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If you have Ascendant in Virgo it is very likely that you feel fulfilled by activities of a mental nature. You are a person who stands out for your pragmatism and methodical character and, for this reason, you often have greater efficiency and skill at work. Being an earth sign, the Ascendant in Virgo seeks to put this acquired knowledge into practice, so that it can be applied to something tangible and real.

However, this often makes you too demanding and critical of yourself and others. You like everything to be ordered and to follow a specific methodology and if something doesn’t go as perfectly as you wanted, you might get angry. But this passion for perfection also has its positive side and that is that it is closely linked to your ability to perceive small details that others generally do not detect.

Ascendant in Virgo: learn to manage imperfection

Most Virgo ascendants tend to be people who care about their health and lifestyle. Many people with this type of ascendant direct their attention to the physical body and its proper development, but this should not lead to an unhealthy obsession that can lead to pathologies such as hypochondria. And it is that perfection is really found in balance.

In the area of ​​the couple, the Ascendant in Virgo can be attracted to people who consume their energy, if you are in a relationship you should try to get rid of all the bad thoughts that come from the fact that your partner is not ” Perfect”. ” enough or who does not share your vision of order.

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Although in general the Ascendants in Virgo must learn to be more flexible and this is when Pisces appears in the Descendant, since it encourages Virgo to relax and be more compassionate with the rest, fluidity and spontaneity of Pisces helps Virgo because it is not so rigid with its obsession with order and exactness, and it is that the Ascendant in Virgo must learn to manage imperfection in order to lead a healthier and more healthy life. in harmony with the rest.

The Ascendant in Virgo compared to the signs of the zodiac

Generally, with this sign in the Ascendant, you tend to have a critical and detailed attitude, aware of everything around you and examining each situation in detail.

Aries – Virgo Ascendant

This combination of signs is somewhat contradictory, given the know-how and caution of Virgo and the impatience and recklessness of Aries. Virgo endows Aries with a certain amount of common sense, which helps many of their initiatives to be planned, ordered, and executed correctly.

Professionally, these people are usually highly respected by all their colleagues due to their cordial treatment and good performance. Normally they excel in jobs that require a certain technique, although this does not prevent them from being able to succeed in any type of work thanks to their resistance and determination. Moreover, these are people who cannot stay idle for long.

On the love side, they are generally very demanding and able to see the faults of others from a league away; Even going so far as to cause them problems for not keeping silent about what they think; Because of this, they usually don’t get involved in a relationship easily.

If we point out anything negative about the Ascendant in Virgo with Aries as a sun sign, it would probably be how easily they become workaholics. These are people who don’t know how to relax and usually cover more than they can handle. They are usually stressed and given such a contradictory combination, they may also face various internal conflicts to resolve.

Taurus – Ascending Virgo

Taurus with Virgo Ascendant are generally rational people, very practical and very demanding of themselves. Thanks to Virgo, the Taurus relaxes and is able to better accept changes, also lending itself to new experiences.

In the workplace, they tend to focus more on anything that involves mental work. They like to work on ambitious projects and study how to carry them out so that they succeed.

In a relationship, these are people who tend to behave elegantly and very affectionately with their love; However, for this to happen, the other person must have earned it since they will only show this facet when they feel safe.

On the negative side, they can become very arrogant people, always boasting about knowledge even if they don’t really possess it. They can also be very skeptical of any beliefs.

Gemini – Virgo Ascendant

People who are Gemini and who have the Ascendant in Virgo are people with many contrasts and who stand out for their particularity. It’s a combination constantly questioned, while one side seeks the practicality of everything, the other side seeks the most abstract part of the concepts.

At work, there is a strong ambition for success; Moreover, thanks to the combination of the two signs, with the attention to detail of Virgo and the mental speed of Gemini, it is very likely that it will not be difficult to achieve the proposed goals.

In the area of ​​relationships, the difficulty in managing emotions stands out. They can become extremely demanding people and this makes it difficult in the long run to be with someone.

Finally, they are people who must not let themselves be carried away by the obsession with things; Focusing exclusively on work and the ambition to succeed and evolve can become overwhelming. It can also cause them to be overly critical of themselves and others, which can create some enmities.

Cancer – Ascending Virgo

People born under the combination of these signs are usually very careful people with their family and friends. there is a particular concern for their safety and well-being and they are people who know how to maintain a friendship.

In the workplace, Virgo’s meticulousness combines with Cancer’s cooperation, making them highly organized and empathetic people, which contributes to the happiness of the people they interact with at work (co-workers, clients, students, etc.).

In romantic relationships, it can be people who find it difficult to start one, because they are usually very shy. Of course, once they dare to take the plunge or find the right person, they are both demanding and caring and affectionate with that special someone.

In the emotional sphere, there is a negative part, because Virgo’s extremism for perfection can cause these people to take all their emotional frustrations with the rest.

Leo – Virgo Ascendant

Those born under the Sun sign of Leo and with the Ascendant in Virgo tend to show a more methodical approach to things than other Leos. With this particular astrological combination, they have a more refined practicality, which is beneficial in meeting the demands of daily life. They are introspective individuals who enjoy their solitude and privacy.

Being more methodical and analytical can do better than others at work, however, lion pride can show up and make it a problem to climb professional positions.

