Ascendant in Sagittarius: a crossroads to solve

People rising in Sagittarius are distinguished above all by the search for their freedom and their independence. They are very adventurous people who seek to have all possible experiences and make the most of them.

They are usually the type of people who have a special twinkle in their eyes, usually cheerful and positive, overcoming any obstacle that gets in their way. Their attitude generally makes them very generous and kind people with the rest. Moreover, despite a strong search for new experiences, they generally take life in a very relaxed way.

They are also very honest people, but it can be a double edged sword, sometimes a white lie is always helpful and it’s something these people don’t seem to understand. They will tell you what they think without being cut off, whether positive or negative. If they want to nurture their relationships properly, they must learn to control these impulses.

On the other hand, the constant search for adventures and new experiences can lead them to finish nothing that they begin, as the saying goes, which covers much does not squeeze much.

Ascending in Sagittarius: reason or emotion?

People with Sagittarius Ascendant can often find themselves at a curious crossroads; on the one hand, a part of them may aspire to lofty ideals and goals, while another part is drawn to the most basic and instinctive needs. We are talking about the reason/emotion or animality versus rationality dichotomy. These people will have to find a way to progress in this division.

On the other hand, this Ascendant in Sagittarius is always a sign of exploration, travel and optimism. People with it should see life more as a journey in which they enjoy the journey and what emerges rather than a destination.

Being a fire sign, all the emotion and warmth it brings will have to be directed somewhere, meaning they will have to set goals and objectives to achieve in order to feel fulfilled. Moreover, the way they live their life often inspires the rest of the people around them.

However, not everything is positive and that is that if they get carried away by the bad side, they can succumb to exaggeration and exuberance, and even live beyond their means. Like Icarus, if they get too close to the Sun, they can get burned.

Generally with Sagittarius in the Ascendant, you are generally a cheerful and energetic person; although, as always, it will also depend a lot on the person’s Sun sign.

Aries – Sagittarius Ascendant

Aries with Sagittarius Ascendant tend to be energetic, lively people who don’t let anything scare them and have great self-confidence. Normally, they will always have a smile on their face.

Professionally, thanks to the strength of the ram, they tend to be born leaders and excel in careers that require initiative. The Ascendant in Sagittarius adds another layer of enthusiasm and optimism, making them love to train and keep growing in addition to having initiative. Therefore, professionally, these people tend to do well in positions that require an open, exploratory mind and great leadership skills.

In relationships, they are likely to find a partner easy and last a long time (although an affair is likely to occur in the meantime).

If we point out anything negative, it’s that they’re usually pretty selfish and irresponsible to the consequences of their actions. They can get carried away with passion and risk to do new and dangerous things.

Ascendant Taurus – Sagittarius

People with Taurus sun sign and Sagittarius ascendant are generally characterized by generosity and positivity in life. Sagittarius also gives Taurus extra cuteness. However, not everything is positive and it is that with this astrological combination, the typical pleasures of Taurus tend to be amplified.

Professionally, these people are hard workers, known for their perseverance and tireless efforts. They only rest when they have completed their tasks, which are usually impeccably executed due to their high standards and pursuit of perfection. Likewise, these people infuse love and benevolence into their every action.

Emotionally, the passionate Taurus becomes a faithful and agreeable life partner. You appreciate simplicity in romantic relationships and you stand out for your sensuality and passion. When these people are truly in love, they go to great lengths to maintain their loyalty and commitment to their partner.

On the other hand, the combination of Taurus with the Ascendant in Sagittarius can lead to certain excesses. These people tend to work beyond what is healthy, disregarding their own physical limitations and adequate hours of rest. Conversely, they can fall into total passivity and disinterest when they don’t feel motivated and committed to something.

Gemini – Sagittarius Ascendant

Having Gemini and the Ascendant in Sagittarius is a symptom of a harmonious combination. For these people, it is surely essential to be accompanied by someone sympathetic, who promotes a pleasant and uncritical dialogue. Despite the usual swings in their mood, they do their best to keep life interesting and banish boredom.

Professionally, their versatile and adaptable nature allows them to take on multiple roles at once. However, Gemini and Sagittarius rising often struggle to find lasting satisfaction and fulfillment, leading to frequent job changes.

When it comes to romantic relationships, for these people, passion is not the main factor; the main thing is to establish a healthy and fraternal camaraderie that allows a more solid and lasting bond.

Gemini with Sagittarius Ascendant tend to have fleeting and superficial relationships. Their constant search for companionship and an innate penchant for passionate experiences can lead to a series of unsatisfying relationships.

Cancer – Sagittarius Ascendant

When Cancer has Sagittarius as their Ascendant, these people tend to be more outgoing, outgoing, and adept at socializing. The typical introverted nature of Cancer becomes more exploratory and self-reflective under the influence of Sagittarius.

Professionally, these people often seem to be accompanied by wealth, which has a direct impact on their financial life. It is not uncommon to find them involved in multiple projects and corporate activities.

In terms of romantic relationships, they experience a series of intense and numerous love affairs. The influence of Sagittarius lessens Cancer’s concern for the longevity of relationships, focusing more on the present. The relationships of these people are usually quite sensual, with a high value placed on sexuality.

However, Cancer, with their sharp mind influenced by Sagittarius, can fall into dubious deals or even lose large sums of money by falling into the illusion of quick and easy money.

Leo – Sagittarius Ascendant

Leo Rising in Sagittarius is often daring and often has an innate desire to immerse themselves in intense and meaningful experiences. They are people who are often drawn to a variety of interests, although their main passion tends to be exploration and long journeys. A characteristic element of your personality is usually your willingness to set and pursue important life goals and objectives.

