8 keys to Saturn in Pisces, in context

Hi guys!!! The transit of Saturn in Pisces is one of the most important astrological events of the moment, since Saturn always has a great influence on the astral climate, and on the experience of the stage in which we find ourselves.

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Whenever Saturn changes its sign, very characteristic situations and dynamics arise, which would help to know from an astrological point of view. I leave you here 7 keys that serve to understand this change of sign of Saturn, its importance and its long-term meaning.


1. What does Saturn mean?

Saturn is one of the slowest planets and in ancient times it was the furthest known planet from Earth. Therefore, it is associated with limits, protection, cold or long times. We see Saturn shining very faintly when we see it in the sky, and moving very, very slowly, and that was also linked, at the time, to notions like authority, old age, sober rigor, discipline , perseverance, strategy or the long term. The cycles of Saturn have a great influence on matters of a social nature. Especially:

Saturn is responsible for bringing each person into the collective framework, and it has to do with how we seek, work, and solidify our role in the world.

Saturn, as an archetype, governs how we become mature, functional, responsible, and socially adjusted adults. And it also involves restrictions and blocks, reality shocks, and occasional sad or tedious processes that test our patience and motivation.


2. What does it mean for Saturn to change signs?

To give you an idea, Saturn takes between 28 and 30 years to go completely around the astrological wheel, so it spends around two and a half years in each sign. And two and a half years of taking on challenges and looking for coherent strategies or exits is quite a long time.

When Saturn changes its sign, there is a change in the type of practical challenges to be faced. As if we were changing the scenario of our priorities and objectives.

For example, Saturn entered Aquarius in December 2020 and has been going through this sign very slowly ever since, encouraging us to lay the practical groundwork for something that works best when it comes to this sign. And now that it’s leaving Aquarius, we can harvest what we’ve been working on and building since 2020 in this Aquarius area of ​​our map.


3. When does Saturn enter Pisces and how long does this transit last?

The transit of Saturn in Pisces will last, in total, almost three years. Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, 2023 and will pass through it in one go until May 25, 2025, when it will leave Pisces to enter Aries. Finally, on September 1, 2025, it will once again return to Pisces for a brief hiatus, leaving the sign for good on February 14, 2026.


4. How important is it for Saturn to enter Pisces?

A change of sign of Saturn is always relevant. But in this case, there are also reinforcers that enhance its effect to create a significant mood change.

Saturn has spent a lot of time going through signs that look a lot like it, where it has found itself at home. At the end of 2017, he entered Capricorn, a sign that is part of the same universe of archetypes as Saturn. And there you have it, forming a whole series of complex (rather difficult) aspects up to 2020. So those years when Saturn was in Capri were critical for many people; decisive.

Then Saturn entered Aquarius, a sign in which, oddly enough, Saturn also works very well. If Capricorn is where Saturn has always lived alone, his forever home, let’s say, Aquarius is like that home he shares with Uranus, an area where he’s not so quiet, but where he feels stimulated.

And now he enters Pisces. Good. Pisces has nothing to do with Saturn. It’s already a big change of atmosphere!

SATURNOPISCESSince 2017, we have had redoubled doses of Saturn. These years have been super-focused on preventing and containing successive disasters, on matters of work, productivity and sustainability, or on life decisions with high biographical impact. We have devoted time, space and diligence to “important”, priority, central issues. Almost with a monotheme in mind, when we have seen many changes happen.

I think at this point it’s very difficult to find anyone who hasn’t experienced the loss of something very important in recent years, or who hasn’t experienced the repercussions of a major circumstance in his way of organizing life. It is difficult to find someone who, in these years 2018-2022, has not transformed with force.

Something has already changed in our practical foundations, in our expectations and goals for the future, in our mental architecture, in our social relationships. However:

Saturn in Pisces won’t feel so present anymore, and that means something is unwinding after years of trying. This tends to find a more human rhythm, less demanding, and to go a little beyond the attitudes of control. Or the fear of being out of control, too.

You will have to learn to navigate.


5. Saturn in Pisces, in context

Another issue that greatly influences this transit is the arrangement of the rest of the slow moving planets from 2023 onwards, which will give us a lot to say, and which suggests that we are in a radical change of atmosphere.

A change of atmosphere to which this change of sign of Saturn contributes, but which is driven, above all, by the change of sign of Pluto, which will soon enter Aquarius.

