Unfinished Egyptian pyramid, remnant of advanced ancient technology?

The mystery of the Giza pyramids is in the popular dawn, however, very few know they exist other constructions which make the puzzles even more surprising. One of them is controversy Pyramid of Zawyet El Aryan and its relationship to Atlantis.

For decades it was assumed that monuments of ancient egypt they were not “mere buildings”. In fact, recent discoveries reveal a truth that researchers have hidden for centuries.

That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the keys to revealing the truth about the ancient, advanced technology that surrounds these monuments is jealously guarded, just like the pyramid of Zawyet El Aryan.

The Zawyet El Aryan Pyramid The key to the truth?

Few countries are visited by as many tourists as Egypt. The admiration for the ancient culture and its enigmatic monuments nurture stories, theories and continue to serve as inspiration for writers.

However, few people know that ancient Egypt still holds many mysteriesespecially when looking beyond main pyramids.

The pyramid of Zawyet El Aryan is located 5 kilometers southeast of Giza. According to Orthodox scholars, the pyramid was not finished. But this This is not entirely true.

Aerial view of Zawyet El Aryan Pyramid aerial view. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Alternative expeditions revealed that in reality was demolished it was a long time ago. Additionally, there is evidence that it is not a burial chamber or tomb. This means that the huge granite vessel inside is not a sarcophagus either.

Another added mystery with this build is that most of the “official” information that can be found, It’s not correct. In fact, most of them contradict each other, give erroneous data, hide information or simply ignore their existence.

At first glance, it looks as if they want to completely remove the true origin of this pyramid from the traditional historical canon.

Mysterious since its discovery

Its discovery is attributed to the Italian archaeologist Alessandro Barsantiwho discovered the remains of the pyramid in 1900 and started digging 4 years later.

Barsanti’s initial reports, written in French, described the structure as containing a series of tunnels and subterranean passages, in addition to the main chamber and a strange circular vessel shaped like a “bathtub”.

Vessel found inside the pyramid. Credit: MONNIER Franck/Wikimedia Commons

The archaeologist’s description of the artifact is “a completely sealed stone vat that appears to be protecting something.”

Barsanti was always amazed in every report he wrote, especially by the quality of work made with stone both in the underground tunnels and in the chamber that hid the strange container. But supposedly nobody else showed interest in investigating the monument. So it was forgotten.

Or at least it was until a military base was set up in the area where 1964, totally prohibiting excavations and unauthorized passages.

Among the reliable information about the pyramid of Zawyet El Aryan, is that its base is made of local limestone and has 200 meters long. This makes it as tall as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The branching underground tunnels and long descending stairways leading to the chamber were also hewn and hewn from the same rock.

While scholars continue to attribute this subterranean space to a purely funerary function, intended for the burial of a pharaoh, physical evidence has revealed that all similar stone vessels that have been found throughout history were empty. .

Perhaps the only pharaonic relationship found was the stone vessels that had the serej of the King yaba, of the Third Dynasty. Curiously, Jaba is one of the pharaohs whose less information is available. Additionally, no evidence of his burial has been found either.

Old state-of-the-art technology?

Map by Athanasius Kircher showing a supposed enclave of Atlantis. Credit: Athanasius Kircher/Wikimedia Commons

The final certainty that the pyramids had a function beyond being just giant sarcophagi has recently been found. The latest studies have revealed that they are able to store energyextract it from the Earth and the cosmos, taking advantage of it for various purposes.

Evidence of use of various liquids and gases inside, something that is usually found in modern power plants. This is made even more evident by the large granite vessels at the base of the Zawyet El Aryan pyramid.

Similarly, underground water veins were discovered that flowed under these structures, which could produce electricity and vibrations sounds that could be amplified.

Each discovery shows that the builders of the pyramids not only had great knowledge, but also mastered advanced technology, even for our time. For this reason, many theorists and researchers suggest the possibility that its origin comes from Atlantis.

The time of its construction, 10,000 years, coincides with the chronology of the “Atlantean era”. According to its history, this civilization reached unknown technology milestones at its peak. The Zawyet El Aryan pyramid could be proof of this.

We do not currently know how these “power plants” worked. In fact, the actual age of the pyramids, or even the Sphinx, is still a matter of debate, although there is a growing belief that they are much older than previously believed.

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Why do we come to this conclusion? Because it has been discovered that a large part of the great Egyptian constructions were erected on much older ruins which they used as a base. If this is related to the destruction of Atlantis, it is possible connect the two civilizations.

Is Zawyet El Aryan’s pyramid really proof of ancient Atlantis technology? Many questions remain, such as why his research was banned and why academics give such misinformation about him. The only certain thing is that his enigma grows bigger and bigger.

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