They find a mysterious statue of an “angel” in a mine in Siberia

there is a lot of discoveries at any time and in different parts of the world, however, few can be as surprising as that found in Siberia. There angel statue inside a minewhich is so preserved, that by his face it seems that will take life at any moment.

The news quickly spread around the world thanks to a video that its discoverers posted on social networks. The stone figure, in addition to its disturbing realism, also has wings, sword and shieldwhich has led many to theorize that it is a fallen angel.

Mysterious statue of an angel in Siberia

Excavators and miners working inside the Elga coalfield in YakutskSiberia, they unearthed a figure that, at first glance, is quite controversial.

The miners show their excitement on video by showing the statue to the world. They assured that, for the moment, they had no knowledge of who or what it representsthey were therefore awaiting the arrival of a special services helicopter to remove it.

The statue was found in the Elga coalfield in Siberia. Credit: Official DescoperaTOT/YouTube

They do not mention where they would take the figure, but it is believed to be a lab to perform the relevant tests.

For now, various comments on social networks mention that it is mandatory that the studies and examinations that will be carried out to determine the origin and meaning of the strange artifact, be made public. However, with special services involved, it remains to be seen if we will find out more about the strange statue.

It should be mentioned that this is not the first time an angel statue has been discovered. In March 2021the figure of an ice angel, very similar to that found in Siberia, it was discovered in New Buffalo, Michigan, in the United States.

The difference is that on this occasion the experts concluded that it was a natural formation and this man had nothing to do with his creation.

Related to biblical stories

Many theories suggest it is a fallen angel. Credit: The Lost Knowledge Of The Ancients

With so many theories out there about fallen angels, it’s no surprise that some users are suggesting it was a real one. Indeed, for years, Antarctica has been the subject of investigations in an attempt to solve a mystery mentioned in biblical accounts, which speak of the confinement of these beings on Earth.

It is following these accounts, that many Internet users declared that the mysterious character corresponded to the description made of give up.

According to the Apocalypse of John, the angel of death It’s not satan but Abaddon, chief of the fallen angels to whom God entrusted the mission of “tormenting the people in punishment for their sins”.

both in the Old and New Testamentthe work of this angel shows a preamble of the role that the archangels will have on the day of Judgment.

The apocryphal texts of the gospel report that it was he who collected the dust used by God to create Adam. In this way, it is only right that Abadón be in charge of collect souls people and bring them to God for judgment.

Illustrative image.

The meaning of Abaddon is “the destroyer” or “the destruction”. Which has led many theorists to conclude that he is the real Angel of Death and the one tasked with “overseeing” the destruction of Earth during the Apocalypse.

However, this term has also been used to refer to a specific place. For example, in part of the Old Testament, Abaddon refers to an “unfathomable abyss” related to the world of the dead.

For the moment, there are only theories and no new information has emerged on the mysterious statue: is it really the figure of a fallen angel? And if so… How did it appear in that mine in Siberia?

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