Full Moon in Capricorn: It Works

full moon capricorn 2023

Hi guys!!! Happy Full Moon! In which house of your natal chart is the 11th degree of Capricorn located? What planets or cusps does it activate? This is where something we sowed on December 23 bears fruit.

Under the influence of Mercury and Jupiter, on this July 3 full moon, there could be messages or exchanges that facilitate, support and ensure our progress in a realm of experience where we have felt limited for years. .

Here are some topics related to this Full Moon. How have the past six months been?

✊Overcome obstacles
👵Age, vital progress and maturity
🎯Concrete realistic options
🙋Define our role
🤝 Assume commitments that guarantee stability
🙌Management of work, time, support, skills and competences
🏅Results and recognitions

🔑 Legitimacy

Moreover, this lunation strongly involves the three planets of the mind: Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus.

Observe your state of mind. What do you need to regulate your internal dialogue in a healthy way? 🧘‍♀️ What is your base? What strategies help you disconnect from sources of overload and stress?

Your life is now.

Don’t put it off, no matter how important those things you tell yourself you *should* do may seem. If you need a better balance between your care and your other responsibilities, now it will show!

What commitments can you make, what healthy boundaries can you set, so that your lifestyle is also mentally and emotionally sustainable?

I also tell you that by popular demand, and after some time where I had to solve some technical problems, my audios are now available in Spotify, where you can find me and follow me if you feel like it. There I left you this short audio on the Full Moon, also available on Youtube. 💖

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