Ascendant in Leo: an overwhelming force

The Ascendant in Leo is the most optimistic of all the zodiac, he also knows how to make the most of the opportunities offered to him, which makes him an Ascendant capable of achieving practically any goal he sets himself. fixed.

Another of the typical characteristics of the Leo Ascendant is the need to show their individuality and to assert themselves, as well as to express their creativity. The lion seeks to stand out and be out of the ordinary; he wants to be a full individual.

Although this can lead, on many occasions, people under this astrological sign to believe that they should be treated like royalty, being able to be consumed by their own ego. They will need to work actively to earn the respect and status they feel they deserve, and not get angry because they don’t get what they want instantly. There may be many times when they don’t try to do something for fear of failing.

Which house the Sun is in will, to some extent, determine how the Ascendant in Leo can find and discover their own identity. This will be where you look for the characteristics that make it up.

Ascending in Leo: learning to manage your ego

Leo’s ego can be very strong and powerful; They are also often very theatrical and dramatic people. For this reason, if the Ascendant in Leo gets carried away by what surrounds him, being “manipulated” by the outside with which he is in contact, he can very easily get lost in all that exalts him or magnifies.

However, if this happens, it’s not really the person who is being praised, so you’ll have the constant feeling that something is missing or that everything you’re doing isn’t enough.

The person with the Leo Ascendant must learn that as long as praise comes from outside or their fame, wealth or notoriety comes from others, they will never be truly happy or reach their potential, because these circumstances can serve as a magnifying glass for the ego, live on unreal illusions.

The lion must learn to manage his ego and know that if he really wants to succeed and flourish, he must focus on himself, earn his place in the world and not let this selfish side take over him. You need to cultivate a healthy sense of your power, authority, and worth.

On the other hand, with Leo in the Ascendant we have Aquarius in the Descendant, this means that he will be able to find himself in many situations with other people where the lion finds it necessary to consider life from a different angle than his own. His individuality can continue to be maintained, though he must learn to live with the rest of the individualities in the world.

The Ascendant in Leo compared to the signs of the zodiac

This sign in the Ascendant can indicate great energy and resistance, although this largely depends on the Sun sign it is in combination with.

Aries – Leo Ascendant

People with this combination of signs tend to have great fervor for everything they do. Aries and Leo are two fire signs, with a lot of power, which makes them reinforce each other, reinforcing the enterprising face of the ram thanks to the high self-esteem of the lion.

Given the nature of both, they tend to be people with high self-esteem, which is reflected in how others view them. They are distinguished in particular by their conviviality and their gallantry.

In the workplace, they stand out for their combative side, although they are very likely to be people who easily lose their minds if they don’t get what they want instantly. The lion’s ego is often a problem in this area, to the point that his personality can interfere with his career if he gets carried away by his pride and the need to be recognized.

In love, they are generally very sentimental, although they generally do not express themselves emotionally very well. In any case, they are very protective and, once in love, they are 100% involved in the relationship, giving their all.

If there’s anything negative to point out about this combination, it’s definitely how vain and arrogant they can be. They tend to feel like a fundamental part of wherever they are, lecturing (whether they’re right or not) about what they deem necessary. This can lead to toxic and controlling attitudes.

Ascendant Taurus – Leo

Taurus with Leo Ascendant tends to live in a constant search for what is pleasant and beautiful. The bull is influenced by the character of the lion, being a combination that pursues success at all times, both professionally and personally. They are people who like to enjoy good status and social prestige.

At work, as I mentioned, they seek success, even if they do not take action and actively strive for it, they could waste a large part of their career, which will result by great disappointments. These are people who must seek balance between the two parties.

They are very passionate and romantic people, in addition, they like to woo and be wooed. If they love someone, they will try to win them over at all costs.

Its negative points are the waste that Taurus makes, influenced by the luxury that the Ascendant in Leo demands; as well as this lack of proactivity, despite the search for success, which prevents them from achieving it.

Gemini – Leo Ascendant

Geminis with Leo Ascendant, as a rule, tend to be very outgoing and communicative people. Normally, they are always looking for new things to do and they stand out for their wide variety of vocations. Their nature is communicative and they like to share and exchange ideas, for this reason they tend to listen and value all the positions and arguments that surround them.

