New Moon in Gemini: Spectacular!


Hi guys!!! Happy New Moon in Gemini! On the night of June 17 to 18, the stars unite at the 26th degree of Gemini, in an almost exact square to Neptune. Do you need a mental break or are you one of those in a cloud? I leave you here 9 capsules of information for this New Moon, and an audio to deepen.


The New Moon occurs on Gemini 26, seeding a six-month process that will culminate on November 27. The houses in your chart that will be active now will be the Pisces zone and the Gemini zone. What is the relationship between these two areas? If you have a lot of planets or cusps in mutable signs, you will notice it more! ♊♍♐♓


This lunation expresses our contradictions, but it would help to move or unblock a stagnant situation.


Saturn goes retro a few hours before the new moon (it will be retro between June 17 and November 4). It would be logical for heavy things to be done to accumulate, but there is also an effect of emotions maintained over time, or of attempts to control certain internal flows. Moreover, in the power of Pluto, which is again in Capri, there could be regressive moments to settle unfinished business, verbalize things that require tact, put drama into perspective or wring out what was choked on. .


Uranus finds itself for the first time in 21º of Taurus, where it will unite with Jupiter in April 2024 to open a 13-year cycle linked to innovation, the projection of social relations and the vision of the future . Some of what we discover on the New Moon in Gemini will contribute to the twists, experiences, and grand plans of 2024. In other words, we are taking the first steps blindly now, but we will soon know where they are going.


Are your opinions and ideas yours? What people, circumstances, created emotions… have the ability to influence your point of view?


When something seems to force us to have an opinion or to define a position, acknowledging that we don’t yet know what to think and giving ourselves the time to build our arguments is also an option.


In this New Moon we are going to question many things that had been left in limbo, either because they were tired or because we did not know where to find them or how much they related to us.




See what fictional universe you are diving into. This New Moon is surreal or psychedelic. Ideal for connecting to the imagination and nourishing our repertoire. As Jefferson Airplane sang: 🍄 Feed your head. 😜

And here I leave the podcast, which you also find on Youtube. A big hug, chichi!!!

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