Full Moon in Libra: Crown of Thorns?

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Hi guys!!! Happy Full Moon! It will be given on the night of April 5 to 6, in the 16th grade class of Libra. With this illuminated night, a process that we began on September 25th came to a climax, when a new moon took place in the 2nd degree of the sign.

When I saw the chart for this Full Moon in Libra, with Chiron there, I thought of something very specific.

I visualized the wounds that the heels make. One more step (ouch!) you continue as if nothing had happened and you even forget that your feet are raw there.

After all, it’s not the plan to take off your shoes in the middle of *something*.

We smile, listen, comment. Step carefully, shift your weight to that area of ​​the foot that doesn’t hurt yet. Until she takes refuge for a time in the blessed women’s toilets, exchanges bandages, fans herself, shits on her dead, plans her escape.

It is a pain that is usually shared privately. For some reason, there are looks before which you force yourself to endure or ignore the message of those bleeding feet, when you don’t even recognize yourself in those shoes.

Well, more than thinking about the wounds on the heels and the endless shapes that complacent smiles take, when I saw the letter of this full moon, I thought about the normalization of these things around me when I grew up.

There are many scary things that were normalized during our upbringing, and we had to relearn and resist its tentacles.

For example, what did they teach us to say to the mirror? Maybe there are times when we say quiet things to him, and times when he’s not even our worst enemy.

They instilled in us that our body is always imperfect, always lacking in arrangement. As soon as we fixed it, they promised, we would be happy, seen, considered.

All genres were thus buried, under this built, feigned and reappeared beauty.

And so, beauty has always seemed like a lure. Never something authentic that already belongs to us.

They taught us to have low self-esteem. Feeling insufficient, needing to hide a thousand invented flaws; pretend and depend on external approval. Getting lost in arbitrary hells, in cardboard advertising labyrinths.

A friend’s mother told us, when we were 14 years old: “to shine, you have to suffer”. And we have (poorly) accepted it; we tolerated it like a game, and it even made us feel good. Like a rite of passage.

What are you doing as a commitment? What situations activate your protective mask, what are you afraid to show? What judgment do you fear? 🎨💄

Here, I will tell you a lot more about this lunation, which will also touch on subjects as varied as politics, the arts or relationships. ♎

Thanks for joining me guys!

A big hug!

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