Professionally, they are interested in many different fields and backgrounds and can be successful in any. The real problem lies in the difficulty they have in really concentrating on any trade.

In the field of love, they are generally people with a particular attraction; very attractive and, in addition, they have no trouble making friends. When they fall in love, they try to be with this person by all means, and if their love accepts, they commit to the end.

If there’s anything negative to point out, it’s that people with this type of combination can very easily get carried away by their ego, belittle others’ opinions, and try to manipulate and influence their thinking.

Cancer – Leo Ascendant

People with this combination are usually very affectionate and familiar, with great empathy and understanding. When the crab meets the lion, he puts all his effort into helping those in need in a genuine way.

Likewise, Cancerians with Ascendant in Leo are very idealistic and ambitious, which leads them to plan many projects in the field of work and instil great optimism in them.

In the romantic, these are people who give off a lot of intensity; when they love someone, they are extremely loyal and seek to fulfill the ideal lover archetype. However, reaching this point is difficult because it will take a lot of effort for your partner to feel truly loved and committed to the relationship.

Of course, this combination also has its negative side: the theatrical lion meets the sentimental crab, making them people who magnify all their emotions and turn the slightest touch into tragedy. It is also possible for the opposite to happen, which is that they withdraw and share nothing with the rest of the world, isolating themselves emotionally.

Leo – Leo Ascendant

Leos with Ascendant in Leo see the typical Leo characteristics enhanced, which is why they are usually people of great vitality, confident and tend to stand out and surprise everyone they meet. In addition, they have great leadership qualities.

At work, they are usually strongly motivated by this need to be recognized, which normally leads them to develop valuable skills for their performance. They tend to be optimistic and self-confident people who can handle any obstacle they encounter in performing their job.

In the affective sphere, they are very affectionate and protective people. They also need to be recognized and valued within their relationship. Sometimes they are even more looking for an admirer than someone who is in the same position.

On the other hand, Leos Ascendant Leo can get carried away by their bossy and selfish side, especially if they occupy positions of power.

Virgo – Leo Ascendant

These people tend to be, in general, less frugal than the usual Virgo, because they are influenced by the desire to spend of the Ascendant in Leo; Even so, they are usually not completely enticed by the lion’s excesses. Normally they are people with great ambitions and with great responsibility in everything they do.

At work, this combination of signs has a lot of resources and is distinguished, above all, by a wide range of intellectual abilities. They tend to be perfectionists and don’t like to face failure at all. There may be times when you feel an inner confrontation, the lion’s vanity and need for recognition may clash with Virgo’s humility.

Romantically, the Leo Ascendant with the Virgo sun sign tends to be less demanding in their relationships. They tend to be more courageous and determined than the common Vigo, being able to take on the dominant role in the relationship. If they love someone, they can go out of their way to try to win them over.

On the negative side, this clash between the personalities of Virgo and Leo stands out above all; the first is a convinced saver, while the second is a born spender. This can generate a certain discomfort in the person, not knowing how to manage this duality which is preparing inside. This usually leads to people who are quite indecisive and changeable. This same situation can also occur with regard to self-esteem, having moments of high self-esteem and very low or no self-esteem.

Libra – Leo Ascendant

Libras with Leo Ascendant are generally very sociable by nature. Normally, they are very accessible and open people with everyone, which makes it easy for them to build relationships.

They are part of the astrological combinations with a good balance, moreover, Libras with Ascendant in Leo generally tend to be interested in learning intellectual matters from an early age.

When it comes to romance, this Libra is more confident and determined than the average Libra. They are very passionate people who, thanks to their social skills, stand out for their seductive side and their great appeal.

If it were necessary to highlight something negative, it would undoubtedly be that the balance was unbalanced for one of the two signs; being able to lose both common sense and the elegance that usually characterizes Libras.

Ascendant Scorpio – Leo

This combination of signs, Scorpio with the Ascendant in Leo, is distinguished mainly by its stubbornness, magnetism and stubbornness. They are also often people who genuinely care about the well-being of their loved ones.

