Pisces rising: the sensitivity of the zodiac

Having the Ascendant in Pisces is a symptom of exceptional sensitivity. They are generally people who generally mature before others and who understand others more easily than the rest of the Zodiac. However, this sensitivity can also be negative, as they will also suffer more emotionally; these people are therefore challenged to overcome their vulnerabilities in order to progress.

On many occasions they are carried away by nostalgia and it is that they are generally idealists and dreamers, which is reflected in the way they see and interact with the world. This also makes them, as a rule, very creative and intuitive people.

This view of the world usually gives the impression that they are very changeable people without a fixed direction and without knowing very well what they want. And in a way, that may be true since they are always looking for new adventures and experiences and they may change their minds regularly. For this reason, they are also generally quite reflective.

Of course, despite everything, they generally prefer peace and quiet to high-risk experiences. This is why they need a realistic partner who knows how to balance and put their feet on the ground, so as not to get carried away excessively by their idealistic daydreams.

Ascension in Pisces: the three “I’s”

On the other hand, having Pisces on the Rise is a constant struggle to find the reflected “I” with the two Pisces going in opposite directions. Usually, people with this Ascendant can manifest in three ways: as victim, artist, or savior.

The victims are those people who don’t know how to face the cruel reality of the world and are looking for a way to escape. They can do this by getting carried away by their illusions and dreams or by using other things like drugs. This can put them in a very bad position and they will have to make a conscious effort and work to avoid it.

The artist is that aspect that draws inspiration from the most creative part that Pisces brings. They are people who find inspiration in the human spirit and manage to channel their impulses through the creative process.

The savior is the way that makes these people dedicate their lives to others, feel the outer pain as their own, and try to redeem themselves by helping the rest as much as possible. In general, the main characteristic of this Ascendant is the sacrifice of personal will in pursuit of the rest. Of course, they have to be careful because it can easily take advantage of them.

In conclusion, they are idealistic and romantic people who are distinguished by their desire to help others. But they must be careful not to fall into their own illusions or give in to the pain and anguish they see in the world.

As a general rule, a person with the Ascendant in Pisces is an adventurous person, always looking for new adventures and experiences. Although, as always, the rest of the letter also influences his behavior.

Aries – Pisces Ascendant

Aries with Pisces Ascendant are generally charming and fascinating people to others. In this astrological combination the momentum of Aries is softened by the sensitivity of Pisces. They stand out for their empathy, receptivity and generosity than the rest of the average Aries.

They tend to be great lovers of life and its pleasures and most are born with a star, so it usually won’t be difficult for them to find a good job, even if they don’t put too much effort into it. efforts.

In the realm of Cupid, it is difficult for them to express their emotions, but they seek to find someone who completes them and gives one hundred percent in this relationship.

Finally, if we highlight something negative, it is that they can often get too carried away with these earthly pleasures, going so far as to consume them and ignore the rest of the areas of life.

Taurus – Pisces Ascendant

A Taurus and Pisces rising sign is generally a person who, provided they have worked their emotions well, knows how to impose themselves and seduce others. They tend to be very empathetic and know how to give good advice. On the contrary, these people are generally quite reserved about their private life and do not like to talk much about themselves.

In the realm of work, they are usually quite intellectually capable, although if the task bores them, they may not complete it satisfactorily due to the boredom involved.

In romantic relationships, they are usually very attentive and detailed; they are very sensitive and strive to please their partner. They long to find a stable partner who meets all their requirements.

If we highlight something negative, it may be that drunk with illusions they are duped by couples who do not really seek this stability and who only want to enjoy it. They can suffer a lot emotionally.

Gemini – Pisces Ascendant

People born under the Sun sign Gemini and the Ascendant Pisces are generally less likely to communicate their feelings and more willing to reflect on themselves. Usually they are also carried away by family traditions and most of them are looking for a stable partner to share their love with.

In the workplace, it is often difficult for them to have responsibilities, they tend to run away from problems and run away from obstacles rather than solving them.

If we talk about feelings, many times they are quite contradictory people because they are carried away by love and want to be everything with the other person, but at the same time they know that it is not reasonable and c This is what generates this feeling of contradiction. . They are generally insecure people, but they do not hesitate to devote themselves to the couple they are with.

If we highlight anything negative, it’s the constant mood swings, and it’s that you can’t read a Gemini with a Pisces rising. They can also get carried away by multiple illusions that lead to disappointments.

Cancer – Pisces Ascendant

Cancer with Pisces Rising People regularly have unusual sensitivity and are among the most empathetic of the entire zodiac. Pisces allows the crab to observe all of its feelings and value them.

At work, they usually find it difficult to keep things up to date because they are usually not very organized or do not like to make decisions, but they compensate for this with a great desire to get things done. They will always be available if a colleague or client asks for their help.

In love he is a great (and faithful) lover. They like to please those they love the most and it is a very important aspect of their life.

Finally, if we point out something negative, it is that they can easily be fooled by false love illusions.

Leo – Pisces Ascendant

A Leo with a Pisces Ascendant will seek to develop their work to the best of their abilities, no matter what is thrown at them. These are likely to be people who are particularly concerned about their health, body, mind and general well-being.

At work, they are usually valuable assets and it is that they stand out for their efficiency. Moreover, they are constantly improving and developing and take pride in everything they do.

With their partners, they like to give and receive alike. They are generally sweet and sensitive, and they dream of their perfect fairy tale. Although it causes the creation of false illusions and false expectations, with all that that entails.
If we point out anything negative, it is that they can become obsessed with work, being, as we would say in English, workaholics (workaholics).

