They find a 3,000-year-old sword in an exceptional state of preservation

During excavations carried out in Nördlingen, Danube-Ries district, in Bavaria (Germany), a team of archaeologists discovered a bronze sword that is over 3,000 years old.

It’s a octagonal sword with full bronze hilt. It is estimated to date from the 14th century BC, to the end of the 14th century BC. C., during the Middle Bronze Age. As reported by the State Landmarks Preservation Office, the sword is so well preserved “it almost shines”.

Detailed view of the hilt of the found Bronze Age sword. Credit: Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation.

Finds of swords from this period are rare, coming from burial mounds deliberately opened in the 19th century or from individual finds, presumed sacrifices.

The artifact was found in a tomb with rich bronze objects. A man, a woman and a teenager were buried there. However, the relationship between the people is still unclear.

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Mathias PfeilHead of the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation, Indian that “the sword and the grave will still have to be examined more closely”. However, it can be said that its state of preservation is exceptional.

“A find like this is very rare,” Pfeil added.

Credit: Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation.

Intricate crafting of the ancient sword

The making of octagonal swords is laborious, since the hilt is fused to the blade, a technique known as overfade or overfade. While the decoration is made with inlays and punches.

Although there are two actual rivets, another pair is only suggested. Despite the manufacturing process and the absence of marks of blows, it is presumed that it is a real weapon. The balance of the blade, with a balance point at the front, according to experts, indicates that it was a real combat weapon and not just a prestige item.

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