China will drill a 10,000-meter hole to explore the depths of the Earth

Chinese scientists have begun to dig a hole 10,000 meters (32,808 ft) deep in the earth’s crustin an attempt to explore our planet.

China is the second largest economy in the world. In addition to exploring space, he now wants to explore and conquer new frontiers within our planet.

The project is located in Takla Makanhe The largest desert in China and one of desert regions the biggest in the worldwhich also has an inhospitable climate.

According to the portal Bloombergexploration could be used to identify mineral resources and help assess the risk of environmental disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Drilling up to the Cretaceous

digging through 10 continental strata or layers of rock formationthe team hopes to reach the layer known as the Cretaceous system, a series of rock layers beneath the oldest Tertiary deposits, which dates back 145 million yearsbecoming the deepest ever attempted in the country.

The project aims to dig in one of the largest desert regions in the world. Credit: Li Xiang.

Unsurprisingly, this project has its share of challenges. While scientists have done a lot of drilling on the seabed, the continental crust has proven more difficult to explore due to its greater thickness, diversity and complexity.

“The difficulty of constructing the drilling project can be compared to driving a big truck over two thin steel cables,” Sun Jinsheng from the Chinese Academy of Engineering said in an interview with Xinhua.

However, it won’t be the deepest man-made hole on Earth, as that title is held by the Kola Well, located on the Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia, which reached 12,262 meters (36,201 ft).

As for Asia, the deepest earth pit This is the one made by the Chinese state oil company Sinopec, also in the Tarim basin area, and which reaches a depth of 8,937.77 meters.

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