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As we know, lost cats and dogs can come back to their owners even if they were lost several miles away from home. One of these cases was immortalized by the citizens of Murmansk, a Russian city located in the far northwest of the country, where a kitten traveled great distances to meet its masters.

Scientists have determined that members of the cat family can travel between 600 and 700 kilometers. But among the adorable purring creatures are some real records, like the case of a Siamese cat that took a long trip home.

in 1985 Nikolai Vasilyevich, found a small Siamese kitten that had been abandoned. Although the family already has a pet dog, they also decided to adopt the kitten, which they named semyon.

In 1987, Nikolai and his wife Aleftina, together with their daughter Olga and their 20-year-old nephew, decided to go on vacation to Moscow. There, their relatives were ready to accommodate them. Of course, the family’s pets also went on trips.

Tragedy struck three days before departure. Timofey, the family dog, went to accompany (as was his habit) to the Nikolai bus stop when leaving for work, but on the way back he was hit by a bus. The couple were shocked by what had happened, and they weren’t the only ones, as Semyon didn’t leave the door for several days, waiting for his friend to return.

Semyon disappears

Finally, the family went on vacation with Semyon on board. The road was long and exhausting, they even got lost several times along the way. When they had come a long way, they thought that Semyon had been silent for a long time…

The cat was not in the car, apparently in one of the places they passed, in the middle of the journey he had jumped out of the window. But, not knowing the area, the family could not find it. No matter how difficult it was for them, they had to continue, because it was simply impossible to find their pet in the unknown capital. Everyone was very upset and for a long time there was silence in the car.

When the family returned home, they immediately told the sad story to their neighbors and relatives. They had to find the strength to accept another defeat.

an unexpected wonder

Six and a half years later, in the winter of 1994, a neighbor knocked on the door. In his arms was a kitty, who instantly jumped up and confidently walked to the ground, exactly where Semyon’s bowl of food had been before. So Nikolai and Alevtina realized it was their cat, had managed to overcome the 2,000 kilometer (1,243 mile) course and reach its owners.

The story spread throughout Murmansk, reaching the local newspaper and later a short film about the devoted traveling cat, called “Love Story”.


But that’s not all, because of his courage, love and devotion to the family he lived with, the cat received a great honor. In his memory a monument was inaugurated in 2013 in Murmanskas a reminder of the pure and sincere love pets have for their owners and as Semyon’s unforgettable act of incredible feline loyalty and resilience.

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On the bronze monument of Semyon you can see a small fat cat who carries all his material possessions in a small package with a stick, like a backpack. He settled in one of the favorite resting places of city dwellers – on the northern shore of Lake Semyonovskoe.

According to a local legend, if you sit on a bench and whisper a wish in the ear of Semyon the cat, it will come true.

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