Libra Ascendant: the most sociable?

People with the Libra Ascendant are generally people who leave a good first impression and tend to stand out for their sense of justice and fairness. Thanks to the balance, they are generally fairly balanced people who know how to manage the rest and excel in maintaining social relations.

The Ascendant in Libra tends to opt for the search for balance, which can sometimes cause the scales to position themselves more on one side than on the other. This can make them quite indecisive with decision making in many circumstances.

It will be almost obligatory for those born under this Ascendant to have ideals and values ​​that allow them to carefully weigh each decision in order to achieve this desired balance.

Libra Rising: pleasing others

On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for them to stand out when it comes to socializing, as they often seek to please others and strive to leave that good impression. It also allows them to generally adapt very easily to each person and each situation without too many complications.

The negative side of this is that they often know very well how to manipulate people and can use it to their advantage. The reverse can also happen and although they tend to be very social people, depending on their situation and the rest of the letter, it is possible that they are the opposite, that is, they withdraw and don’t know how to treat people right.

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Even so, having a stable partner is something very important for this Ascendant. However, you may face a challenge; if he is with an Aries type person (very egocentric) the Libra Ascendant must learn to assert himself and demand fairness and justice so that he does not eat it. Although they have no problem letting you know if they don’t like something.

As a general rule, with this sign in the Ascendant, one generally seeks to please everyone as much as possible. There is also a need to establish lasting and meaningful relationships.

Aries – Libra Ascendant

People born under the sign of Aries with the Libra Ascendant are generally passionate people who, given the influence of balance, tirelessly seek a partner who brings them the balance and calm they need.

Aries emotion is appeased by the need to balance the scales, for this very reason these people tend to be more moderate than a common Aries, but with a strong sense of justice and upholding lofty ideals.

In the workplace, they are usually collaborative people who are distinguished by the initiative of Aries and who have good communication skills thanks to Libra.

When these people find a stable partner, they go out of their way and sacrifice themselves for him; and they always seek to be immersed in a relationship; If for some reason they break up with their current partner, they should get back together as soon as possible.

If we have to value anything negative in this combination, it is undoubtedly the search for the approval of others, leading them to prioritize and value the opinions of others more than their own.

It is also possible that they find themselves stuck in a relationship that is of no use to them for fear of not being able to find another one in the future.

Taurus – Libra Ascendant

Those born under the sign of Taurus with Libra Ascendant seek a balance of pleasure and comfort. The balance part offers them the emotional and sensitive side that they need to mix with the practical and logical and stubborn part of the earthly bull.

Moreover, the double influence of Venus (mistress of Libra and Taurus) makes them particularly affectionate and sensitive people. Although they will be very interested in the practice and seek to be safe and settled in all areas of their lives.

In their profession, they generally have no problem adapting to anything that comes their way. They tend to be steady and dedicated workers, and the need for stability drives them to fight to do their job well.

In the realm of passion, they seek to be accepted and loved as they do. They are very loyal people and they love romance.

Finally, highlighting something negative, it is possible that in the search for acceptance they do not find a stable partner and give in to lust, jumping “from flower to flower” and looking there for acceptance that they don’t get anywhere else.

Gemini – Libra Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant in Libra are generally people who are very interested in the whole intellectual field. They are in constant search of knowledge and generally tend to be people of great culture.

At work they are usually very creative and this is reinforced by this culture as this intelligence and background that they usually have helps them to think of new ideas.

In their relationships, they are usually very captivating and know what words to say at the right time. They enjoy interacting with many different types of people and have no problem changing their surroundings. this can make it difficult for them to find a stable partner, also because they may simply not be looking for one.

Geminis with the Ascendant in Libra do not support possessive people because they value their freedom and independence above all; For this reason, commitment can also be difficult for them. On the other hand, they can often misuse their intellect and use it for evil purposes.

Cancer – Libra Ascending

Cancer people with the Libra Ascendant have the best of both worlds: the sociability and reconciliation of balance with the empathy, affection and sensitivity of the crab. They tend to be very cautious people with others and care a lot about the safety and comfort of their family.

In their work, they are generally very responsible and seek recognition and validation of what they do; Moreover, they are usually very responsible.

In Cupid’s domains, they can be very seductive, although they are also distinguished by their strong indecisiveness in all decisions that involve their partner. Even so, they yearn to find that special someone to start a family to care for.

Finally, if we point out anything negative, it is that they may become excessively dependent on their partner; both financially and emotionally.

Leo – Libra Ascendant

Leos with Libra Ascendant tend to be very blunt with their words, although they don’t do it with bad intentions. They generally find it easy to relate to others as they are generally very polite when dealing with people

In the field of work, they are very hardworking and honest and have a great ability to solve problems.

In the affective sphere we find lights and shadows, on the one hand they tend to be magnetic and attract many people, in addition they like the game of conquest, but, on the other hand, it makes them often approach people out of sheer interest and play, making their relationships lacking in depth.

Virgo – Libra Ascending

Those born under the sun sign of Virgo and with the Ascendant in Libra are generally much more loving people and they like to commit and spend their life with one person. The problem is that they are usually very shy and find it difficult to make a decision and take the first step.

