Jupiter in Taurus: buffalo horn


Hi guys!!! Ready? Jupiter enters Taurus today! The planet of wisdom and knowledge under the sign of nature. How beautiful, what a breath! -What relaxation!-. 🌳🌟

It reminded me of this text (c. 370a.C), in which Socrates converses with his friend Phaedrus, and says to him:

“Anyway, my friend, those at the sacred site of Zeus [Júpiter]in Dodona, it was said that the first prophetic oracles came from an oak tree.

And the people of that day, who didn’t have the wisdom that you young people have today, were naive enough to just listen to an oak tree or a rock, since they always tell the truth. .

But for you, perhaps, it makes all the difference who speaks and where he comes from, whether his words are true or not.”

[La traducción del inglés es mía. 🤓 El texto original es Phoedrus, 275b-c]


I hope Jupiter shines happily for you this year and leaves a friendly trail in its wake. You have all the astrological information below. 🥰👇

9 Questions and Answers about Jupiter in Taurus

1. When does Jupiter enter Taurus? How long is there?

Jupiter will enter Taurus on May 16, 2023 and remain in the sign for an entire year, until leaving it on May 26, 2024. Additionally, between September 4 and December 31, 2023, Jupiter will be retrograde, moving backwards from the 15th to the 5th. If your birth chart has planets or cusps in the first half of Taurus, they will be visited by Jupiter up to three times this year!

2. When was the last time Jupiter was in Taurus?

The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was between June 3, 2011 and June 10, 2012. So what did you develop in the Taurus house of your natal chart? What did you learn, how did you grow? What plans did you consider? That’s what an update is for! The cycle is complete.

3. What does Jupiter in Taurus mean?

The best thing to understand what Jupiter in Taurus means is to observe what it meant to you the last times it was in this sign, and listen to the detailed explanation I left above. But I leave you with seven keys:

– Appreciate what we have, practice gratitude and generosity

– Knowing what really matters to us

– Learn about our body and stimulate the senses

– Appreciate the pleasures, plasticity and sensuality

– Assess comfort, safety and relaxation; to slow down

– Make sustainable plans to stabilize and ensure a certain quality of life

– Reserve accumulation expectation; manage what we have wisely

4. Who will Jupiter affect the most in Taurus? And like?

An annual transit like this has a big impact, but it will primarily activate the houses in our chart where Taurus falls. In this area, we will aspire to improve our practical conditions, through knowledge, ethics, vision and planning. What could we do there to grow?

In our Taurus zone, we will be more open to evaluate options, with confidence.

Also, as with any transit, it’s important to do a personalized reading to know how this will affect us, but if we’re speaking generically, we might expect something positive to expand at this point, perhaps. be tied to our security and stability.

If your natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Jupiter is in Taurus, you could be in for a good year! Likewise, following the astrological cookbook, if you have any of these points in Scorpio, significant growth could also occur. But, in general, if you have a fixed sign planet or cusp (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), what that planet represents is going to show signs of growth this year. Finally, what we have in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces will also benefit, but to a lesser extent.


5. What aspects will Jupiter make in Taurus?

Jupiter in Taurus will form aspects with each of the slow-moving planets, activating the development and integration of many processes that take place in long cycles, both personal and social.

6. When will Jupiter square Taurus and Pluto square Aquarius, and what is it?

Jupiter and Pluto joined for most of 2020 in the sign of Capricorn, initiating the cycle they are currently developing. In 2022, the two planets formed a sextile, and now that Jupiter is in Taurus, they form a first square. In fact, just after entering Taurus, Jupiter squares Pluto exactly on May 17, 2023, implying the nodal axis. What do we see beyond what has absorbed us in recent years?

This square will be brief, as it will begin to die out as soon as Pluto leaves Aquarius to return to Capricorn on June 11. However, this will give us a pretty busy few weeks, as it will also involve the Nodal axis and Mars entering Leo. I will talk about it in another post very soon.

7. When will Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Pisces sextile, and what is it?

The current cycle of Saturn and Jupiter began when the two planets joined at 0 degree Aquarius, in December 2020. This conjunction was of extraordinary importance, since it marked a turning point in the quality that the unions of the two planets had for two centuries. , opening a paradigm shift that will operate for 20 years.

Now that Saturn is in Pisces, throughout the year that Jupiter will pass through Taurus, they will activate harmoniously, perfecting an exact sextile on June 19, 2023 and another near-exact sextile on February 14, 2024.

As this is the first time that the two planets wink at each other, after all that they have sown in 2020, we can now alert in a concrete way to the social consequences of having gone through successive collective crises these last years. Also, on a personal level, this sextile is incredibly constructive and encouraging, as it provides the patience, strategy, and vision needed to trust in the lasting progress of our Pisces zone and our Taurus zone.

8. When will the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus take place in Taurus, and what is it about?

Jupiter and Uranus make a conjunction approximately every 12 years. On this occasion, they will unite in the 21st degree of Taurus, on April 21, 2024. This conjunction has a very innovative and visionary character, updating discourses, laws and policies, ideologies, mental molds, perspectives and future projects, in a framework in which our relationship to nature, matter, economy and sustainability is questioned.

In addition to opening a new 12-year cycle, this conjunction also closes the previous cycle. The last time we had Jupiter and Uranus conjunctions was in 2010 and 2011, at the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries. The last conjunction of the two planets took place on January 4, 2011 at the 27th degree of Pisces. Perhaps a vision we are holding at this moment is already experiencing a natural closure?

9. When will Jupiter in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces sextile, and what is it?

The cycle of Jupiter and Neptune began when the two planets joined in exact conjunction on April 12, 2022, at the 23rd degree of Pisces. When Jupiter approaches the end of Taurus, it will be the first time that both planets have activated in this new cycle. The exact sextile will be May 23, 2024. This suggests that we may be more aware of where the experience of going through the dreams, desires, sensitivities and emotional upheavals that hit us in 2022 takes us. tends to be somewhere! it’s exciting and positive! Something that was very emotionally dense is already showing signs of having been for the best. This sextile invites us to believe it!


A big hug, chichi!!!

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