The 2023 eclipses: look in a different light


Hi guys!!! Eclipses are lunations that align with Earth and the Sun, which eclipses them for a few moments. In this blackout, we are metaphorically left in the dark, after which the light returns renewed.

The light that returns is not the light that was before.

This gives us an idea of ​​the character of eclipses, which mark inflection points with which the previous course of things is changed: inertia is broken and processes of change are catalyzed which give life a turn.

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How do eclipses affect us?

Since eclipses are lunations, they primarily affect our emotions, mood swings, and well-being, so on the day of the eclipse, or even the weeks surrounding this astrological event, we might feel very energized. , or exhausted. , unhappy with the typical instability of those days.

This is why it is important, in times of eclipse, to listen to what you need and what you feel, to take care of your body and your well-being, and to avoid forcing the things. Eclipses are more moments to observe than to repel.

Despite the fact that in the astrological and symbolic tradition, eclipses are associated with predestined, dramatic and drastic events, in reality they are more or less frequent events that we can handle with confidence.

Each time the Sun transits near the lunar nodes, several eclipses occur. Every year, therefore, we have at least four eclipses, so if the year has 12 months, we spend at least two months, one-sixth of the time, eclipsed. So nothing to fear!


Who do these eclipses affect the most?

Eclipses do not affect everyone equally. There are people who are more sensitive to lunations, people who are more sensitive to eclipses and people who are more sensitive, especially to certain eclipses. There will be people whose lives will be turned upside down by the eclipses of 2023, while others will finally feel safe from the winds of fate, and throw themselves on the couch to enjoy their newfound serenity.

It all depends on how they interact with our birth chart.

If you have multiple planets, or the Ascendant, in the second half of the cardinal signs (like Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capri) or in the first half of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) eclipses of this year, they would affect you more.

And yes, it’s true that there are eclipses from time to time that hit our Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or chart ruler in a super direct way, and it hits us more immediately, requiring a more or slower on our part. . But there aren’t many of those dramatic moments in a lifetime, and it wouldn’t be something to anticipate.

Likewise, it sometimes happens that the eclipses themselves do not seem to bring anything new into our lives, and as time passes we realize how much a small detail that we did not give too much importance to at the start has ended up being important. And it is that, when it comes to eclipses, everything is better understood with hindsight, through time.

solar eclipse april 2023

The four eclipses of 2023

In 2023, there will be four eclipses, and exceptionally, each of them will occur in a different sign. This is so because the nodal axis, an axis of mathematical points that marks in which areas eclipses of the zodiac occur, will change signs mid-year.

Since January 18, 2022, the lunar nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio. Nodes spend about a year and a half in each pair of signs, and unlike planetary bodies and asteroids, they rotate around the astral wheel in a clockwise direction.

So already, on July 17, 2023, the Lunar Nodes will enter the following pair of signs: Aries and Libra.

This means that in 2023 we close a year and a half process (which began in November 2021, with the first eclipse on the axis of Taurus and Scorpio) and open a process that will last until March 2025 ( with the last eclipse of the Aries-Libra axis). Therefore, doing justice to the character of the year, eclipses mark a transition in which old and new processes overlap.


Beginnings and Endings, Venus and Mars

We will have two eclipse seasons, with an eclipse in every sign visited by the Nodes this year. There will be a solar eclipse in Aries, a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, a solar eclipse in Libra and a lunar eclipse in Taurus.

The eclipses of the Taurus-Scorpio axis are eclipsed Full Moons, indicating the final culmination of a story that completely closes a process that we have been developing for several years. However, the eclipses of the new axis, Aries-Libra, will be eclipsed New Moons, that is to say eclipses of the Sun: germ moments that will still have to be cultivated with patience to fully understand them.

Oddly enough, the 1st eclipse season will activate the signs most related to Mars (Aries and Scorpio), while the 2nd season will activate the Venus signs (Taurus and Libra).

This means that in the first eclipse season, we resignify the place we give to Mars and all that this archetype represents. Whereas in the second eclipse season we will redefine what Venus symbolizes.

solar eclipselibraoctober2023

The staff, in the pillory

Since all eclipses occur in fixed, cardinal signs, it can help to keep an open mind during these processes, although it can be tempting to rush to get your bearings. After all, Mercury, the communicator of the worlds, is going to have a very important presence in the astral chart of each of the eclipses.

