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Archaeologists have discovered a huge stone age underground tunnel networkthat cross Europe, from Scotland to the Mediterranean.

The discovery intrigued researchers as to its original purpose. Is it possible that ancient cultures were interconnected thousands of years ago? Apparently the answer is yes.

Why were these tunnels built in the Stone Age?

There is still no consensus among scientists on the real reason for the construction of these sophisticated tunnels. However, many experts believe that this huge network of 12,000 years it was built as protection against predators and other dangers. Other researchers believe that these mysterious tunnels were used as pathways allowing the transit of people and connecting them to distant places in Europe.

German archaeologist Doctor Heinrich Kusch He said evidence of tunnels had been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements across the continent.

In his book, The secrets of the underground door to an ancient worldKush claims that the fact that so many survived after 12,000 years shows that the original tunnel network must have been enormous.

“In Bavaria, Germany alone, we found 700 meters of these underground tunnel networks. In Styria, Austria, we found 350 meters,” he said.

While some of the tunnels are relatively small, some of them being over a meter wide, other tunnels have been found with underground chambers and storage areas.

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The fact that these tunnels were discovered points to an incredible ancient device that is anything but what the history books tell us today.

Ancient mankind had the knowledge and tools to build complex structures more than ten thousand years ago. Proof of this are the Bosnian pyramids in Europe and their amazing underground tunnels that stretch for miles.

ravne tunnels entranceRavne Tunnels in the Bosnian Pyramid Valley.

The tunnels discovered so far on our planet differ not only in size, but also chambers and storage rooms have been found in some places. Not all of them connect, but together it’s a massive underground network.

Some of the most enigmatic underground passages in the world

Cappadocia in Turkey is famous for its underground cities and is an incredible example. One of the best-known pieces of evidence is found in Derinkuyu Underground City. Derinkuyu Underground City is perhaps one of the greatest achievements of underground construction with the huge network of tunnels. This undoubtedly points to the perfection and long-lost building methods of our ancestors.

Left: a chapel. On the right: a large room. Credit: Martijn Munneke / Martin Cígler / Wikimedia commons.

The geological characteristics of the Derinkuyu stone are something very important; is very smooth. Therefore, the old builders of Derinkuyu They had to be very careful when building these underground chambers which provided sufficient pillar strength to support the upper floors; had this not been achieved, the city would have collapsed, but so far archaeologists have found no evidence of collapse at Derinkuyu.

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On the other hand, near the city of Shiyan Beicun, in the province of Zhejiang, it is possible to find some of the most mysterious underground constructions on Earth: the longyou caves. It is so surprising that in China it is called the ninth wonder of the world.

While exploring the interior of these caverns, he unearthed some 30,000 square meters of caves and tunnels. In amazement, researchers observed passageways, rooms, bridges, pools, and corridors with beautifully elaborate carvings.

longyou caves

Another example can be seen in Limanu cave is the longest in Dobrogea, Romania. About 4,000 meters long, it presents a chaotic ramification of galleries, like the network of streets of an ancient city. Many researchers believe that at least some of the galleries were dug entirely by humans, as there are tool marks on the walls. In fact, the Limanu cave represented an important human refuge.

Tunnel in the cave of Limanu.

Others ancient monuments like Gobekli Tepe these are more crucial pieces of evidence that testify to the incredible skills and knowledge of the people who inhabited our planet over ten thousand years ago.

The discovery of a vast network of tunnels, some of which are interconnected, suggests that humans in the stone Age they did not just spend their days hunting and gathering as we have hitherto thought. However, the actual purpose of the tunnels remains a matter of speculation, for now scientists can only theorize as the tunnels have yet to reveal all of their past secrets.

References: Daily Mail/BBC.

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