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We live in a world where physical, emotional, and mental deterioration occurs spontaneously at ever younger ages. Previously, they could last much longer, enjoying good health and lucidity. The truth is, few people approach old age in peak condition.

It doesn’t happen incredibly strange on the island where you can stay healthy for over 100 years. If happiness accompanied by good health were present in our lives until old age, surely everyone would like to reach a century of life and even exceed it.

Currently It’s rare for people to reach their 100th birthday, let alone enjoy a healthy body and a stable mind. However, for some enigmatic reason, some of them are concentrated in a specific point on our planet.

The Island of Mysterious Longevity

Many wonder if this is the only place where people can live much longer and still stay healthy. Of course not, but he is among the only 5 of them. Its name is the Greek island of Icaria, a place where its inhabitants to the majority, they manage to celebrate their centenary in good health.

A well-known blog is one that introduced the world this uncrowded area, located in the northern Aegean Sea. This territory has at least 50,000 km of Turkish coastline, with at least 10,000 inhabitants almost all year round.

Icaria was named so according to Greek mythology, because of the story of Daedalus, as it was the land near which his son Icarus died. Credit: Wikimedia commons/Public domain.

in-depth studies

For having discovered this fascinating and unique corner of the world, some in-depth studies had to be done In the region. It was also necessary to probe its inhabitants, in order to find the strange reason for their persistent health at a time when it is rare.

The people of this place have up to three times more likely to reach age 90unlike the rest of Europe. The diseases that are currently invading society the most barely appear, and are perceived in a strange way by the inhabitants. Most cases are very isolated.

In this strange paradise cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, dementia and physical decline take time much longer to appear. In the society and world we live in, these types of diseases are common and even tend to appear at younger ages.

What is the length of the days due to?

This is a question that seizes more than one of the readers who make this fascinating discovery. And like everyone they want to know the secret of why, or what they do for a living for so many years maintaining an optimal state of health.

At this point, it goes without saying that no in-depth study has been done to try to find the answer. The truth is that there are no conclusive results, which is very clear, This is the usual way of life that these people lead, without breaking traditions for years.

His habits

Notably The people who call this place home are active and hardworking. They tend to get used to taking long walks, taking the opportunity to bathe in the sea very frequently, and have learned to cultivate their own gardens among themselves.

Although it is surprising, They claim to fully enjoy their sex life until the last moment. Of course, there is no shortage of moments of recreation and rest, those who wish to do so get up late without having a watch by their side and a nap is almost obligatory,

These persons they love parties and gatherings among themselves, and everything that involves spending time together and with family. We can say that here is the secret of eternal youth:

  • Maintaining strong bonds with your closest loved ones, as this is usually linked to life extension
  • The diet they follow is indicated as a special key in the happy old age of these people.
  • The food consumed is grown on this same land, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish meat.

A healthy life

This may be the key to the length of his days, milk and cheese come from local goats, with great antioxidant power. The honey is homemade, the tea from the mountains and a moderate amount of wine. Not to mention the frequent sharing between them and their families.

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In our society lacks almost everything these people practice systematically. Perhaps if they were instilled in every inhabitant, surely we would also have a better chance of living a healthy and much longer life.

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