And this suggests that Mercury (communication, understanding, exchange) will be the common thread that will link these four very disparate eclipses, which come from different universes to make us understand something about the difference, the diversity or the intertwining prospects. . .

Where everything seems true, nothing is and everything is discussed. And we will have to make the effort to understand each other.

With all the personal planets (Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) so important during these eclipses, one would expect them to catalyze individual desires, passions, tastes and needs, which come into collision with the collective forces of reality.

To the old challenge of updating our management of the material world to imagine alternative forms of sufficiency, security and sustainability, is added a new challenge linked to the concentration of power and the crisis of faith in social mobility, with the idea that surviving in this world is, increasingly, a heroism that can no longer fall on alienated individuals.

And there will manifest the influence or the contribution of certain personalities to the collective affairs of the moment. I think this year we are going to ask ourselves: is it true that the common good depends on the direction taken by the person in charge? This year some scapegoats will be installed, surely. 🏴‍☠️

moon clipastrology2023

First eclipse season of 2023

This season includes two eclipses: a solar eclipse at the North Node, 29th degree of Aries (April 19-20), and a lunar eclipse at the South Node, 14th degree of Scorpio (May 5). . Interestingly, both eclipses converse very closely with Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Cancer. Another key to this eclipse season is Mercury’s retrograde between 15 and 5 degrees Taurus, and Jupiter’s entry into Taurus on May 16.

This eclipse season runs from March 21 (New Moon in Aries) to May 19 (New Moon in Taurus).

The most intense part, on a mental and emotional level, will take place from April 13 (last quarter before the first eclipse) and until May 12 (last quarter after the second eclipse). It should be noted that on April 27, the Crescent Quarter will take place between the two eclipses, at degree 7 of Leo (fully activating Pluto in Aquarius), a tricky time when the combined effects of both eclipses could manifest.

Hybrid Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries (April 19-20)


type of eclipse

Hybrid eclipses are relatively rare, occurring when the Moon is close enough to Earth at alignment with the Sun that, depending on where you are looking at it from on Earth, it creates a different visual effect. In this case, from some parts of Oceania it will be seen as a total eclipse, while seen from other places it will be seen as a partial eclipse.

Astrological keys of the eclipse

What stands out the most from the astral map of this eclipse is that the stars, at the end of Aries, will make an almost exact square with Pluto in Aquarius. This is the beginning of a radical transformation that we will see unfold for two decades. Jupiter in Aries, Mars in Cancer and Mercury at rest also play a crucial role in the atmosphere of this eclipse, which is eminently reactive, since it finds its causes and directs its effects towards the expression of intense emotions, of passions and desires.

Also, this eclipse will last for a short time, about a minute, and just at the time of perfection, the Sun and Moon will enter Taurus together, starting the Taurus season in an unusual way, just when the Sun ” recovers” its light after being eclipsed. . As if it weren’t very intense, just a few hours after that, Mercury will enter the 15th degree of retrograde Taurus. Something new comes with speed and agility, then stops. Altogether, it may seem dizzying, as we felt at point dive into something new, risky or chaotic. Then it will be time to reflect on how this situation arose, or how precarious reality is to have reached this edge of events.

On the other hand, the retrospective tone of this eclipse is important. Perhaps the appearance of a new perspective will help us to trust again a plan that we thought was lost, or that we return to a desire that we had already assumed defeated. Something new arises to bring us back to a possibility we thought was lost. At the political and global level, we have seen (reactionary) attempts to revive the past, calling into question the solidity of social progress. With Jupiter involved and with the hybrid nature of the eclipse, we all tend to believe that we are in possession of the truth this time around. When I see the theme of this eclipse, I think of the Tower of Babel!

Influence and development of this eclipse over time

This eclipse brings about a new process that will develop later, since it is the first of the series of three eclipses that will take place in Aries between 2023 and 2025. They are:

– April 19/20, 2023. Hybrid Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries.

– April 8, 2024. Total solar eclipse at 19º Aries.

– March 29, 2025. Partial Solar Eclipse at 8º Aries.

Interestingly, all Aries eclipses will be Solar Eclipses, and all will be ruled by Mars when in a Water sign. In the event of a first eclipse in Aries, you will also find causes or effects in the 13th degree of Cancer, where your ruling planet, Mars, will be at the time of the occultation of the Sun.

Its connection to the first eclipse in Libra on October 14, 2023

Another thing to keep in mind about this eclipse is that it will activate again on July 18 when the North Node touches the degree of the eclipse. At that time, Mars will be precisely at 21 Libra, where the first eclipse in Libra will take place (October 14, 2023).

