Pluto returns in Capricorn: the last form


Hi guys!!! Pluto is already back in Capricorn, Mercury has moved out of Taurus and is finally in Gemini (where it will stay until June 27), and it’s been, let me guess, an intense weekend? 😄

Pluto will be in Capri from June 11, 2023 to January 21, 2024, and after that we will only have a small parenthesis from Pluto to Capri, between September 2 and November 19, 2024. After these dates, this transit will no longer be never repeated again in our lives.

But what are these months that go back to Capricorn?

It is the mummy coming out of its long burial, revealing its secret. The metamorphosis or the final form of something that has remained suspended, buried or in limbo from 2008 to today… And which is already revealed as it is, changing our view of the past.

I left you a 30 minute audio about it on my YouTube channel. ☕️ And as a novelty I also posted it on Spotify. I leave the link below.

I’m kissing you strongly! 🖤

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