Ascending in Cancer: the emotion of the zodiac

This Ascendant is very particular, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is strongly linked to emotions, motherhood, etc. The Ascendant in Cancer is also very well described by the nature of the crab, just as these crustaceans, people with Cancer Ascendant, quickly take refuge in their shell when they deem it necessary.

Their way of moving and approaching situations is similar to these, avoiding conflict as much as possible. Likewise, just as crabs are not exclusively aquatic animals, but often come to the surface of the earth, Cancer Ascendants also follow this rhythm, changing their situation and environment when necessary.

These people must learn to understand their own rhythms; although this can be positive since understanding these allows them to be in tune with the cyclical nature of life.

However, all is not in Cancer flight and retreat, the crab, when it is on the point of catching something with its claws, does not release anything until it is absolutely necessary. Likewise, Cancer ascendants cling fervently to their feelings (whether positive or not) and won’t let go until another, stronger feeling gets in the way.

Cancer rising: trapped in your emotions

Feelings and emotions are the basic characteristics of this type of Ascendant; as well as security research. However, a Cancerian Ascendant who tries to relate to others will most likely see the other’s negative emotions assimilated. The instinct of these people tells them that they must take care of the rest, give them shelter, security and tranquility.

Being overly empathetic with others can make them believe that the negative feeling they perceive is their own, and so they try to rejoice in past positive emotions, anchoring themselves in the past. The Ascendant in Cancer must know very well how to distinguish where these emotions come from and that they do not stagnate in the beautiful memories of the past

On the other hand, this empathy allows them to have a great perception of the environment. Of course, given the close relationship with the Moon, these people generally see themselves identified with the archetype of the mother and act, on many occasions, as such in front of others. This can leave them overwhelmed and overwhelmed, unable to achieve the sense of security they seek. They may be looking for a relationship that offers them that security and stability.

The Descendant of Cancer is Capricorn, this will help them to compensate for their extremes, helping them not to be overwhelmed by this barrage of emotions. Capricorn can help them distinguish which emotions are necessary and helpful and which only cause pain.

This Ascendant sign can have a great influence on people’s personality given its intimate relationship with feelings and emotions.

Aries – Cancer ascendant

This combination of signs can clash a bit with each other, given Aries’ strong initiative and Crab’s tendency to avoid conflict and wait for something to happen before acting. This is why your life can be full of ups and downs.

This type of people like to go to social events and gather friends or family members from various and different backgrounds (social, professional, family…).

In the workplace, they are usually focused and do their best to succeed in their projects. Regardless of what they do, if they can see the right side to stand on, they can achieve what they set out to do.

In the realm of love, they will put their dignity above all else and may cause some conflict. Although they are people who stand out for their generosity, empathy and protection towards others.

If we point out anything negative, it’s that they can be heavily influenced by family; manage to manipulate them if necessary. Cancer Ascendants may give up their ambitions to fulfill the wishes of their loved ones. In some cases, they may have to choose between family or work; give up one to keep the other.

Taurus – Cancer rising

People with this combination of signs tend to value their friends very much, seeing them as part of the family. In addition, Taurus with Cancer Ascendant are individuals with a lot of solidarity and empathy; To see that reflected in the relationships he has.

In the workplace, they can succeed through this friendly and empathetic approach to others; They know how to treat people very well and that is rewarded. If you work hard on your projects, you can easily reap a lot of success.

In love, they generally have very strong feelings, although they attach great importance to freedom. Independence and trust will be key emotions in your relationships. Sin embargo, son personas que pueden tender a tomar decisions erróneas y debido a esto, en muchas ocasiones, por su falta de inactividad y toma de decisions, se pueden pasar muchos años infelices por el miedo a que algo salga mal (aunque ya esté mal in itself).

Emotion and sensitivity are the biggest difficulties for these people and can even cause psychosomatic problems.

Gemini – Cancer Ascendant

Geminis with Cancer rising are generally people with great communication skills. However, this mixture of signs leads to a Gemini that we are not used to according to the typical archetype; This one is more introspective, he usually listens to everyone and gives advice, focusing less on himself and more on the rest.

For these people, the most important thing in their professional development is finding a job where they can unleash their full creativity and feel comfortable and at ease with what they do and with whom they relate. However, they may have a lack of self-esteem that prevents them from developing their full potential.

In general, these people are much more sensitive and empathetic than those of their sign, in love they need to feel safe and valued and it is easy for them to become attached to their partner. Although, in general, they are people who like complex relationships.

On the negative side, they tend to hide and hide from any problems, the fear of exposing themselves often leads to a certain emotional inhibition which promotes the isolation of these people from the world.

Cancer – Cancer on the rise

When this combination of signs occurs, the typical characteristics of the crab are reinforced. These people are the most caring, empathetic and protective of the entire zodiac.

Cancerians with Cancer rising experience emotions in a very intense and particular way, which also allows them to be very perceptive of the emotions of others.

In the workplace, they are generally not very competitive people. They tend to find a comfortable position in which they don’t have to work too hard but give them enough to settle in without worry.

In their relationships, they tend to idealize their partner, moving away from reality. Not only that, but they also tend to give in to their loved one’s wishes quickly.

From the negative point of view, the negative feelings of this sign come out with great force, which is a challenge for them. They get carried away by their emotions in the situations they live, whether negative or positive, it makes them somewhat unstable and implies a lack of emotional control in their life.