Virgo – Pisces Ascendant

A Virgo and Pisces Ascendant is characterized by their multi-faceted nature: pragmatic but visionary, disciplined but full of fantasy, seeking stability but willing to venture into the unknown. Despite these apparent dilemmas, they all coalesce into a nuanced and ever-changing personality.

Regarding his work environment, this person can go through stages that range from work overload to moments of relaxation and disconnection on a daily basis.

From a sentimental point of view, he is a gentle and sensitive person, capable of being extremely affectionate and extremely aware of the needs of his life partner, translating his feelings into actions. Despite their tendency to introversion, they harbor within them an undeniable poetic and romantic essence.

On the less favorable side, a Virgo with a Pisces Ascendant may be inclined to attract problematic, fragile or even inaccessible people, without considering that carrying too much pressure can be unsustainable in the long term.

Libra – Pisces Ascendant

A Libra with a Pisces Ascendant usually stands out for their incredible flexibility in meeting the needs of others. Endowed with a pronounced emotivity and sensitivity, they nevertheless remain balanced and conciliatory, which makes this zodiac combination a solid basis for maintaining a balanced sentimental relationship.

In the workplace, these people usually take advantage of many opportunities that can develop properly and end up being successful. In their work environment, they are often appreciated for their considerate attitude, their willingness to be accessible and their talent for generating profitable business opportunities.

On the sentimental level, he is characterized by his empathy and his sensitivity. They openly express their love and emotions, always ready to be an understanding listener.

When immersed in an affective bond, they never adopt a superficial attitude; instead, they tend to live relationships intensely, giving themselves fervently in body and soul. Thanks to their charisma and their sensuality, these people generally have a remarkable magnetism to attract others.

On the negative side, in their desire to bond, they can make rash decisions, attracting toxic people into their lives. Their impulse to “save” others often leads them to extreme situations, where love mixes with resentment and frustration.

Scorpio – Pisces Ascendant

People born under the combination of Scorpio in the Sun sign and Pisces in the Ascendant are usually very ambitious and usually have clear life goals, always accompanied by an insatiable desire to push their limits and enrich their knowledge. They have captivating and enigmatic personalities, and are drawn to anything beyond the ordinary.

In the professional context, they are distinguished by their commitment and responsibility. However, they are often sensitive to emotions, which can lead to a state of vulnerability. It is common for them to drag their professional life towards their personal life.

As for romantic relationships, their tendency towards insecurity can be an obstacle to establishing a stable and real relationship. However, those who take the time to get to know this sign will discover a person capable of offering intense love.

In their most unfavorable aspect, being very sensitive and intuitive, they tend to be swayed by the opinions of others, as they lack the strength to impose their own will. In the same way, they are very sensitive and vulnerable to criticism from others.

Sagittarius – Pisces Ascendant

People born under the influence of Sagittarius with Pisces Ascendant tend to calmly and contemplatively seek an understanding of life that approximates wisdom, and thus be able to cultivate a broader perspective of the world and what surrounds them.

With extraordinary sensitivity, they manage to decode daily messages with a remarkable degree of understanding. They are generous and compassionate people, who envision a world where justice reigns and opportunities abound for all.

In the professional field, these are people who want to achieve their goals and who will do everything to achieve them. If they start a project, they will see it through. Of course, they need some recognition to feel that they are progressing adequately.

From a romantic point of view, these people are very sensitive and tend to live intensely the troubles of love, and they can also be prone to infidelity because of their difficulty in rejecting proposals.

Finally, those born under Sagittarius with Pisces Ascendant may show a certain propensity to be wrong. Although they have a strong desire to succeed, they may lack the discipline and dedication needed to achieve set goals.

Capricorn – Pisces Ascendant

Capricorn Pisces Ascendant often have an edge when it comes to trying to understand and comprehend human nature. They are generally divided into a curious dichotomy: on the one hand, they are rational and logical; on the other hand, they are sensitive and emotional. This duality is what allows them to understand and agree with others.

In the field of work, they are usually very mature and consistent, even if they put their mind to it, they can do things of great value.

In emotional relationships, they value friendship very much and it is difficult for them to fall in love because they have to choose a person who meets their demanding requirements. Of course, once they find it, they dedicate themselves to it body and soul.

If we underline something negative, it is that they also live this duality in its negative part. They can be deceived by fake friends or partners and this can lead to dissatisfaction and loneliness.

Aquarius – Pisces Ascendant

Aquarius Rising Pisces tend to live in constant exploration and self-discovery, which can sometimes confine them. Thanks to Pisces, they are more empathetic and understanding than the average Aquarius.

In the field of work, they don’t mind working in jobs that require great dedication as long as they can be creative.

In love, they are inevitably attracted to complex people, which leads to difficult relationships. They tend to be very dreamy, deviating greatly from reality and falling into idealism. Although his sensitivity is positive when it comes to relationships.

Finally, something negative about this combination is its strong unpredictability, your life can be a fluctuation of emotions. On the other hand, their strong insecurity can also cost them social relationships.

Pisces – Pisces Ascendant

Pisces with Pisces Ascendant strengthens all the typical characteristics of the sign. They are very empathetic and compassionate people who offer their help to everyone; they are also full of dreams and ideas and are extremely sensitive and spiritual.

At work, they must be comfortable. These are not people who endure jobs that are not their true calling.

In relationships, they value freedom very much and it makes them run away from commitments on many occasions. They often get carried away by their emotions without thinking about the possible consequences.

Finally, if we point out something negative, it is that they can easily get lost in their illusions, confuse dreams with reality and be very disappointed.

They are also people who find it difficult to assume a certain responsibility and often they can run away from them if they have them with all that entails.

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