In this way, we could say that the eclipse in Aries triggers a conflict in the Libra area, perceiving that there is something there that weighs us down or prevents us from moving forward. This conflict in the Libra zone will be expressed especially in mid-July, and will be resolved in mid-October, when, with the eclipse in Libra, we will accept that it is better to leave behind what weighed us down.

It culminates with a Full Moon in 6 Aries (September 29).

Also, as a solar eclipse, it is still an eclipsed New Moon, with which we will see the culmination of some of the processes it triggers during the next full moon in Aries, which will take place on September 29, 2023 in the 6th year of Aries. In other words, what we started with this eclipse, in the 29th degree of Aries, will generate results or awareness in the area of ​​our chart in which the 6th degree of Aries falls, six months later.

Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon at 14º Scorpio (May 5)


type of eclipse

Penumbral lunar eclipses occur when the Moon is some distance from the Nodes, so it does not line up exactly with the Earth and the Sun. The result is a very subtle eclipse, in which you can barely see a penumbra forming that darkens the surface of the moon. This eclipse will be visible, in particular, in Asia and Oceania, although it can also be seen from East Africa and Europe.

Astrological keys of the eclipse

This is an eclipse ruled by Pluto, which takes place four days after Pluto entered retrograde, for the first time in our lives, in the 0 degree of Aquarius. This suggests that with this eclipse we are ending a process of emotional integration and grieving caused by the crises that have transformed our world (personal and collective) since 2020. Being a lunar eclipse above the South Node, this implies a great closure.

The Sun’s proximity to retro Mercury and Uranus are also current highlights, suggesting a new understanding of the past. It encourages us to leave behind the emotional burden we’ve been focusing on for the past few years and re-evaluate things with a more detached perspective.

Additionally, since this eclipse precedes Jupiter’s entry into Taurus (May 16) and Saturn sextiles the area, this eclipse potentially opens up opportunities to stabilize and regulate the highs and lows of recent years. We have arrived at the end of a journey, and despite the density and gravity of the atmosphere, we are trying to make peace with the destination of arrival. Of course, expect intense emotions! It will be a revealing climate, allowing us to see in the dark what we have resisted looking at.

Influence and development of this eclipse over time

This eclipse definitely closes a story, as it is the last of a series of three eclipses in Scorpio between 2022 and 2023. They are:

– May 16, 2022. Total Lunar Eclipse at 25º Scorpio.

– October 25, 2022. Partial Eclipse of the Sun in 2º Scorpio.

– May 5, 2023. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 14º Scorpio.

As can be seen, this eclipse is an eclipsed Full Moon that brings to a climax a process that we began six months ago, with the eclipse of the Sun in degree 2 of Scorpio. If we remember having started an important process between October and November, we could now have updates, concretions and ultimatums that definitively settle something that was uncertain.

Second season of the 2023 eclipses

This season also brings two eclipses: a solar eclipse over the South Node, 21st degree Libra (October 14) and a lunar eclipse over the North Node, 5th degree Taurus (October 28). Curiously, both eclipses respond to Venus, which at the time of the eclipses will already be in Virgo, but has just retrograde in Leo, where it spends 4 months. In this season of eclipses, a process that we have been developing since the end of 2021 is definitely coming to an end.

In total, this eclipse season runs from September 14 (New Moon in Virgo) to November 13 (New Moon in Scorpio).

The most intense part, on a mental and emotional level, will take place from October 6 (last quarter before the first eclipse) and until November 5 (last quarter after the second eclipse). It should be noted that on October 22, the first quarter will take place between the two eclipses, in the 28th degree of Capricorn (fully activating Pluto in Capricorn), a delicate time in which the combined effects of the two eclipses could manifest.

Annular Solar Eclipse at 21º Libra (October 14)

solar eclipse2023

type of eclipse

Annular eclipses occur when the Moon is aligned between the Sun and Earth, but far enough from Earth to cover only the central part of the Sun. In this way, we see the outline of the Sun shining like a ring, around the silhouette of the satellite. This eclipse will be visible throughout the continental United States, although it will be particularly prominent in the United States and Central America.

