Ascendant in Scorpio: challenges and regeneration

If people with the Scorpio Ascendant are characterized by anything, it is the aura of mystery that surrounds them. In this sense, they are people who tend to seek to know themselves better and who do not like to reveal their secrets to others. Given this nature, they also tend to like to question everything that happens to them and look into the why of things.

This desire to know everything can also make them succumb to the obsession with control and power; These are people who, if they get carried away by the more negative side of this Scorpio Ascendant, will end up seeking control and dominance over others. His resentful side also stands out, namely that if you disturb a scorpion, he will seek revenge, even if it is the last thing he will do.

On the other hand, they are usually very loyal people and you shouldn’t worry about dealing with them as long as you don’t betray them. Given this loyal nature, they tend to seek stable life partners who provide them with security and who know they can trust them blindly.

Scorpion Rising: Fighting the Occult

If you have the Ascendant in Scorpio, you have a challenge to face and that is that you will have to face and fight the occult, the darkness and the taboo. Scorpio energy is deep within you poisoning your thoughts and you need to talk about it and deal with it.

However, if there is no preliminary work of deconstruction and analysis, it is possible that this rise to the surface ends up being more destructive than productive. Instead of suppressing Scorpio’s dark feelings, perhaps the best thing to do is regenerate them and turn them into something productive. Many artists with the Ascendant in Scorpio have achieved this, such as Goethe and his work Faust.

This Scorpio Rising allows you to demolish old structures and build brand new ones. The problem is that you have to know how to behave very well with the scorpion so that it does not add you to its abyss.

A good way to learn to deal with it is to know your natal chart more in depth, for this you can use the astrology program astromondesince in addition to giving you your natal chart, it offers interpretative texts.

As a general rule, with this sign in the Ascendant, we tend to seek control over situations and we have great intuition, although it is subject to each particular case, as we will see.

Aries – Scorpio Ascendant

Those born under the sign of Aries with an Ascendant in Scorpio are generally very efficient people in whatever they set out to do; The initiative of the ram is reinforced by the character of the scorpion to search everything, so he has a certain ease in undertaking and mastering new things.

Also, if what they’re doing is a hindrance for them, but it’s something challenging for them, they usually fight until they get there and this process of fighting and overcoming helps them. for their own personal development.

At work, they usually achieve the professional goals set for them. In addition, Aries’ initiative allows them to perform leadership functions. Of course, they will have to pay attention to the facet of the scorpion and not get carried away by their characteristic obsession and authoritarianism, as this could greatly affect their work.

In the realm of relationships, they may seem cold and hard to reach, but nothing could be further from the truth, deep down they are usually very passionate. If they fall in love, they give themselves one hundred percent to the relationship.

Ascendant Taurus – Scorpio

The Taurus Ascendant Scorpio combination is a very balanced combination because when Scorpio is on the Ascendant, Taurus is on the Descendant. The negative part of Scorpio is offset by Taurus and they tend to be more respectful of other people’s designs. In their work, they tend to be persistent and combative.

If we talk about the affective sphere, it is the most magnetic combination of the whole zodiac, combining the sensuality of Taurus with the passion and magnetism of Scorpio. Also, when they give themselves to someone, they do it with total conviction, there is no place for superficial relationships.

By highlighting something negative, if they get carried away by extremes, they can find themselves embroiled in toxic and dependent relationships; by nature, they are usually quite toxic and possessive if these characteristics are not harnessed properly.

Gemini – Scorpio Ascendant

The Scorpio Ascendant gives Gemini a better sense of their surroundings, making them less outgoing with others, but at the same time more observant and detailed. Moreover, they usually have a very rich and complex inner world.

When it comes to finding a partner, they don’t like to let the other person know that they are interested in them; they put on an icy shell and don’t like to reveal how they feel. However, if they are very much in love, they will try to conquer each other by any means possible.

On the other hand, they are very good at hiding their true intentions and this can make them very fake people and, in the end, they only move out of pure interest. If they need to manipulate someone, they will have no problem.

Cancer – Scorpio Ascendant

People born under the astrological combination of the Sun in Cancer and the Ascendant in Scorpio exhibit remarkable emotional depth and acute sensitivity. This mixture of water to water, typical of the signs of Cancer and Scorpio, exalts a singular emotional intensity. By experiencing emotions with such intensity, these individuals manifest great passion which is reflected in their personality.

The presence of the Sun in Cancer gives these people an exceptional protective and benevolent instinct. The crab, known for its maternal essence, drives these individuals to nurture and protect those they love. However, the Ascendant in Scorpio adds an air of mystery to them. They tend to be reserved people, especially in new situations, and value their privacy very highly.

Cancer and Scorpio are both signs known for their determination and perseverance. At the confluence of these two zodiacal energies, Cancer Sun and Ascendant Scorpio people show unfailing determination. Once they set a goal, their tenacity pushes them to keep going until they achieve it and that will be reflected in the workplace, achieving everything they set out to do.

Finally, the combination of Cancer and Scorpio signals immense potential for transformation and personal growth. Although it is possible that the naive attitude of the crab will be carried away by Scorpio and create false illusions.