In the workplace, these people usually stand out for their determination and ambition. When they find a project they are passionate about, they stick with it, not letting obstacles deter them. They demonstrate a remarkable determination to succeed and have a natural talent for business management and leadership.

Emotionally, the optimistic and cheerful attitude of these people has a contagious effect on their environment. They are endowed with a remarkable capacity for seduction, and if they like the game of love and ephemeral relationships, they often find it difficult to make a lasting commitment.

However, the negative side of Leos with Sagittarius Ascendant can manifest as excessive self-esteem.

Virgo – Sagittarius Ascendant

People with a Sun sign in Virgo and an Ascendant in Sagittarius have the intellectual capacity to achieve great things in life. However, their propensity for change can easily cause them to drift away from their desired goals.

In the workplace, strong ambition and a desire for self-knowledge guide them to notable prestige in their chosen fields. However, due to some indecisiveness and diversification of interests, they sometimes fail to achieve their goals.

Emotionally, these people manifest an intense sensuality that reveals their most intimate and deepest desires. When they find a partner who understands their complex nature, they reveal a wild side of themselves, modest and cautious on the one hand, and independent and adventurous on the other.

On the other hand, people with Virgo and Sagittarius Ascendant may tend to be conceited and ostentatious. Eager to stand out, they may indulge in exaggeration and premature promotion of their questionable attributes. Another problem is chasing success through unethical methods, which can accelerate your failure.

Libra – Sagittarius Ascendant

Libras with Sagittarius Ascendant tend to be extraordinarily sociable people. Libra, who by nature prefers company, becomes even more predisposed and open to coexistence under the influence of Sagittarius.

In terms of employment, these people thrive in any activity that gives them creative freedom and opportunities to interact with others.

Falling in love, Libra’s innate propensity for harmony is intensified with an extra dose of optimism and joy. These people value the relationship deeply and have the ability to honor their partner’s uniqueness, which cements the emotional bond for a long time.

On the other hand, the negative aspect of Libra with the Sagittarius Ascendant is reflected in their tendency to rush into their emotional decisions. This often results in early commitments and consequent sentimental discomfort.

Scorpio – Sagittarius Ascendant

People with Scorpio in the Sun and Sagittarius Ascendant may seem more approachable than they really are, creating an inherent paradox in this combination. They tend to need some degree of isolation to feel safe, but they often project an outgoing personality.

In their professional life, they feel more focused on jobs that require research. They tend to be very helpful to others and perform well in any task given to them.

Emotionally, they exert a powerful magnetism on those around them, being generally very attractive people.

On the other hand, people with a Sun sign in Scorpio and an Ascendant in Sagittarius may tend to seek control, interfere, and direct the course of others’ lives. At times, your excessive pride and insufficient preparation can cloud and repress your authentic being.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius Ascendant

This combination of signs reinforces the typical characteristics of Sagittarius, that is, it is generally distinguished by its optimism and self-confidence. They tend to be very blunt with their words (sometimes they can offend others because of them) and they always try to learn from everything that happens to them in life.

In their work, they normally aim high with the goals they set for themselves because they like to test themselves. If they love what they do, they won’t hesitate to give it their all.

In the area of ​​feelings, it can be people with low self-esteem, needing external reinforcement to tell them they are worth it. Although they are generally very honest people who will always act as they are, without a mask.

On the other hand, the flaws of Sagittarius are also magnified. They are people who are too prejudiced, who can be consumed by vanity and who seek to impose their laws even when they do not apply them.

Capricorn – Sagittarius Ascendant

Capricorns with a Sagittarius Ascendant tend to be less logical than Capricorns with other types of Ascendant. If he remains demanding and meticulous, he benefits from the additional adaptability of his Sagittarius Ascendant.

Professionally, like any average Capricorn, they have an objective view of their abilities. They are ambitious and, using their perseverance and productivity, they look for ways to achieve success. They tend to leave their mark wherever they work with their great attention to detail.

They take relationships very seriously and see themselves as attractive and conquering people, although they sometimes think they are the opposite.

These people oscillate between the excessive grandiosity of Sagittarius and the limits imposed by Capricorn. In some cases, their greed is not just limited to the financial aspect; they may also lack attachment and ethical values.

Aquarius – Sagittarius Ascendant

Aquarius with Sagittarius Ascendant are people of great mental agility who are in constant search of knowledge. They are also generally very communicative, approachable and empathetic people.

In the field of duty, they opt for the realization of large-scale projects. They like to expand their horizons and take it all to the next level.

In their relationships, they are often drawn to the unknown and the new, which makes it quite difficult for them to stay committed to a relationship.

If we highlight something negative, without a doubt, it is that this mental agility can also bring with it a certain nervousness. These people can become very impatient and cover too much without finishing anything.

Pisces – Sagittarius Ascendant

Pisces with Sagittarius Ascendant are usually very devoted to their family, whom they like to protect and make them feel safe. They tend to be very sensitive and intuitive people. They are generally responsible people who like to hold positions of responsibility in the company where they work.

In their relationships, they greatly appreciate the link and the contact, so they will be constantly looking for new relationships. They may have some difficulty in establishing lasting emotional ties because they are always looking for new ones without consolidating the old ones; it can also make it difficult for them to get a stable partner.

On the other hand, they are very emotional people who can lose their minds at any moment. They are also likely to have difficulty making difficult decisions.

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