No transit acts in isolation, as they all combine to create the mood of the moment. And in the case of Saturn, which is a social planet, and a planet of materialization, it is important to take into account its relationships with others. On this occasion, its change of sign will strongly affect all the slow planets, which are the most powerful and the most transformative.


6. The relationship of Saturn in Pisces and Uranus

When Saturn changes sign and enters Pisces, the tension that had been building up with Uranus in Taurus for two years (2021-2022) comes to an end.

It means that we have now left behind a dilemma that was stressful, or a situation that blew up something that we would have preferred to keep. Whether we have already managed to readapt after an unexpected turn that made us feel dizzy and insecure, or bet on an alternative that was not our first option and, nevertheless, it is already starting to work.

But it also means that Uranus is already beginning to express itself without the restraint that Saturn had imposed on it in previous years. When it comes to Uranus, something seems lighter, more nimble, and quicker in terms of occurrences, ideas, collaborations, friendships, interests, spontaneity, and experiences.

In other words, we are not so afraid to try anymore, and we tend to take risks or experiment more openly, which will help us discover other interesting ideas.

Finally, the fact that Saturn leaves Aquarius, which is a sign ruled by Uranus, will also change the orientation of our priorities a little. Saturn in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus in Taurus, guides us since 2020 towards intellectual dilemmas and societal debates related to security, social control or lack of control, money, provisioning, consumption, sustainability, ecology or self-management.


Money and sustainability have been widespread concerns, for with Uranus in Taurus we have seen in them a guarantee of freedom and personal autonomy. Economic or material interdependence is more problematic than ever, at least at the collective level. And given the uncertainty and lack of guarantees in this regard, everyone has changed their resource management in one way or another, or hopes to do so by implementing certain changes.

But resources or sustainability will no longer be, say, the primary focus of our efforts.

Now that Saturn leaves Aquarius and separates from Uranus in Taurus, something may be unwinding a lot with financial worries. After all, the lunar nodes also leave the axis of Taurus and Scorpio on July 17, 2023, a few months after Saturn enters Pisces.

We cannot yet tell whether economic concerns will move down the priority hierarchy because we find solutions or because they normalize and attention shifts to something else. Obviously, Uranus in Taurus will still give itself with these problems for a few more years. But now that Saturn will respond to Neptune, we can expect our concerns to turn to more subtle matters.


7. The relationship of Saturn in Pisces and Pluto

Pluto is the slowest planet in astrology and therefore it persists for many years in the same sign. Pluto entered Capricorn in January 2008 and has been there ever since…until now.

A few weeks after Saturn enters Pisces, Pluto also changes signs. From there, Pluto will have multiple entries and exits from Capri and Aquarius, until it definitely enters Aquarius in November 2024. What does this have to do with Saturn? Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn! And it is no coincidence that the two change signs practically at the same time.

For fifteen years, the transit of Saturn has influenced that of Pluto. It is as if they have entered into a common pact, where the two reinforce and influence each other.

This relationship between Saturn and Pluto is somewhat reminiscent of those 19th century tales in which an ordinary being managed to dominate the demon with the bottle, or the demon with the rabbit’s foot, to grant his wishes and increase his power… of course , sometimes a cost.

In fact, these years from Pluto to Capri, we have seen inequalities grow sharply, and we have also discovered many elitist pacts in which the privileged have shown more or less solidarity with each other, to defend their place. If Pluto gave birth to the word plutocrats, Saturn and Capri represent mountains, triangles and vertical authority. These years, since 2008, the model of power has tended to be quite traditional, and very unequal.

Now that Saturn is moving into Pisces and Pluto is about to change signs as well, the magic of the demon in the bottle or the genie in the rabbit’s foot is over. Because the Saturn-Pluto relationship is changing substantially: the powerful-society pact is no longer what it used to be. The time has come to see the ugly face of the normal and transform the procedure. Something that, on the other hand, can take several years, but can end up being refreshing.


On the other hand, there will be some months (for example from June 2023 to January 2024) where Pluto will always be in Capri and Saturn will always be in Pisces. These will be key months for Pluto, because, ruled by Saturn in Pisces, this will open up the possibility of closing outstanding files and settling the last details of the last fifteen years, especially on an emotional level.

It is also possible that historical memory or homage to the victims of collective disasters (political, ideological, warlike, natural) are on the agenda in this brief period.