In their relationships, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and they are also very demanding with what they seek; Until they’re convinced the person is the right one, they don’t get too emotionally involved.

Finally, if they are neglected, the worst of both worlds can arise: the strong self-criticism of Virgo with the excessive pride of the lion, which can lead to certain difficulties in establishing fruitful relationships with others.

Virgo – Ascending Virgo

By having the Sun sign the same sign as the Ascendant, this combination reinforces all Virgo archetypes, good and bad. In other words, they are going to be extremely perfectionist and rational people. In this sense, they are down to earth and not too idealistic: they know what they can aspire to.

In the professional field, they are very hardworking people who do not consider a project finished until it has reached the required perfection quotas. In addition, they generally do not allow themselves to be helped by anyone because they consider that they are not going to do better, that is, they do not know how to delegate and this can be negative on many occasions. .

In relationships, they can be very suspicious people and must be very sure of the relationship to get involved; For this reason, it is not uncommon for them to be single for a long time.

Finally, their obsession with details can be their downfall and that is that they can focus excessively on things that are not so important, which wastes a lot of their time.

Libra – Virgo Ascending

People born under this combination of signs are very practical and like to be helpful to others. Libra can help Virgo not be so obsessed with things and focus on the happy medium.

In their profession, they are generally very hardworking and seek to achieve financial independence as quickly as possible. The problem is that Libra can opt for one side and get carried away with their self-criticism and demands.

In their relationships, they are very committed and faithful people. They are not great adventurers, they are simply looking for a “traditional” life, in the sense of sharing their experiences with a person and growing with them.

However, as was the case before, if they get carried away by Virgo’s demands, it can be very difficult for them to find a suitable partner. They can also get carried away by greed and end up financially struggling.

Scorpio – Ascending Virgo

The malice of the Scorpio allows the Ascendant in Virgo to openly say what he thinks and this is something that can be beneficial for his personal relationships, because unlike other people, he has no problem communicating what he thinks and feels, even if it’s things the listener doesn’t like.

This combination is ideal for investigative work because Scorpio’s intuition meets Virgo’s attention to detail, making these people excellent problem solvers.

In their work, they are usually very decisive and responsible; and they always look for the root of problems and don’t rest until they are solved.

In their relationships, they are usually quite closed, but once they open up to someone, they are very loyal and devoted.

If we look at the dark side of this combination, they can be very manipulative and uncritical; they can be considered as the carriers of the absolute truth and will try to impose it by all means.

Sagittarius – Virgo Ascendant

Sagittarius, who has his Ascendant in Virgo, puts his family first. As with other signs, people with this combination face conflicting facets: they combine the attention to detail and practicality of Virgo with the idealism of Sagittarius, which can give them a very particular view of life. things.

They are also distinguished by great mental capacity, which can help them progress quickly in the workplace; However, they are people who prioritize their family above all else and the work they will do will always be in line with the stability of their family.

They are emotionally reserved people and have many moral and ethical concerns; It can make it difficult for them to find a suitable partner, but once they do, they will share all their secrets with her.

If we have to highlight something negative, this passion for family can cause them to fall into an abyss, because they can be dragged away by ill-intentioned parents so that they cannot develop their proposed ideals.

Capricorn – Virgo Ascendant

Capricorns with Virgo Ascendant are usually very hard-working people who don’t hesitate to develop the skills they excel in, and even find their calling in the process.

These are people who, in the workplace, tend to prefer to work for themselves, because they can’t stand being ordered by someone less qualified than them. Also, since they have great abilities and abilities, they usually have no problem looking for a job and if they find their true passion on top of that, they will have no problem putting in all the hours that work required.

In their relationships, they are very selective people and they don’t want to waste time with mundane relationships; although if they find someone worth it, they have no problem showing all their affection and devotion.

If we point out anything negative, it’s that they can become too obsessed with work, even living to work and not working to live. They can also become overly judgmental, which makes it difficult for them to take an interest in someone.

Aquarius – Virgo Ascending

This particular combination of signs clashes Aquarius’ desire for freedom and escapades with Virgo’s need for stability, establishing a particular scenario.

This clash of personalities makes them the ideal employee in the eyes of any company, because they are generally very organized and methodical people who know how to express themselves wonderfully and bring original ideas.

In their relationships, they can be business prone and dislike commitment. In this sense, they can be very unloving and quite introverted people, although they have an exceptional and particular spirit, they can become very difficult emotionally, which makes a relationship difficult.

On the other hand, their nature makes them easily stressed and they always seek to be busy.

PIscis – Virgo Ascendant

People who have Pisces and their Ascendant in Virgo in their sun sign are very balanced people since they combine the prudence and organization of Virgo with the empathy and sensitivity of Pisces; this leads to a robust and confident personality.

At work, they can excel in the creative field and they know how to behave very well with their colleagues and those around them. They have the ability to know how to manage and lead groups of people.

For this combination of signs, being in a couple is necessary; Moreover, when they are engaged, they devote themselves body and soul to that special person, giving them their full attention and interest.

Finally, if there is something negative to point out about this union, it is that they can become very prejudiced people. They can be carried away by the first appearances without getting to know the person. Also, due to their outlook with their partner, they may be prone to toxic relationships, something they need to be very careful with.

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