8 Retro Venus Keys in Leo

VenusStarPointLeo2023Hi guys!!! Venus is arrested. It is already stationary. πŸ‘€ And with it, something also stops in our life. Something stops to become visible, growing in centrality and importance. He has gained so much presence that we cannot continue as if nothing had happened: he deserves our attention.

What did we miss? What was pending? 🌟

πŸ”‚ On Sunday, July 23, Venus will begin to recede, retracing the path it has traveled since late June. And we’ll be in those until he comes right back in on September 4th.

Venus retrogrades are opportunities to close our eyes, breathe in old stories again, see how we grew up with them, and pause to appreciate what makes today’s experience different.

What is the star point of Venus?

In recent years we have recreated ourselves, we have splashed something in our lives, and when we remember the heartbeat it had 8 years ago, we can already see it shine differently. We are closing a cycle. We open another one. And our way of loving, of living, of being, of creating and of expressing ourselves… is already another.

Venusian magic makes us fall in love with the present again. Lighten the backpack of what we already love and have lost. And she reveals, in the future, another star with more promise of kindness, beauty and fascination.

The retrograde of Venus in Leo is an opportunity to make peace. To find our life, our voice, our heart… 🌟 Beyond what we already were or what we already live.

πŸ₯€ The experience is recreated, reborn, revived as if shining for the first time. 🌹

For 9 months, the morning star will guide intuition.

For 4 years, we are going to nurture the embryo of what illuminates this solar Venus.

And finally, in 8 years, we will start again!


Here I left you a post to deepen. You also have it in Spotify.

Happy retrograde Venus! πŸ”₯πŸ«Άβ˜€

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