They capture a strange detachment in the Sun that is baffling scientists

a standard plasma filament was captured by a team of scientists earlier this month. The case was detached from the sun and currently orbits around its north pole.

scientists meet totally baffled and they claim that there is no record of anything like it happening in the past.

Mysterious Detachment of the Sun

The experts in charge of watch the sun to understand its activity, they understood that, from time to time, the star appears through mysterious behaviorsLike the one that happened recently.

Scientists have recently detected a plasma filament erupting from the solar surface that has broken off to form a crown-shaped swirl.

Solar vortex detected by NASA. Credit: NASA

The Space Weather Forecaster tamitha skovgushed on her official Twitter account, where she posted a video of the footage taken by the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatorywhere the phenomenon is observed.

“Material from a prominence has detached from the main filament and is now circulating in a massive polar vortex around the north pole of our star,” Skov wrote.

More sightings from the #SolarPolarVortex reveal that it took about 8 hours for the material to circle the pole at about 60° latitude. This means that an upper bound in the estimate of the horizontal wind speed in this event is 96 kilometers per second or 60 miles per second!

— Dr. Tamitha Skov (@TamithaSkov) February 4, 2023

Other scientists have shown the same interest because of the strange event, however, what is it due to? According to the solar physicist, scott mcintoshdeputy director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, although he was candid in saying he had never seen a vortex like this, was aware that “something strange is happening” in THE 55 degrees latitude from the Sun with exact regularity during each “solar cycle”.

Experts are aware that something is linked to the magnetic field reversal of the Sun, and that this happens once per solar cycle. However, They don’t know what’s causing it.

Talk about Polar Vortex! Material from a northern prominence has just detached from the main filament and is now circulating in a massive polar vortex around our star’s north pole. The implications for understanding the atmospheric dynamics of the Sun above 55° here cannot be overstated!

— Dr. Tamitha Skov (@TamithaSkov) February 2, 2023

Remember that our Sun has a strenuous activity with all sorts of smudges and flares. In January of this year alone, he launched several Class X and M flaresthe most powerful he can expel.

It usually happens approximately every 11 yearsWhen exactly does the solar cycle begin? These cycles coincide with the solar magnetic field fluctuations. When he is in his weakest point at the poles, they change places and the polarity of the magnetic field is reversed. At this point, the Sun reaches its peak activity, causing phenomena like the one that baffles astronomers today.

extreme solar activity

Currently, the Sun is in its period of maximum solar activitythere is therefore no exact date for the polarity reversal, although scientists calculate that it will be for July 2025 or a near date.

Since the beginning of the current cycle in December 2019, the Sun’s activity exceeded expectations for its activity and continues to do so. The bad thing is that there is a problem; ships cannot properly study what is happening and why.

McIntosh assured that they can only observe the Sun from the “ecliptic plane”, which is the plane in which the planets orbit. However, it is possible that the mission solar orbiterof the European Space Agency, allow a better vision of this strange phenomenon, since it is currently taking images of the Sun from inside Mercury’s orbit and its orbit will be tilted up to 33 degrees in the next few years.

This is perhaps enough to clarify one of the most important astronomical mysteries just like the polar vortex. Although it is highly likely that another mission will be required to achieve this.

At present, experts are trying to analyze what has happened to the mysterious expelled rocket of days past. But it seems impossible to know more without new information.

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