Leo – Cancer Ascendant

Leos with Cancer Ascendant are generally very protective of their loved ones; one could even say that they are the watchman who watches the door of their houses. They stand out not only for this, but also because they are great lovers of luxury and like to share it with their closest friends. For them, their loved ones are a big priority in their life and they like them to feel that way, showering them with protection and gifts.

For them, it will therefore be a priority to have financial stability which gives them a certain security. They need to have access to economic resources to be able to live as they wish and if they do not have them, they will look for a way to find them quickly.

In the workplace, they are people who like to face new knowledge and new projects. Thanks to the characteristics of the lion, they are enterprising people with a great fighting spirit.

In love they can become very jealous and dominating with their partner, sometimes it seems that more than a partner to share with, they are looking for an object to possess.

Continuing with some negative traits, it emerges the fact that for them, often social status and material possessions are what they rely on to value people, getting carried away by appearances.

Virgo – Cancer ascendant

Virgo people with a Cancer rising have a great ability to communicate with others. The imagination brought by Cancer to the Ascendant, along with Virgo’s great talent for communication and detail, can lead to great intelligence and attention to detail.

These people tend to have good social skills as they develop an interest in having many relationships and are also good at creating a pleasant environment when dealing with people.

In love, they are usually very focused on the family. They are usually the ideal type of people to build a strong marriage and family. At first they can be shy and cut off, but if you get to know them completely they are usually very attractive people.

As a negative aspect, it appears that these people generally find it difficult to distinguish the positive from the negative since they are very easily influenced by their environment.

Libra – Cancer Ascendant

The union of Libra with the Ascendant in Cancer supposes the union of the most affectionate and expressive signs of the zodiac. This combination is usually a big hit in the relationships of people who have it.
Although these people seek stability above all else; raise a family and live at home. It will be absolutely necessary for their safety to find what is described here from an early age.

In the rest of the social relations, they will be very balanced people who know how to order and mediate if necessary.

However, if anything negative about them needs to be pointed out, it’s the fact that they tend to act like “moms” and “dads” in their relationships, which can lead to frustration in the couple. Also, they tend to be very victimized and project their mistakes onto others.

Scorpio – Cancer Ascendant

It is the union of two water signs, which reinforces the typical characteristics of this element, such as sensitivity. People with this combination should stop to think and consider every opportunity that presents itself to find out what really interests them and thus get to know themselves.

At work, they may not evolve as they would like because often, given the nature of Scorpio, they tend to be pessimistic because they are people who think too much about things.

The way they offer their affection is closely related to their understanding of creativity and their artistic interests. This means that in their relationships they normally have no limits when it comes to focusing on their partner, however, they are usually not very permissive people.

Highlighting a negative aspect, these people tend to confuse passion and love and find it difficult to maintain a stable and lasting relationship.

Sagittarius – Cancer rising

Sagittarians with Cancer Ascendant are people who have great intuition and are also very good at practical work. These people are protected when they are confident and confident in their abilities and ability to do the job.

It fills them with pride to know that they are useful to the rest of the people around them. They are very focused and place a lot of importance on hard work.

They are quite sane so they like to start a family. However, sometimes their desire to be loved can lead them to make bad decisions that they may regret.

Given their commitment to work, they can become too focused on it, even damaging their health and relationships. They also tend to blame others even when they make the same mistakes.

Capricorn – Cancer Ascendant

This combination of signs complements each other. Cancer’s sensitivity joins disciplined Capricorn, making the latter less cold than usual and more grateful to a partner in his life.

They are people who place great importance on commitments and their fulfillment. In love, they will prefer to share their life with mature people whom they know they can trust.

Being serious, responsible and honest people, they are looking for the same thing in a relationship and they want their relationships to be lasting and last over time.

At work, you may be involved in several projects at the same time; They are independent and very responsible.

If we point out anything negative, it’s that they’re usually very conservative and rigid. It’s possible they’re enduring a relationship that should have ended years ago for lack of affection, because keeping it going out of tradition and commitment seems like the right thing to do.

Aquarius – Cancer Rising

People under this influence are usually very protective of their loved ones. However, these two signs require a great effort to be able to understand each other and for everything to flow naturally. Cancer doesn’t have to be so Cancer and Aquarius doesn’t have to be so Aquarius.

This can sometimes cause them to tend towards a certain imbalance; Although they can be very rational people, it is very likely that on many occasions they get carried away more than by reason by the intuition that Cancer brings.

In the workplace, these are usually people who do very well in jobs that have some influence in society or are connected to it.

In love, they like to keep their independence, although when they fall in love, they give everything for their relationship and don’t come close to anything.

Finally, if it is necessary to underline a negative aspect, it is that they tend to be easily influenced by the others.

Pisces – Cancer Ascendant

People who are Pisces with a Cancer rising are usually extremely sensitive, romantic and dreamy. Moreover, they like to learn new things and are constantly learning.

In the workplace, they are generally more ambitious than an average Pisces. They tend to be success-seeking fighters and don’t give up until they’ve achieved it. Above all, they achieve their goals at a later stage in their life, since it is there that they manage to gather all the tools and knowledge necessary to be able to succeed in their field of work.

Love is very important to them and they enjoy sharing moments with their family. They tend to be very amorous.

As a negative aspect, his influential and innocent character stands out. Often, they make the movie they want to see while the reality is different, which can cause them to face a lot of disappointments.

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