Man finds giant clam over 200 years old while walking

While walking with his family on a beach in Florida (United States) and collecting shells to make soup, a man makes an unusual discovery.

When Blaine Parker was walking with his family Alligator tipfound a clam he planned to cook, only to discover the mollusk was over 200 years old.

Initially noting the large size of the mollusk, Parker thought it was large enough for two servings of soup. However, seeing its peculiarity, he decided not to cook it.

“We were just going to eat it, but we thought about it for a while and thought it was probably pretty special. So, we didn’t want to kill her,” Parker told the outlet. Tallahassee Democrat.

Parker ended up taking the clam to the Gulf Specimens Marine Laboratory (GSML) in Panacea, Florida. Where they discovered the clam was 214 years old and belonged to the quahog species (Arctic Icelandic)or clams, which can live over 200 years They start breeding at six years old.

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In addition, the lab mentioned that these clams measure between 7 and 11 cm, but that Parker’s was an unusual size, measuring 15 cm.

As the lab wrote: “Age can be calculated by the number of layers in the shell, with each layer representing a year. The shell of the mollusk had 214 layers, which means that this clam was born in 1809.

Because that same year he was born abraham lincolnParker named him aber clam lincoln.

The lab added that most quahog clams in the ocean weigh about half a pound. But Aber-clam Lincoln weighs five times the weight of your average clam.

THE ocean quahogs they are among the longest-lived sea creatures in the world, according to NOAA. They are typical of North America and some can live for centuries.

Finally, after learning its age, Parker and his family released the giant clam into the Gulf of Mexico.

The clam was released.

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