In the workplace, they tend to prefer jobs that are mentally challenging, more introspective, and have little to do with the mainstream.

In relationships, like many Libra Ascendants, they crave the stability of a home, so if they find themselves in the situation of having a lot of love proposals, they can be overwhelmed and not sure who to choose.

Finally, if we must underline something negative, it is that they can live linked to certain affective bonds which are not healthy for them; Also, given their shyness, it can be a hindrance to the development of many of their vital relationships.

Libra – Libra Ascendant

A Libra Rising Libra sees all the typical characteristics of this sign reinforced. For this reason, you will need to find an opposite to help you maintain balance. They tend to be very nice and flattering people, as well as polite. They tend to stand out for their attention to others.

At work, they stand out for their ethical commitment and honesty; They are the guarantee that a job will be carried out in the most legal way possible.

In love, they usually give everything, but not in a physical sense, because they are not distinguished by their affection; but that doesn’t mean they don’t go out of their way for their partner. Their way of showing their affection is the loyalty and respect they have for their partner.

Finally, the positive as well as the negative are reinforced. This means that if the balance becomes unbalanced, the characteristic indecision and insecurity of Libra are reinforced. Make these people very dependent on the rest.

Scorpio – Libra Ascending

Scorpios with Libra Ascendant tend to be mysterious, diplomatic, and charming people. It is a combination that strengthens Scorpio’s magnetism and makes it more sensitive and less possessive and jealous. They tend to be confident people who know what they want.

At work, they usually stand out for their business outlook and generosity to others. They are also usually people with great ambition who pursue their goals until they are achieved.

In the affective domain, they like to dominate the situation. They are passionate about the game of conquest and seduction and are generally very intense; although this intensity is mitigated by the balance of Libra, who can do this on many occasions when she has a personality conflict and is always in constant tension between reason and emotion.

On the other hand, this domination can lead to something negative since power corrupts everything and it is possible that they let themselves be carried away by it and always try to impose their position tooth and nail. Given their tendency towards this dominance, it is also very difficult for them to accept criticism and they can become very greedy people.

Sagittarius – Libra Ascendant

Sagittarians with Libra Ascendant have great mental fluidity and tend to be very refined and stylized people. They tend to have trouble starting conversations and this mental fluidity allows them to communicate wonderfully which helps them to successfully grow many businesses.

For this reason, they surely stand out more in jobs closely related to communication and creativity.

In their emotional relationships, they generally prefer freedom to commitment and they like to share their ideas and thoughts with that special someone. They need someone who can make an intellectual or creative contribution.

Finally, if we highlight anything negative, it is that they can be conceited and arrogant, flaunting their intellect in front of others. They can also err on the side of talk, resulting in tedious and heavy work.

Capricorn – Libra Ascendant

When we find ourselves in front of a Capricorn with the Ascendant in Libra, we find ourselves in front of a person who normally tends to have great maturity and emotional control very early on. They tend to be aware of their surroundings and know where the boundaries of things are set. The balance of Libra greatly helps Capricorn, which can lead to a more peaceful life.

They are usually people looking for job stability, but without stagnation, may this job help them achieve what they are looking for. They are very determined and push themselves to get the job done; they also know what they can and cannot do, which helps them tremendously when it comes to dealing with the tasks that are thrown at them.

Since it’s such a rational and established combination, she doesn’t get carried away with the emotional side. When looking for a partner, they know what they are looking for and usually don’t want big adventures.

Finally, this objectivity can become your worst enemy, since you can go from objectivity to pessimism in less than a cockcrow. If the balance gets off balance, they can project their frustrations onto others and fool themselves without seeing the real problem.

Aquarius – Libra Rise

Aquarians with the Libra Ascendant are generally people who stand out for their overall vital balance. They are remunerated in many ways. Moreover, this combination allows them to perfectly integrate and combine science with art; They are people who value the intellectual and artistic aspects of life.

Also, having Libra on the Ascendant allows these Aquarians to be much more outgoing and flirty than others. They tend to prioritize romantic relationships as an important point in their lives. Although they enter into a small contradiction since the freedom of Aquarius conflicts with the search for stability of Libra, which can make it difficult for them to find a partner that really suits them.

On the other hand, at work, they tend to stand out for their creative aspect and they tend to be very productive people in areas that enrich their lives.

Pisces – Libra Ascendant

Pisces with Libra Ascendant are generally kind and charming people. As a rule, they love life and its pleasures and tend to do everything with great enthusiasm. In addition, they also stand out for their generosity and it is that they usually lend themselves to helping others in everything they can.

Work is usually a priority in their life and they take it upon themselves to find one that they enjoy and that is in tune with them. They usually manage to find a balance between obligation and pleasure at work. In the same way, they stand out for their great performance and idealism.

On the other hand, they seek to be loved and wanted and love is a very important part of their life. However, they get carried away with what they are going to say and it can be very negative for them emotionally since a bad comment from a loved one can lead to days of sadness.

In this sense, if they don’t learn how to generate self-esteem and take care of themselves, they can spend their whole life depressed and crying.

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