At work, they have a lot of energy and strength to invest in their work. They are usually ambitious people who are always looking for a good challenge and new ideas to apply in their field. They will fight until the end to achieve their ends.

In love, they are great conquerors, nobody and nothing can stop them once someone enters their head. They have total devotion to their partner and need an intense sexual emotional life to be comfortable in the relationship. Although in front of the rest of the people they may seem a little cold, their weak point is in their love, because they will do everything possible to please whatever he asks of them.

The negative of Scorpio with Ascendant in Leo is that they tend to be quite authoritarian, therefore they usually don’t listen to other people’s opinions or advice. They can be very passionate which sometimes brings them complications.

It’s easy for these people to become too obsessed with something and even destroy a part of their life (their job, their partner, their friends…) because of a momentary burst of passion.

Sagittarius Ascendant – Leo

Sagittarians with the Leo Ascendant are generally big-hearted, kind people with the necessary self-esteem. They are normally affectionate and kind, they like to make others happy. They will offer protection to their entire close social circle and try to please them because it is something that comes from their hearts.

If we talk about work, people under these signs do everything possible to find their true calling. They tend to be good communicators and, in general, can stand out with multiple talents; however, if left unrecognized, they quickly become discouraged and can quickly abandon any task they are doing.

Through Cupid’s Valleys, they are usually very emotional and loving people. It is a very important part of their life; they like to love and be loved.

If we point out anything negative, it’s that they’re usually the most vain people in the whole zodiac. Sometimes they are narcissistic and tend to show off their love affairs. And if life allows, they may never take any responsibility and lose themselves in the pleasures of life.

Capricorn – Leo Ascendant

Capricorns with the Leo Ascendant are normally responsible and determined people, they know how to manage their life and everything that surrounds them very well. His strong will also stands out.

At work, they have a lot of self-esteem and pass on convictions to those around them. For this reason, normally when they have a goal in mind, they usually achieve it. Additionally, they have good social skills and great attention to detail. If they know how to use their resources well, they can obtain a recognized professional position.

In love, they are charismatic and ambitious; they like to run the show in their relationships. They tend to be quite authoritarian (impose their order) but they also know how to recognize that it is fair or not.

The downside to this combination is that they can become overly judgmental and tyrannical. When they don’t properly focus their qualities, they can wreak havoc.

Aquarius – Leo Ascendant

Leo Rising with Aquarius Sun sign combines the high self-esteem of Leo with the creativity of Aquarius. They have ironclad ideals and they like to pass them on. They tend to know how to assert themselves and make their opinions heard by others with respect, even admiration.

In the field of work, they must stand out and occupy important positions. Although they are partially altruistic, they also tend to have an egocentric part; They need recognition from others to feel calm. They tend to be good leaders.

In relationships, they always look for good company. They like to indulge in social pleasures. The ideal couple of these individuals is generally the one who is not submissive; they also tend to seek out the typical Aquarius ideal partner, namely friendly love.

The great fault of Aquarius with the Ascendant in Leo is undoubtedly their difficulty in accepting any type of criticism; Moreover, they are usually jealous and taxing people. When someone ignores them, they can easily get carried away.

Pisces – Leo Ascendant

People with a Pisces Sun sign and Leo Ascendant tend to have great empathy, and they are also attractive and seductive to those who fall into their network.

It also highlights his great imaginative power and his “animal” intuition. Given the protective personality of Leo and the saving facet of Pisces, carriers of these signs will assume the protection of those they love. Protecting them against winds and tides against all possible setbacks.

Professionally, they usually have business flair, and their personal magnetism can easily lead them to positions of responsibility or power. If they know how to take advantage of their charisma, they can easily shine in their career. Although to achieve this they will have to prepare thoroughly and give one hundred percent.

In their relationships, they can have both selfish and altruistic points with those they love. However, with their romantic partner, they are generally attentive and generous.

Finally, to point out something negative about Pisces with Ascendant in Leo, it should be said that they can become very vain and self-centered people. They will crave attention at all costs and this can get them in a lot of trouble.

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