Girl finds 3,500-year-old Egyptian scarab where David faced Goliath

On a school trip to Israel, a first-grader discovered a fantastic ancient artifact.

Hanna Spitzerteacher of the first year course at the Alumim school of ephrathhe took his students on an excursion Tel Azékaplace identified by some experts as the place where the biblical story happened of David and Goliath.

The purpose of the excursion was to visit an archaeological park located 32 km southwest of Jerusalem. Upon arriving at the site, the teacher showed them a piece of pottery and told them about the ancient site, according to a statement from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

Towards the end of the visit, Amalia Riverkin, one of the students told Hanna that she had found something and showed her a small pebble that looked like a pearl. Hanna, who has a master’s degree in art, immediately recognized that it was “not just another stone”.

When he saw it up close he noticed incised lines, he turned it over and there you could see a ancient egyptian writing. “At that moment, I realized that what I was holding in my hand was thousands of years old. It’s crazy!” said the professor.

Ladybug, front view. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority.

I said to Amalia: “You found something unique and since it’s so special, you can’t take it home. We will have to transmit this exceptional find to the expert archaeologists so that they are informed. At first it was difficult for him, but he understood it and was curious to know what the object really was.

The ancient object has been analyzed by experts

The day after the discovery, an AAI expert visited Hanna and Amalia’s school and revealed that the object they found in Tel Azekah was a dung beetle-shaped figure, an insect considered sacred in the eyes of the ancient Egyptians and it served as a symbol of new life.

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Liora Freudarchaeologist at Tel Aviv University and coordinator of the excavations at Tel Azekah, examined the object and noted that it dates from the time of the new egyptian kingdom (16th-11th centuries BC) and bears the name of sun god Amon-Rawho was one of the most important gods of Egypt at that time.

Only five of these beetles had been found at Tel Azekah,” Freud said.

“Scarab amulets” found in Israel, sometimes used as seals, are evidence of Egyptian presence and dominance in the Levant, including the area of ​​modern Israel, around 3,500 years ago.

Finely carved back of the ancient scarab. Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority.

The object will join other finds found in the area and “help create a more complete picture of the site at this time,” the IAA archaeologists said.

To congratulate Amalia for agreeing to hand over the relic to the experts, the girl received a certificate from the AAI, a document that the archaeological agency offers to all good law-abiding citizens who prefer to see these artifacts where they are. belong, in national treasures. .

Amalia, accompanied by her teacher, with her certificate of “good archaeological citizen”. Credit: Omer Shalev / Israel Antiquities Authority.

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