who am i in this world and other fantastic tales

april 2023astral time

This is the story of the girl who protected the wolf from the hunter.

The legend of the ghost in love who invented unfinished business to continue to haunt this world. The poem of the magic ax which, by cutting a dry root, brings trees back to life. The story of an island of clouds that floated like a ship, back and forth, with the tide. The song about lightning coming from the depths of the earth.

Hi guys!!! If you had the feeling that March was intense, wait until you discover the adventures that April presents. Grand universes are adapting, in this month of wonder. It will be an adventurous and open month, inspiring brilliant storytelling possibilities. After all, we are at the start of a new stage!

What beginning will we choose for our great story? ✍️

We are in eclipse season, with all the major planets in the air, still landing in new territory. Control, regularity, the palpable body of things and common sense have been blown up. They float. They are diluted with new and disturbing sensations.

We entered this month blind. Observers, perhaps. But there are new possibilities. And we become stronger by venturing into uncharted territory.

⚡ This is the month when Pluto in Aquarius reveals its character.

💎🌧️ Almost all of April, Saturn and the North Node will support each other to materialize an illusion.

🌸 Retro Mercury will invite us to understand the value of certain things, such as pleasure or serenity.

🔥 And the first eclipse in Aries will light a fire that we will keep burning for three years.

We leave March with a lot to tell, but in April we are going to encounter something quite central that will give a lot of itself. What would it be? 🤩🍀 I invite you to listen to a more advanced interpretation that I left you below. 🥠

Happy Month! 💫✨ Hope this promotes your wishes. ❤️

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