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Since writing naoki urasawa, 20th Century Boys Pouchis a character who since 1999 resounded, was accepted and ratified by a wide audience.

With only 16 chapters, 20th Century Boys Mangawill succeed in surrounding you with uncertainty, a desire to find meaningful clues that give the true meaning to the Central symbology of the story.

Thus, those who from an early age have promised to assume as a trigger for possible unpleasant factsthis one will persecute them all their life to announce what will happen to them.

This manga combines reality, myth, and anime in a way unique and fascinating.

20th Century Boys Pouch

Features of 20th Century Boys manga

A series of manga full of puzzles reveal his identity. There are many hypotheses that are treated depending on what will follow them throughout their lives.

Doubtless, the word and the aspects, gain in power and importancewhen done with the belief that it will be revealed at some point.

Let’s see some of the key points of this manga:

  • Presence of pact between children
  • Identifying transcendental symbology
  • Appearances
  • challenges
  • Identification of the edges behind the symbol

Who is involved in the 20th Century Boys manga?

To give detail:

  1. Kenji Endou

It refers to the main character of the series. He has a group of peers since childhood, who in their desire to consolidate the group and acquiring commitments and covenants for lifethey must look at a symbol that will identify them from that moment on.

Kenji Endo, is a former rock singer, he is focused at this point in his life on trying to stop any episodes of catastrophic attacks which could be revealed through the common symbol.

  1. Endo Kanna

Within the family structure there will always be someone who joins in the work of believing in a principle and then acting for the common good. Endo Kannais the niece of Kenji, who, with his charisma and shrewd intelligence, manages to help in the search and identification of the code of a possible catastrophe.

  1. Ocho (Chouji Ochiai)

When it comes to cross-border loyalty, it’s here. eighthformer band member Kenji’s Juvenile He decides, thanks to his qualities as a fighter and his physical strength, to contribute to the laudable and noble cause of saving humanity from any possible danger. Her fiery and voluptuous personality and with a strong will to serve, they need to add more strategies to win.

  1. Yoshitsune (Minamoto)

This story could not miss the one who, with his computer skills, could be close to unveiling the great mystery of the symbol. Thus, thanks to his knowledge as a hacker, joins the adventure of seeing what is hidden behind the symbol.

Undoubtedly the loyalty, the camaraderie apart from the youth, continue to transcend.

  1. Maruo

He also collaborates in the mission, another old childhood friend who, despite his trauma generated as a result of so many mysteries hidden in the group, today intends to use his physical strength to contribute to the noble cause of attack.

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