Ascendant Leo – Scorpio

Leos with Scorpio Ascendant are normally attractive people; highlights the intensity with which they do things, as well as their insatiable nature. They will seriously seek positions of power and prestige as it is something they value very much.

For this reason, at work they will look for professional careers that can project them towards recognition and success. Normally, they stand out for their leadership ability and great responsibility. Eventually, they look for jobs in which they can undertake themselves and determine the objectives to be achieved.

In their relationships, they are strong and arrogant people, which makes them attractive to many other people.

If we point out anything negative is that they can be easily corrupted and/or abuse power as soon as they are in the position to do so.

Ascendant Virgo – Scorpio

Virgos with Scorpio Ascendant are people who stand out in the mental realm. They know very well how to approach things since the analytical mind of Virgo combines with the intuition and observation of Scorpio, obtaining a very powerful combination if they know how to take advantage of it.

For this reason, they might stand out in jobs that involve advice or observation or that involve strategy.

In the emotional domain, he is confronted with a contradiction; On the one hand, they are extremely rational people, but, on the other hand, Scorpio’s passion is enormous and unbridled, so it is possible that they find themselves in a constant struggle between reason and emotion. Yet, as a rule, they value stable relationships very much and are constantly in search of their ideal person.

If we’re pointing out anything negative, it’s definitely that they can often go overboard in their comments to others. His criticisms are often too scathing.

Libra – Scorpio Ascendant

The combination of Libra with the Ascendant in Scorpio is somewhat contradictory and makes them more reserved than the average Libra. Scorpio also brings that dose of intuition we talked about, letting the balance take advantage of it and turning these people into fantastic mediators.

In the professional field, they will do well in research activities and they like to understand and discuss the different points of view that may be presented.

In their relationships, they are usually very intense people, where the balance can become unbalanced. If that were to happen, it’s possible they’ll find themselves fantasizing about the relationship when it won’t reach any port. They can also easily get involved with people who are not right for them by getting carried away by passion.

Scorpio – Scorpio Ascendant

When this combination of signs occurs, all the typical characteristics of Scorpio are reinforced. We therefore find ourselves in front of very mysterious people who are difficult to understand because they are so reserved that it is very difficult to know them.

They will do well in jobs that require prolonged effort because they can accomplish it without too much trouble.

In Cupid’s games they are extremely passionate, for them it’s not love if it’s not something that ignites all that inner fire they have. Passions are everything to them and they need a relationship to match. They don’t want, they love, because they don’t have a happy medium.

On the other hand, if all their characteristics are enhanced, both negative and positive, they are therefore excessively jealous, possessive and authoritarian and can be very complicated people for the rest. Also, you have to be careful not to betray them because their revenge can be terrible.

Sagittarius – Scorpio Ascendant

Sagittarians with Scorpio Ascendant are generally people who have great intensity and inner strength; convinced that they will be able to do it with anything that is thrown at them. These are people who will surely accomplish everything they undertake, they can also have a fine nose since Scorpio gives them this necessary dose of intuition.

At work, given their intensity, they like to take on new challenges and put themselves to the test. They like to get projects off the ground.

In their relationships, they give everything and they like to materialize part of their love, showering their special someone with gifts.

Finally, if we highlight something negative, it is that they can be too materialistic people and get carried away by the obsession to achieve and finish their projects.

Ascendant Capricorn – Scorpio

Capricorns with Scorpio Ascendant tend to have a high capacity for perception, which makes them people who are generally aware of their surroundings and how things really work. They tend to be very strict with everyone (including themselves), and thanks to Scorpio, these people tend to have strong and convincing opinions.

At work, they are usually very determined, which makes them ideal people to occupy positions of responsibility and leadership.

In relationships, they are very demanding with what they are looking for and although they are easy to understand, they will not approve of everyone.

If we highlight something negative, without a doubt, it is that they have a very bad temper and are generally impatient and have very little patience with those around them.

Aquarius – Scorpio Ascendant

Aquarius with Scorpio Ascendant tend to be people with a charismatic and at the same time difficult personality. This happens due to the mystery that Scorpio brings to them and the randomness of Aquarius. Although these people will seek their freedom above all else.

At work, they usually stand out for their originality and they are people who seek to achieve everything they undertake.

In love, they want someone who can bring positive things; It can be very hard for them to really know that they and someone won’t show their true colors until they see it as something trustworthy, but once that point is reached, they’ll give it their all. percent.

Given the nature of both signs, it is very likely that if they get carried away with the negative part, it will be very difficult for them to forgive people and they will hold grudges for years. Although at first glance it seems that they have already overcome it, the reality may be different.

Pisces – Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio Ascendant Pisces have a good relationship with the occult. They are generally enigmatic people, with great intuition and who provoke in others a fascination that is difficult to imitate. Moreover, they generally do not have common work experiences.

In their relationships, they are a roller coaster, they are fine and at the moment everything is a drama. Although this does not prevent them from easily winning over the people around them. On the other hand, it may seem like they have a cold personality, but nothing could be further from the truth, what usually happens is that they keep their emotions under a shell until that they feel ready to show them.

If we point out anything negative, it is that they can become dangerous people, manipulating everyone who is necessary for their benefit. They may also find it difficult to maintain a stable relationship and be faithful to that special someone.

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