Solstice in Cancer: Days of Light (June 21, 2023)


Hi guys!!! Happy Solstice!

The Sun has already entered Cancer, ruled by the Moon in Leo. πŸŒžπŸ’§πŸ•―οΈπŸ”₯πŸŒ™

The solstice represents the regeneration of time and the natural cycle, where light and dark are debated.

Today is the day when the hours of light and dark reach their maximum difference, and it is quite significant that the luminaries receive each other as the Moon grows.

A promise of light and growth for the new season!

The onset of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere marks a turning point in the solar cycle, in nature, and in our mental response.

This allows us to recognize ourselves as part of the natural ecosystem that sustains us and to offer this care to the land and waters.

Indeed, it is a tradition to light small lights and bonfires to nourish our star and thus contribute to strengthening the chain of life. πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ

Are you planning a ritual for San Juan? 🌊🍐🌿🍎

As always at the start of a season, when the Sun enters a cardinal sign, we can feel a burst of vitality and energy.

In this case, following Cancerian intuition, we could recycle energy and enjoy the flow of impulse by identifying what we feel or need, and aligning our experiences and goals with it.

Also, as always in this season of the year, we will be present, illuminating and revitalizing the Cancer, Leo and Virgo areas of our letter.

Here are some questions we will explore with the Sun’s visit to these signs:

✨ What authentic habits and experiences feed me?

✨ What do I feel like I belong to?

✨ What is my connection with the close environment?

✨ What role do I play in the environment where I live, what do I bring?

✨ What supports and protects me? What do I hold and protect?

Furthermore, this season will be led by the advances and reversals of Venus, which throughout this time will be in Leo, emphasizing the mobilization and revaluation of this area of ​​our horoscope.

We will therefore also deepen these experiences in which we put our hearts.

How you appreciate it! πŸ¦€

Here I leave you more information in audio (you can also findon Youtube). I tell you about the magic of the solstice, solar rituals and ritual ideas for San Juan, and at the end we will briefly analyze the solstice card, which will give character to the whole season.

A big hug!!!

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