This is a parenthesis to close the chapter, doing justice to the wounds. Try to reform what is necessary to respond to the collective feeling.

Once Pluto already enters Aquarius, Saturn will only be the co-ruler of this sign. And Pluto will start to respond much more to Uranus. That is to say: if the Plutonian power was associated with Saturn, the last 15 years, very soon, and for 20 years, it will associate with Uranus.

At the archetypal level, this means that we are moving from tradition to the future. Or from preserving order to revolution, with all the fear, and chaos, and ideals, and hopes that brings. We go from hierarchical authority to the collective sought in other formulas.

In the meantime, one would think that Saturn in Pisces, having lost its long pact with Pluto, could create some confusion, where powers, influences and ways of doing things are questioned. Where those people who have lost power or status tell their story from a victim role. Surely there will be plenty of celebrities who will write their memoirs or recount their ordeals.

Stories about people who have lost privileges. Masculinities that feel out of place and formally express a complaint, kings and princes who lose their crowns and cry on TV… The evasion of civil responsibilities by people with status can be a subject, and above all, problems related to the havens of prosecutors or behaviors. who blatantly disregard the law.


8. Saturn in Pisces and Neptune relationship

Saturn and Neptune haven’t been aspects for a while now, and with Saturn entering the sign of Neptune, they’re going to have a very intense relationship that will last for years. In fact, when Saturn already reaches the end of Pisces, in 2025, it will begin to make a long conjunction with Neptune. This is how together they will go from Pisces to Aries. It’s very exciting, from an astrological point of view.

Saturn in Pisces seals that Neptunian “great end of cycle” feeling, before accompanying Neptune into a total reset, entering Aries together.

In particular, with Saturn entering Pisces, we may begin to shut down the sensitivities, moods, collective fantasies, and lingering issues that come from 2011 when Neptune entered Pisces. And if in these years something has struck a chord in us and there are still some details left, this will be a golden opportunity to adjust our emotional response, to honestly recognize what still resonates with our sensitivity, to resolve old fuzziness or clarify mysteries.

For creative, dreamy and united people, it will also be a crucial moment, in which they could come to materialize something conclusive, after years of exploration.


As we have already commented many times, the degrees that separate Pisces from Aries are loaded with strength and mystery, because they symbolically separate the end from the beginning. Total dissolution and birth. And when a planet as slow as Neptune crosses this threshold, we can say that something new reaches our imagination: something new is born in the collective feeling. And this transit of Saturn approaching Neptune, which is already preparing to leave the sign, prepares us for it.

Something that was labyrinthine, hazy and ambiguous becomes concrete and takes on a definite form. What was left out is taken into account, regulated or protected. Something hard softens and dissolves.

Progress begins to be seen more as a search or a process, rather than an end point to be reached.


Saturn and Neptune come together approximately every 35 years, and each time they come together they do so in a different sign. The latest dates back to 1989 (Capricorn), 1953 (Libra), 1917 (Leo), 1982 (Taurus), 1947 (Aquarius) and 1809 (Sagittarius). These conjunctions marked key milestones in social policies and in communist history, inspiring the manifesto of Marx and Engels, the assassination of the Tsar, the Russian revolution, the Cuban revolution or the fall of the Berlin wall.

Saturn’s entry into Pisces occurs with many eyes on Russia and Ukraine. The union of Saturn and Neptune that will take place between 2025-2026 will be another turning point for Russia and its place in the world. We’ll see how. Anyway, this union of Saturn and Neptune will mark the beginning of a cycle that will last until the next conjunction, which will take place in Gemini, in the year 2060. But, in the tone of the force with which the Astrological events have been having for some years, that’s not all.

The last time Saturn and Neptune met in Pisces, the sign of Neptune, was in 1523-1524.

And at the time, Uranus was moving from Taurus to Gemini, and Pluto was in Capri, in an astral climate much the same as we have now. We complete a great cycle of five hundred years, with this union of Saturn and Neptune.


Doing history is very important to understanding Saturn transits. In fact, to know what themes a transit might displace, nothing better than to observe what triggered it the last time it went there. In this case, the last time Saturn was in Pisces was between January 29, 1994 and April 7, 1996. In the following post, I offer you to dive into the most important events of these years, to connect them to topics that might move again this time.

A hug, chicis!!!

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