Equinox and New Moon in Aries: great beginnings


Hi guys!!! Happy astrological year! Today, March 20, the hours of day and night strike a perfect balance.

However, to make life vibrate, the spark of Aries breaks this harmony with a new turn of the zodiacal wheel, in an endless journey. ♾️🌞

Once the Sun crosses the vernal point, the threshold of the equinox, to enter Aries, we will welcome the new season.

Happy spring to those of you in the northern hemisphere and happy fall to those of you in the southern hemisphere! My favorite seasons.


Today we celebrate the infinite rebirth of time, lighting fires that illuminate desire. Each is moved by its own engine of intentions; everyone knows their motivations for pushing the wheel in the direction they want. 🧙‍♀️☸

The Sun is exalted in Aries, where the wheel of its fire revolves around the simple, honest and powerful purpose of being. What are you going to sow in the fire of this mighty New Moon? On this occasion, it will have significance beyond the six-month period we associate with new moons.

Because the equinox chart will have a very powerful influence throughout the season to come, and throughout the astrological year! 🧐 And it also promotes a first contact with some very important sign changes.

In the Equinox chart, Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn is square to Venus, which is in conjunction with the North Node. It’s time to leave behind a dinosaur reality that anchors us in the past. 🦖

We’ve found the right way to develop a possibility that we’ve been trying to channel for a while, maybe. Finally flows without so many obstacles!

This astrological year we are heading towards the happy ending of what the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio have taught us since November 2021.

The time has come for another image of the future, which distances us from what has worn out. The renewal channel is gaining in richness.

🔥🏹 The other striking theme of the moment is the imposing stellium in Aries, ruled by Mars, which is still in Gemini, but already about to change signs. Moreover, Mars and Mercury are in mutual reception! And, in particular, Mercury has a very important role in this New Moon.

News, messages and information take center stage: exchange and a dynamic relationship with the environment will be the key to getting out of a quagmire and moving towards our desires with ease.

In keeping with what Pluto in Aquarius will be like, the world of spirit, air, and relationships will focus on something else.

For example, in the influence of words and ideas in the course of action; in sanity or in the ability to move what we have been saying or thinking for some time.

Putting energy into doing what we think or talk about will simply be energizing and motivating!

As you can see, the New Moon at 0° Aries concentrates all the power of the equinox, allowing us to more easily promote action according to our desires.

It’s a magic egg ✨ 🥚 And from it was born the Phoenix itself.

Below I leave you a more detailed explanation of all this. Happy Spring/Fall, Happy Equinox, and Happy New Moon!

A big hug, chicks!

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