civilization.

However, there is no consensus…the exact description of the bag and its function varies between sources and interpretations.

Bag of the Old Gods: An Object of Conflict

Ancient Astronaut Theory suggests that this bag was actually a type of advanced quantum or coded electronic device, which possessed the information needed to fully build a civilization, and was so important that the anunnaki gods they fought for its control in fierce wars.

For some experts who support this theory, the Sumerian poem “Enki and the Order of the World” tells the background story of one such incident, which originated in the desire of the goddess inanna develop his kingdom to the same level of sophistication as the rival Sumerian city-states ruled by the other Anunnaki gods who he claims Zachary SitchinThey were former astronauts from the planet Nibiru.

Inanna or also called Ishtar he has a date with the god Enki, and after spending the night together he gets up and takes the artifact with him. When Enki wakes up the next morning, he demands that it be returned to him, but faced with the refusal of Inana, Enki’s son, Marduk undertakes a military campaign to regain possession of the precious object. The event leads to serious incidents for humanity, which lead to the Babylonian uprising.

Did they contain a database?

Another theory posits that the artifact was used as a database, this may help explain some of the innovations of Sumerian civilization which include the concept of time, writing, law and engineering.

Perhaps this knowledge already existed on other planets, including the Anunnaki’s home planet of Nibiru, and was simply passed on and implemented on Earth.

more interpretations

Since much of Sumerian mythology has come down to us in the form of mostly fragmented texts, the exact details of the Anunnaki bag of gods remain unclear. THE experts in Sumerian history and mythology they theorized about its possible meaning and function, but neither interpretation has been widely accepted.

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For some scholars, the bag could be a metaphor for divine influence on human life and world events. Others suggest it may represent a symbol used in Sumerian religious rituals. While a more figurative explanation indicates that it is a bucket that carries water to “water the tree of life”.

However, to date, there is no definitive answer as to the exact nature of the Anunnaki Gods Bag, as it is only described as “splendid” in Sumerian texts.

Perhaps, as archaeologists and historians continue to uncover new discoveries and decode ancient texts, we may one day better understand the function and meaning of this enigmatic and highly fascinating “bag.”

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