Astrological keys of the eclipse

This eclipse occurs very close to Mercury, which exactly opposes Chiron in Aries. We verbalize or receive difficult news and messages! Another key part of this eclipse is that your ruling planet, Venus, is already in Virgo (5º) after spending four months in Leo. It brings to the atmosphere a resolute and eager objective to reconsider the practical management of certain materials, after months of thinking, researching and testing other alternatives. Something seems to fit, and we put it into action, with no possible ambiguity.

After all, Venus, the ruler of the eclipse, is in Virgo, conjunct Lilith and in opposition to Saturn. The value of dignity and respect resists the rather restrictive or neglectful way things have taken in some areas of our lives. With this eclipse we are moving away from old agreements and old promises. And we give ourselves a space alone to integrate the gaps or absences of the new circumstances.

Also, the luminaries are square Pluto, which is again in Capricorn. Here we are taking the first step towards abandoning an objective that has defined our ambitions since 2008. When we have done our best, with tenacity, and it has not worked, there is no need to insist on holding on. To move towards new horizons, you have to stop rowing towards the walls of dead ends that you already know well.

Influence and development of this eclipse over time

This eclipse brings about a new process that will develop later, since it is the first of the series of three eclipses that will take place in Libra between 2023 and 2024. They are:

– October 14, 2023. Annular solar eclipse at 21º Libra.

– March 25, 2024. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 5º Libra.

– October 2, 2024. Annular solar eclipse at 10º Libra.

As this is a solar eclipse over the South Node, it begins a process of closure that we will develop for some time, and which invites us to leave behind outdated modes of relating or establishing relationships. alliances and rules of coexistence. We’re debugging what the Libra archetype stands for! Our concept of beauty, peace, justice, equity… what noises do you need to dispel?

Other eclipse activation times

The effects of this eclipse will be felt when the South Node activates the degree of the eclipse, on December 31, 2023. This suggests that in reality, at the very moment of the eclipse one could feel that its effects are rather modest, at discover later the importance of what it brings, by understanding its potential development.

Además, lo que comienza con este eclipse en Libra culminará con el siguiente eclipse en este signo: un eclipse de Luna (5º) que tendrá lugar el 25 de marzo de 2024. Ahí veremos cuál es el resultado o la consecuencia de lo que commencemos en this moment.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in 5º Taurus (October 28)


type of eclipse

This is a partial lunar eclipse, which means the Moon darkens, but not entirely. This is so because the Moon will line up with the Earth and the Sun, but at some distance from the Nodes, so it will only be partially shadowed.

Astrological keys of the eclipse

It’s the culmination of a difficult process of changes and unexpected turns, but you could say it’s a happy ending, or at least an auspicious one. The Moon eclipses with Jupiter in Taurus, activating the sextile that Jupiter makes to Saturn in Pisces: one of the best aspects of the year, which will allow us to identify and take advantage of the beneficial potential of all the agitation of the last two years.

It is a pleasant moment, in which we recognize that the road has been difficult, but after all there is a result that we can be grateful for and that we are already aware of appreciating and valuing as essential.

Additionally, this eclipse is ruled by Venus, which is in the 18th degree of Virgo, having formed an opposition to Saturn in Pisces. We are just at the end of the tunnel. Mercury, Mars, and the Sun, together in Scorpio, are indicators that we are well aware of the dark side of the path and the vulnerabilities it has made us feel. But now that we’re out, we’re creating other forms of security, and we’re wiser, or at least more aware of our goals and what really matters to us.

Influence and development of this eclipse over time

This eclipse definitively closes a story that began at the end of 2021, since it is the last of a series of four eclipses in Taurus between 2021 and 2023. They are:

– November 19, 2021. Partial lunar eclipse at 27º Taurus.

– April 30, 2022. Partial solar eclipse at 10º Taurus.

– November 8, 2022. Total Lunar Eclipse at 16º Taurus.

– October 28, 2023. Partial lunar eclipse in 5º Taurus.

This eclipse would be an eclipsed Full Moon, which is why it brings to a climax a process that we implanted with the New Moon in Taurus on May 19, 2023 (28 Taurus). However, being the last eclipse of the series, it goes further, giving a final closure to a two-year process. Also, being a North Node eclipse, it will teach us what are the circumstances that have already materialized and materialized after a lot of research and a lot of uncertainty; circumstances that are the basis and the starting point for projecting into the future something that we consider essential.

This is the last eclipse to share a sign with Uranus…for many years! Will we finally emerge from this period of instability that has accompanied us since 2020?


Thank you for accompanying me here, chichis!!! I hope these eclipses are kind to everyone. A big hug, and until next time!

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