The Nodes in Aries and Libra: New step!


Hi guys!!! Lunar nodes are so popular, I think, because they relate to the Moon, Sun, and Earth.

These three bodies are the basis of life. mysterious triad. They represent a poetry or a simple magic that we already invoked as children with songs and drawings, and that still adorns the background of all experience. 🏡☀️🖍

A yellow sun or a moon with pointed horns and a nocturnal smile. A moonless night. A radiant sun. They say it all. Sun, Moon, Earth. In them the light goes to us. Archetypically, life is within them.

🧿 The Nodes, like a compass for the dance of lights around the blue eye that is our planet, speak of collective steps, of finding yourself at a crossroads of destinations. To be all in the same boat of life, rowing before the wheel of cycles.

They teach us that moving forward is not about going forward and ascending, but about embracing the future of deaths and beginnings with an ever lighter heart.

And also to embrace that strange cheese full of holes that is time, by which going out to meet our future means, often, fishing from memory the seeds that could not be before.

The life that was 9, 18, 36 years ago is regenerated with the magic touch of nodal cycles. Resume intentions. Redirect processes. Set goals.

The nodes have been in Taurus and Scorpio since January 2022, but this story is already coming to an end. On July 17 (or July 12, depending on how it’s calculated) the nodes change sign.

Thus, until January 12, 2025, the North Node will be in Aries, and the South Node will be in Libra.

A special moment! Ho are you doing?

We would expect culminations, resolutions – even if they are symbolic – or revealing discoveries in your Taurus-Scorpio zone. But we might also notice new impulses. Some call who challenge us to turn the usual course.🌿👀🔥


The last time the nodes activated the Aries-Libra zone was between February 18, 2014 and November 12, 2015, when the North Node was in Libra and the South Node was in Aries. If at that time you started something that fits the life stage you were in, now would be the time to give it another twist. Does it still work? Maybe something from those years will pay off now. But if it doesn’t deliver the results we need, we’ll need to update how we handle it…or leave it for good!


The last time the Nodes were exactly where they are now, with the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra, was between December 26, 2004 and June 21, 2006. Do you remember anything key from those years that resonates with your present moment? Now one cycle is complete, and we move on to a further phase. What would you like to explore to open up to a new cycle in your Aries zone? Pluto’s square at the Nodes highlights the deeply transformative nature of this stage.


Initially, we may be confronted with a crisis of identity, linked to a crisis of values. And it could reveal the underlying conflict in a situation that seemed harmonious. But at heart, it’s about rediscovering ourselves with the strength of the reboot, after a period of trying to preserve something unsustainable. What happens if I step out of the attitude of resistance and redefine what I want? What if I go? With the North Node in Aries, what matters is what is done and what is experienced, not what is said.


If I had to give a title, I would say that it is a season to ignore what is supposedly adequate or correct, and discover (or accept) what really motivates us. Also, formality or good manners won’t matter as much anymore, especially if they’re decorative or keep us from being explicit, direct, or completely honest. It’s time to express yourself and to assert yourself in a courageous and spontaneous way, without taking too much into account the repercussions that this can have on our social image – what will we say? This doesn’t mean you have to be selfish or inconsiderate. Libra, as a sign touched by the Nodes, will continue to be very important.


In the Aries zone, we tend to accept a belligerent and conflicting facet. But in the Libra zone, our face of peace, harmony and comprehension… Was it born of a sincere intention? We will see many contradictions emerge. The educated and civilized image, the understanding discourse… are they consistent with the actions and decisions that mark the course of action?

Next year and a half, we will have to move towards a new story, a new desire or a new goal in the Aries zone of our letter. And, also, we will have to get out of fantasies that harmonize, justify themselves and disguise themselves as tolerable… abusive agreements, dysfunctional relationships; forms of respect, justice and coexistence that are just a formality and do not really come from the heart. It is no longer enough to say the right words. In action is the truth.


Here I leave you more to dig deeper. The second hour of audio is dedicated to resolving the questions you left for me on social media. A big hug, chichi!!!


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