They save the world’s only albino giant panda at a reserve in China

A nature reserve in China’s Sichuan province has released images of what may be the world’s only albino giant panda.

The albino panda passed by a motion-sensitive terrain camera in the mountains of China, which allowed new snapshots to be taken as no images of the panda had been taken since its release. seen when I was a puppy in 2019.

The albino panda when he was just a cub. Credit: Wolong National Nature Reserve.

Li Sheng, a professor and researcher at Peking University, said: “This individual may have been the first recorded wild all-white giant panda.”

As the Wolong National Nature Reserve reports, the sighting offers scientists and custodians the opportunity to study their health and genetic characteristics.

THE albino animals they often suffer from various diseases caused by genetic defects that result in abnormalities. The color of this specimen is due to the fact that it carries a rare genetic mutation which transforms his usual black and white fur into a unique pale cream color which covers the whole body.

The albino panda is now five or six years old and has shown no signs of any significant health issues. Know that this panda evolves without health problems This is great news, as it challenges scientists’ expectations of him.

Experts have concluded that the wild giant panda is albino because it has no spots on its body and its red eyes are unique. Credit: Xinhua.

Interact with other pandas

A video shared by the reserve shows him interacting with a mother panda and her cub resting in a tree hole. He also captured the albino panda playing with other pandas.

For Professor Li, the interactions bode well. “So far we can say that the albino panda is doing very well in its species group and in its natural environment,” he said.

With no spots on his body and his unique red eyes, the wild giant panda appears to be sexually mature and normal courtship behaviors. Additionally, researchers believe the mother panda and her cub may be related to the fully albino panda.

The nature reserve’s deputy chief executive hopes DNA can be captured to learn more about the creature.

“Through current research, experimentation and testing, we are trying to find out if there are other albino pandas in this area and what is its status quo,” Tingmei He said.

Albino Panda Study Project

In order to track the white giant panda for research purposes, the reserve management administration has set up a conservation and research project for this special creature. Well, they have yet to figure out if their physical traits could be passed on.

Recently captured images of the albino panda. Credit: Wolong National Nature Reserve.

More than 30 experts from universities, scientific research institutions and the reserve worked together for a year to install and monitor infrared cameras in the 15 square kilometer area where the albino giant panda was seen.

THE giant pandas originated in china and are mainly found in the mountains of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. These areas are characterized by dense bamboo forests, which provide pandas with their main source of food.

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Wolong National Nature Reserve is home to around 150 giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). According to China’s National Forestry and Grassland Administration, between 2016 and 2020, the population of wild giant pandas in China increased to 1,864.

In ancient times, these creatures were considered sacred; they were believed to possess mystical powers and bring good luck.

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